Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta commemorates Freedom Day.

The Communist Party of Malta looks upon Freedom Day, as the day when the Maltese people gained an absolute sovereignty from British Colony. The same is happening in the Arab World today, where people are fighting against their pro-imperialist regimes, supported and in many instances imposed upon them, by the western powers. "The last foreign military base in Malta was dismantled in 1979 and then Malta embraced a policy of neutrality that was later enshrined in the Maltese Republican Constitution. The Communist Party of Malta calls on all politicians that embrace Malta’s policy on neutrality to push forward proposals for peaceful solutions and mediations, away from imperialist greed and interests, wars, and spread of weapons. Bloody conflicts will only bring misery, suffering, poverty and hunger on the populations.

"It is worth remembering that in 1997, our island served as a “bridge of peace” in the Palestinian crisis, when the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat met David Levy the then Israeli Foreign Minister. in Malta, at a meeting of foreign ministers from the 15 countries of the European Union and 12 Mediterranean nations".

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Imperialist Strategy in Libya.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the tactic by western military forces which are misinterpreting the UN resolution for a 'No fly zone' by carrying out an imperialist war against Libya.

The hypocrisy of Western countries knows no bounds. These same countries which are at war in Libya today, remain silent to the barbaric attacks by Israeli forces inside Gaza, and are also silent in the invasion of Bahrain by the ruthless military Saudi dictatorship, with the tacit support of the US Administration, to crush the popular uprisings in that country.


The Communist Party was even not surprised by the remarks made by Dr Fenech Adami to for Malta to be used as a military base in the Libyan issue. When Dr Fenech Adami was Prime Minister he took the wrong decision to allow Malta to be used in the illegal war against the Iraqi people.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the Libyan issue can only be solved through diplomatic initiatives, as expressed by the African Union and several other independent countries in Latin America

NATO's entry in this conflagration does not auger well for the Mediterennean region.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta endorses the Maltese Government’s decision to uphold Malta ’s neutrality.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the decision taken by the Maltese Government for Malta to remain neutral, and not used as a military base, in the Libyan crises. The same view was expressed recently when a majority of the persons interviewed through an opinion poll, conducted by a local newspaper ‘Maltatoday’, favoured Malta’s Neutrality.

The Government should always stand with Malta ’s policy of neutrality and disassociate itself from any military blocks, be it NATO or any other block. With regret, we can say that Malta has been involved directly in other nation’s wars, such as the war in Iraq . This war was opposed by the anti-war movement and the United Nations.

“Whilst it is very important that Malta offers humanitarian aid and hospitality means, we should not allow our national airport to be used for military purposes. That would be a grave mistake and a betrayal to Malta ’s Constitution.”

The Communist Party of Malta supports the call made by various foreign leaders, including the call made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, to end this conflict diplomatically. Throughout history, US imperialism only accepted armed revolutionary struggle for change when it was in their interest, like the coup d’├ętat in Honduras a few months ago, while up to this day it still does not recognize the Cuban revolution.

We strongly appeal the international community to allow the Libyan to decide for themselves, what their future will be.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta does not agree with a Referendum on Civil Right’s Issues.

The Communist Party of Malta does not comply with the position being taken by the Maltese political class and the Yes-Movement to accept that the issue of divorce be settled by a referendum.

“The proposal for a referendum on this sensitive issue dealing with divorce which is a civil right, is condemnable, as it gives right to the majority to impose their believes on minorities.

The campaign to legislate for a referendum is undermining the real concept of ​​the state, to protect all minorities in society. Minorities should all be treated equally as others”.

“To shift, the introduction of such a civil right, in the electorate hands, is nothing more than the abdication of the State to legislate for minority rights. The political class should not shy away from such issues because of the fear of losing votes. This is only a betrayal by the political class against minorities”.

“It is regrettable that people with opposing interests and others without interest are being given the chance to cast their vote to block such civil right. The Communist Party has misgivings about what will happen in the case of other civil rights issues, such as LGBT rights. Are we going to give these decisions to the electorate?”.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that with a referendum on this issue we have given the power to conservative and reactionary forces, including Church institutions to exert their ideological influences on the Maltese political class and the electorate. We are repeating history. We have put the clock back to 1962.

The Communist Party of Malta is against the referendum and will not be an accomplice to deny the right to divorce.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the European Strategy 2020

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the European Strategy 2020, whose aim is for further liberalization of the European internal market. If adopted, this strategy will lead to further deregulation of the labor market and the dismantlement of more public services, such as the postal service.

"The austerity measures and the dismantling of the working conditions are an integral part of this strategy. It’s shameful that this liberal approach is finding support from various political groups in the European Parliament. "

The Communist Party of Malta notes, that this strategy, if implemented will continue to put burden on the working class and will increase poverty in Europe . Political groups that are in favour of this approach are supporting a more flexible labor market, which means more precariousness and fewer rights for the workers and changing the present pension system into a private, profit motivated, one.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals other political parties to oppose this strategy and support the European Trade Union Council and other social and left movements who are objecting to this agenda by stating that employment development in Europe is becoming more fragile. They are calling for a European ‘fair’ labour market’, where stable and protected work contracts, good wages with ‘equal pay for equal work’ and robust unemployment benefits will make sure that economic progress will be widely shared and is not reserved to the privileged.

The Communist Party of Malta notes that a Social Europe cannot be achieved by cuts in social spending, free trade of services, privatization, deregulation of the labour market and more neo liberal economic policies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta supports the Arab people revolutions against neo-liberalism.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the ongoing revolutions in the North African, Middle East and Arabian Gulf countries. The party believes that these revolutions are all against the Capitalist neo-liberal economic policies. It is clear that the wave of protests in nearly every country is being lead by the working class who are demanding for the total dismantling of the existing economic system, and the downfall of pro-imperialist regimes.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the people’s revolutions, and pays tribute to all martyrs who fell in this struggle. The Party condemns without reservations the ongoing violence in Libya, where the present situation has degenerated and may lead to a civil war.

We note that the situation in Libya is the same as in other countries in the terms of the capitalist crisis, high prices and unemployment, but with the difference that the revolution had its beginnings as tribal unrest. The Communist Party of Malta is highly concerned that the end result will not be in favour of the Libyan people, especially when there is the threat of foreign intervention by NATO, so the West would gain control over the country's natural resources.

“The future of Libya should only be decided by the Libyan people and, not by any foreign intervention”.

The Communist Party of Malta understands that the real alternative for these people, who are revolting against the system in their respective country, can only be achieved by socialism.