Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Communist Party appeals to the Government to support progressive forces in Egypt

With regards the present situation in Egypt , the Communist Party of Malta condemns the violence and the terrorist’s acts committed by certain extremists groups within the Muslim Brotherhood movement against the progressive forces and the Christian community.
The Party supports the initiative taken by the progressive grassroots movement (Tamarrod) to urge via a petition, the military to reject foreign aid, and scrap the peace treaty with Israel . The Party agrees in principle with this initiative, which will regain Egypt 's complete sovereignty and control over its internal affairs and to put an end to years of humiliation and political-dependency. This is clear declaration against the US , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates , who were also behind the military coup against the democratic elected government of Morsi.
The Party stresses that “the role of any military is to safeguard the people’s interest and not to act as a reactionary force against the people. We are concerned that the military has its own agenda. Our fear is that the military will play into imperialist hands as it had done previously, at the start of the revolution against Mubarak in order to stop any progress towards a working class revolution”.
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Maltese Government to support the Egyptian people in European Fora, in their struggle against neo liberalism and imperialist interference.

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