Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Leftist victory in Latin America .

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the re-election of the leftist President Rafael Correa in Ecuador . President Correa through his social reforms, his moving away from neo-liberal policies and the strengthening of the welfare state succeeded in lifting tens of thousands of Ecuadoreans out of the poverty.
“President Correa managed to obtain 56.9% of the votes cast, while his rival Capitalist Banker Guillermo Lasso managed to obtain only 23.8%. Correa has made significant advances from the previous election in 2009 where he had managed to obtain 51.7% of the votes. The population of Ecuador amounts to 14.6million inhabitants.”
“The wealth generated by the Ecuadorian economy, instead of going in the hands of the oligarchy, was used for the benefit of the people to make public education and health care more accessible,” stated the Party.
“This electoral victory by Rafael Correa was dedicated to his mentor Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The Communist Party of Ecuador and other communist and leftist parties around the world praised the re-election of President Correa,” concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Communist Party condemns attacks against Trade unionists.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the anti-democratic campaign against the GWU Secretary General, Tony Zarb, and the ex- President of FOrum, John Bencini by the Nationalist Party and the right wing media.   
“Systematic attack against trade union leaders does not augurs well for Industrial Democracy. These same tactics are being used by the centre-right government in Greece against union representatives who are campaigning against austerity measures and precarious employment.”
The Party warns “that union leaders should be on the alert so not to fall into a snare when it is a proven fact that the interest of the capitalist class is to weaken trade union strength. These practices find the support of parties with right wing ideology.”  
“Union leaders should carry on with their struggle against precariousness and in defence of workers conditions regardless who they face. Those unions that defend the interests of the working people have the full support of the Communist Party of Malta.”
“In this situation we express our solidarity with the Secretary General of the GWU and the Ex-President of the FOrum.”

The Communist Party appeals for progressive changes in work practices.

Action is needed not talk. 

The Communist Party of Malta views the changes in the labour market with concern. Various studies show that the working conditions are deteriorating, to the detriment of the workers and their families' living standard. The capitalist system is maximalising profits to the disadvantage of the working class.       
The Party notes that “the neoliberal concept which is bringing more deregulation, flexible labour market, and 'outsourcing' are all tools in the hands of the capitalists. These measures will result in lower wages, more employment on temporary and part-time basis (precarious), dismantlement of social protection, and the destruction of the collective bargaining."         
"Precarious employment, although it generates more profit to the companies, and creates more employment due to a reduction in regular jobs, is bringing about lower wages, inferior conditions of work, and also an increase in the working poor."
The Party states "that labour flexibility which is more capital oriented has brought about a situation were the worker has no other choice, but to adapt to the exigencies of the employer and the market. This phenomenon is not only effecting the lower strata, but also others on higher strata, which up to today were classified as 'white collar jobs'. Call Centres employees are experiencing lower wages and precariousness, through definite contracts and temporary employment."   
The Communist Party of Malta appeals "that health and safety regulations, decent pay and conditions of work should be a requisite on an obligatory basis in government issued tenders. The Government, as the client who is receiving the service should be responsible to see that these regulations are observed and should take the necessary measures to enforce such regulations. The Party believes that this practice to outsource work should finally come to an end and instead employ workers directly."
"We insists that the government should aid in the formation of worker's cooperatives as an other alternative to the present outsourcing system. The Party concludes by stating that immediate solutions are needed by the workers, rather than more empty promises. If no action is taken, the number of the working poor will be on the increase."

Friday, February 1, 2013

Communist Party expresses solidarity with Green Party Chairman.

The Communist Party expresses solidarity with the Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Michael Briguglio, who has received a threatening letter over AD stand on the “Armier Boathouses” issue.
The Party joins with other Parties and non-political organisations in the condemnation of such dastardly and cowardly act, and applauds the “Armier Boathouses Association” for also joining in the condemnation, and thus isolating the culprit.
It is of great concern that in this day of age there are persons who still believe they are above the law. Issues such as the “Armier Boathouses” should be dealt by reasonable discussions and not by threats of violence. In a civilized society such threats are completely out of place.