Monday, August 24, 2009

Message to PKP 1930

The Communist Party of Malta sends warm greetings on the occassion of the the 79th Anniversary of the Partido Komunista NG Pillipinas (PKP 1930). The CPM is sure that the Communist Party of the Phillipines (PKP 1930)
will continue its struggles against imperialism and monoply capitalism in the best interest of the working class of the Phillipines. The CPM augers success in all the struggles undertaken by the PKP 1930 to bring about the revolutionary changes that are of prime importance in today's Society where capitalist oppressions and exploitation are the order of the day.

The Communist Party if Malta will support the Partido Komunista NG Pillipinas (PKP 1930).in its effort to continue to carry forward the struggle under the banner of Marxism Leninism.


On August 26, 1930, on the second day of a convention attended by 60 delegates, our Party was founded at the Templo del Trabajo in the working class district of Tondo, Manila. The founding of our Party in that year of the severe crisis of the capitalist system, signaled the determination of the Filipino working peoples not only to wrest national liberation from US colonialism, but also to attain a better social system which would be free of the anarchy and crises of capitalism.

Our Party grew out of the working classes, was based on a worker-peasant alliance, and was established by the most advanced working class leaders of that time. The delegates to the convention which founded our Party were representatives of progressive trade unions and peasant associations which were then affiliated with the most progressive federation of that period --- the Katlpunan ng mga Anak-Pawis ng Pilipinas (KAP, or the Proletarian Labor Congress of the Philippines). Among the 35 members of the founding Central Committee of our Party were printers, tobacco industry workers, lumberyard workers, slipper makers, electricians, seamen, cooks, journalists, a railroad worker, a clerk, and peasant leaders. Many of them were intellectualized workers, although there were a few revolutionized intellectuals who accepted as their own the Marxist-Leninist working class ideology.

From the outset, our Party embodied the unity and intertwining of the concepts of patriotism and internationalism. The workers and peasants who organized our Party believed in patriotism as the unifying force to mobilize our people in the struggle for national liberation from US imperialist domination. At the same time, they believed in proletarian internationalism as the unifying force to mobilize the working class in all countries in the common struggle against imperialism and the capitalist ruling class.

Significantly, our Party was organized on August 26, the date then considered as the anniversary of the “Cry of Balintawak” which marked the start of the Philippine revolution against Spanish colonialism in 1896. Also, our Party was publicly launched at a rally at Plaza Moriones, also in Tondo, Manila, on November 7, 1930, the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia which ushered in the epoch of the world socialist revolution.

August 26 this year will mark the 79th Anniversary of the founding of our Party. We commemorate this anniversary amidst the deepest crisis of the capitalist world, a crisis which only shows ever more clearly the need for the worldwide revolutionary transition from capitalism to socialism. The systemic character of this crisis shows once again the historical limits of the capitalist system, as well as its chaotic and destructive character. Its basic cause lies in the private ownership of themeans of production, and its contradiction with the increasingly social character of production. While a few capitalists are able to privately appropriate the wealth of surplus value created by the great mass of workers, the wealth-creators in turn ultimately reap only insecurity, deprivation and poverty.

Crises result from the inevitable over-production and saturation of markets as a result of the unplanned and chaotic capitalist production. Since the last few years, over-production became evident in both capital goods and consumer goods. Even in our country, which is not a developed capitalist country, the results of over-production are evident. The production of vehicle parts and electronic items is down, yet the market for vehicles and electronic products is saturated. There is a flood of consumer durables, including second-hand home appliances being dumped from Japan, South Korea and the USA, but the people cannot even afford the electricity needed to run these basic household requirements.

There is a glut in housing projects, but people cannot afford them and continue to squat in slum areas, river banks or under bridges. Supermarket shelves are overstocked with food products, yet many people go hungry. Deprivation and suffering in the midst of plenty --- this is the real face of capitalism, not only in our country but in imperialist countries as well, where hundreds of thousands of workers are losing their jobs and suffer the foreclosure of their houses.

