Thursday, August 29, 2013

Communists against military intervention in Syria .


The Communist Party of Malta joins with other communists and progressive parties in the condemnation of the United States ’ clear intention to launch a military strike against Syria. 


“The US has a history of directly and indirectly using chemical and germ warfare against other countries, such as: Vietnam , Iran , Kurdistan , North Korea , and Laos . This chemical warfare resulted in thousands of casualties where civilian populations were killed and others remained maimed. A recent CIA report clearly implicates the US in supplying chemical weapons (nerve gas) to Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran war”. 


The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Maltese Government not to support the United States and United Kingdom initiative for a military strike against Syria . Government should stick to the Neutrality clauses within the Maltese Constitution. There is no clear indication of who is behind the use of Sarin gas in the Syrian civil war. We all remember the lies about the weapons of mass destruction that were used as an excuse to invade Iraq .


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Communist Party appeals to the Government to support progressive forces in Egypt

With regards the present situation in Egypt , the Communist Party of Malta condemns the violence and the terrorist’s acts committed by certain extremists groups within the Muslim Brotherhood movement against the progressive forces and the Christian community.
The Party supports the initiative taken by the progressive grassroots movement (Tamarrod) to urge via a petition, the military to reject foreign aid, and scrap the peace treaty with Israel . The Party agrees in principle with this initiative, which will regain Egypt 's complete sovereignty and control over its internal affairs and to put an end to years of humiliation and political-dependency. This is clear declaration against the US , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates , who were also behind the military coup against the democratic elected government of Morsi.
The Party stresses that “the role of any military is to safeguard the people’s interest and not to act as a reactionary force against the people. We are concerned that the military has its own agenda. Our fear is that the military will play into imperialist hands as it had done previously, at the start of the revolution against Mubarak in order to stop any progress towards a working class revolution”.
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Maltese Government to support the Egyptian people in European Fora, in their struggle against neo liberalism and imperialist interference.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Communist Party appeals for a social solution to gas.

“The problem of high prices for gas needs an immediate solution. A policy based on privatisation is not going to solve the problem of high gas prices”, said the Communist Party in a statement.
“The solution must be political not technical, and government must loose no time to implement a strategy which will lead to the return of the service into public hands. Gas is a limited, essential and a resource of national importance”.
“The number of families making use of this resource is 87%. Of these a large percentage are low-income families, pensioners and refugees. Government should end its support of the neo-liberal economic policy, which favours the few and instead implement a social policy to the benefit of the majority. Social justice will result from social politics”, concluded the Party.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Communist Support Progressive forces in Turkey

The Communist Party of Malta joined forces with other progressive and left wingers in solidarity with the communist movement in Turkey. The Turkish government wants to change the country’s republican regime towards an American led Islamic Republic.
“Various political activists have been brought to trial in the so called Ergenekon trial as part of the political repression against all those progressive forces that where active in last June demonstrations. Coming Monday, 5th August, huge demostrations will be organised in Turkey, the day when the court will give its final decision on this, were more progressive activists could find themselves in prison”.
The Communist Party of Malta condemns the repressive actions that are being taken by the AKP government, same party that has aspirations that Turkey will become an EU member. The Party support a republican, united and independent progressive Turkey that is in peace with its neighbours, and where justice prevail and also demand the immediate liberation of all patriotic activists.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

Parliament should legislate for full LGBT rights.

The Communist Party of Malta is against a referendum on the question of civil union as proposed by the leader of the Muslim Community in Malta.
“The Party says that civil unions are a basic civil right and parliament has the obligation to introduce it. A referendum on this question could see the intervention of religious organizations trying to influence the voters as happened in the question of divorce, although this attempt through religious pressure failed miserably”.
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Consultative council on LGBT to follow other progressive countries and revise its policy on civil union and instead propose same-sex marriage.