Friday, August 31, 2012

Malta should re-join the “Non aligned Movement

The Communist Party of Malta said " the 26th Congress of the  non aligned Movement opens today, Thursday in Tehran. Malta was part of this movement under the able leadership of Mintoff, but today Malta no longer takes part ".
The Party said that "the decision in 2004 that Malta was no longer a member of this movement, ultimately led to Malta becoming a tool of the imperialist countries. Imperialist policies and actions resulted in wars and the dismemberment of many sovereign countries with the ultimate goal of taking their wealth and natural resources. Mintoff himself had described this policy as the biggest obstacle to world peace ".
The Communist Party calls all the progressives in Malta to urge the rejoining of the country to the non aligned movement. The "Non-Aligned Movement" is made up of 120 states and seventeen observers who all consider themselves not aligned with a military power ", stated the Communist Party of Malta.
"Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro has described the purpose and existence of this movement: to ensure the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries. Principles that the Communist Party of Malta embraces ".

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