Under socialism, production is planned and is channeled to meeting all the basic needs of the people. However, under capitalism, production is geared towards the capitalist appropriation of the highest amount of profit ; when over-production is reached and the rate of profit would tend to fall, workers are laid-off and the masses of the people are made to bear the brunt of the crisis through the imposition of new taxes and the cutting of government outlays for social services. While the working masses become less able to afford the products that have been over-produced, the more that they suffer graver insecurity, poverty and hunger.

The workers in the imperialist and other major capitalist countries are faced with the task of fighting to overthrow capitalism and to build socialism. In the case of the Philippines, which is far from being a developed capitalist country, the task of the broad patriotic sectors of our people is to struggle for national democracy --- for national freedom from imperialist control and exploitation, and for a democratic system where there is a strong public sector which could ensure that the working people’s rights are safeguarded and their basic needs are met.

The grave impact of the international capitalist crisis on our country should mobilize our people and instill greater hope in the attainment of national democracy in our country and of a broader socialist community throughout the world. It is the task of our Party to help ensure that the masses of our people are correctly enlightened in dealing with the crisis, to keep them inspired by the advances being made by socialist and socialist-oriented countries (particularly by the members of ALBA), and to help expand possibilities for the unity of patriotic and democratic forces in our country.

Our Party will respond, in its ideological and organizational work, to the challenges of the international capitalist crisis. In this connection, we call on each and every member of our Party to do his or her best in contributing to the task of organizing and educating the masses of our people, and in stepping up solidarity with all socialist countries and all anti-imperialist and progressive forces worldwide.

Dear Comrades :

Similar to other political parties, it is a primary aim of the PKP-1930 to win a share of political power. We have so far gained some experience in local governance, with some cadres of our Party having been elected to local government positions under the banner of several local electoral parties. This is not enough, and we are not contented with this present situation.

Next year’s general elections will be a major test for our Party. This early, we therefore call on all members of our Party to do everything, to the best of their abilities, to help in launching and sustaining our electoral campaign to ensure the victory of our Party cadres and close supporters who will be running not only for local government positions, but also for seats in the House of Representatives.

Let our celebration of the 79th Anniversary of the founding of our Party be an occasion for each and every member of our Party to pledge greater resolve in launching and sustaining a vigorous and principled electoral campaign in order to bring our Party a growing share of political power.

General Secretary, PKP-1930

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fight Back Massively and Resolutely Against Anticommunism and all its Expressions

We, cadres, members, friends and supporters of Communist and Workers’ Parties elected to parliaments, local authorities, directions of trade unions and mass organizations denounce the attempt to equate the Nazism with Communism through the efforts to proclaim the 23rd of August of “day of remembrance of their victims”.

This history-distorting effort has the support of political forces serving the capital and is manifested with various ways over the last years, including resolutions of bodies of various interstate bodies and parliamentary institutions.

Having at first renamed the 9th of May from day of the peoples’ victory into “Day of Europe” in order to write off the picture of the Red Flag waving in Reichstag, they now pursue to identify the victim with the victimized adducing the day that the Molotov–Ribbentrop non aggression pact was signed.

 They aim at concealing the imperialist, class character of Nazism-Fascism
 They want to withhold the fact that the Victory of the People bears the indelible seal of the Soviet Union, of the Red Army and the partisan movements, in which the communists had been at the forefront all over the world.
 They pursue to whitewash imperialism, that had bred the fascism and today, 20 years after the counterrevolution, unchecked slaughters the people around the world.
 In this way, they aspire to hit politically and ideologically all those that continue to struggle against the class exploitation and injustice, that resist the barbarous attack on every social, labor and democratic rights of the people unleashed in conditions of global economic crisis of the capitalism.

Workers, peasants, women, young people.

Pensioners, veterans and fighters of the antifascist fight.

 Mobilize vigorously against the re-writing and the falsification of history
 Give resolute response, and cancel any attempt to organize anti-communist events on 23 of August.
 Disseminate the historical truth
 Defend intransigently the struggle against imperialism, for an other society, without wars, unemployment, poverty and exploitation. For Socialism