Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Call from the Syrians to end tthe aggression against their country

The Communists and other Progressives in Syria are giving full support to the BATH government led by Bashir Assad in face to stave of the invasion of fanatical Islamist terrorists led by Al Qaeda ISIL and other reactionary groups, These thugs who showing no mercy and killing all who stand in their way are not Syrians yet the US claim they are the opposition to the legal government of Syria that enjoys the support of the Syrian Army and has popular country
Syria has a secular constitution unlike other countries in the Middle East minorities enjoy full liberty to practice their religion. The aim of the terrorists is to do away with the present government and install a backward Islamic State. They are supported by Saudi Arabia and financed by the CIA.
The Communist Party of Malta expresses Solidarity with Syrian people in this grave moment.

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