Friday, August 31, 2012

Malta should re-join the “Non aligned Movement

The Communist Party of Malta said " the 26th Congress of the  non aligned Movement opens today, Thursday in Tehran. Malta was part of this movement under the able leadership of Mintoff, but today Malta no longer takes part ".
The Party said that "the decision in 2004 that Malta was no longer a member of this movement, ultimately led to Malta becoming a tool of the imperialist countries. Imperialist policies and actions resulted in wars and the dismemberment of many sovereign countries with the ultimate goal of taking their wealth and natural resources. Mintoff himself had described this policy as the biggest obstacle to world peace ".
The Communist Party calls all the progressives in Malta to urge the rejoining of the country to the non aligned movement. The "Non-Aligned Movement" is made up of 120 states and seventeen observers who all consider themselves not aligned with a military power ", stated the Communist Party of Malta.
"Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro has described the purpose and existence of this movement: to ensure the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries. Principles that the Communist Party of Malta embraces ".

Communist Party of Malta comments on the proposed IVF Bill.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the decision to introduce legislation with regards to IVF. The fact that the Maltese state will now be offering this service is a step forward, as this will bring more social justice.  
“On the other hand, the Party disagrees with the specifications of the proposed bill as this is not taking into consideration the actual needs of the people, plus the fact that this proposed bill is too conservative”.
The Communist Party of Malta proposes that IVF treatment should be available to all women irrespective of their social status. This will lead to more gender equality as males could also be single parents through an altruistic surrogate mother.
“With regards the regulating of the ovaries in the proposed bill, the Party supports this principle”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Communist Party of Malta Salutes Dom Mintoff

The Communist Party of Malta Salutes Dominic Mintoff who had passed away on Monday. He had served as Prime Minister of Malta in several legislatures, and also as leader of the Labour Party between 1948 and 1984.

Dominic Mintoff, will always be remembered:,

For the fight for freedom, from British colonialism. This culminated, with the closure, of NATO military bases on Malta.

For social reforms where poverty was completely eradicated, and gave the start for a welfare state system, that led to the Pensions for elderly persons, and widows. Stipends for university students, and Allowance for Children

As well, as the struggle for the freedom of conscience. This had completely changed Malta. Bringing it out of the medieval dark ages, into the twentieth century
In this difficult moment we send the Party’s condolences, to his immediate family, to all his friends, and to the Labour Party as Dominic Mintoff for a long time was its leader. We would also like to express the fact that this is also a loss of all Malta

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the privatisation of public conveniences.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the decision taken by the local authorities to privatise public conveniences. Up to now two public conveniences in Valletta have been privatised with the blessings of the present Administration. This is just an elitist policy reserving the right to public toilets to those who can afford. 
“Public toilets should remain free and accessible to all irrespective of the socio-economic background. This decision will hit badly those persons who for medical reasons need to make use of public toilets more often”, said the Communist Party. 
“Disadvantaged persons will also be affected by this regressive measure. Old age persons with low pensions, the unemployed, single mothers, immigrants, children and large families with children will suffer as they will not be in a position to pay”, stated the Communist Party.       
“This measure will also affect the environment as people who can’t afford to pay will end up relieving themselves in the streets. This will also affect the hygiene and can be the cause of disease”.
The Communist Part of Malta appeals to the authorities to come back to their senses and revise this stupid decision. We also appeal to the general public to boycott these privatised public conveniences in solidarity with those who can’t afford. The Communist Party will launch a campaign against privatisation of public conveniences. We expect other political parties, unions, social and political movements to back this campaign for a more just society.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"First Pillar Pension System should be strengthened", Communist Party of Malta"

Some will end up poor

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the pension working group to strengthen the pay-as-you-go-system, so that it guarantees a decent  living after years of work. The neoliberal concept to weaken the first pillar so as to make the second pillar palatable and convince people that a private pension is essential to their future should be dumped by the working group.
"Various organisations, such as the unions, the employers and the pension organisations are all infavour of a strategy to reinforce the first pillar pension", said the Party.
"The second pillar as envisaged meant, the workers and employers would have to pay a new contribution over and above what they pay under the PAYE system to the benefit of private insurance companies", stated the Party.
“Other concerns which we feel the working group should address are the issue of precarious employment and low wage vis-a-vis pension sustainability and adequacy. In real terms, a large number of our workforce, mostly the young, women and people socially deprived will reach the pensionable age with less than 40 years contribution. This will result in poverty amongst future pensioners”, stated the Communist Party.