Saturday, August 3, 2013

Communist Support Progressive forces in Turkey

The Communist Party of Malta joined forces with other progressive and left wingers in solidarity with the communist movement in Turkey. The Turkish government wants to change the country’s republican regime towards an American led Islamic Republic.
“Various political activists have been brought to trial in the so called Ergenekon trial as part of the political repression against all those progressive forces that where active in last June demonstrations. Coming Monday, 5th August, huge demostrations will be organised in Turkey, the day when the court will give its final decision on this, were more progressive activists could find themselves in prison”.
The Communist Party of Malta condemns the repressive actions that are being taken by the AKP government, same party that has aspirations that Turkey will become an EU member. The Party support a republican, united and independent progressive Turkey that is in peace with its neighbours, and where justice prevail and also demand the immediate liberation of all patriotic activists.  

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