Thursday, September 18, 2014

Positive results for the Left in Sweden

The Communist Party of Malta welcome the positive election results in Sweden. These elections gave a sufficient victory for the progressive forces of 43.7%, with the left party increasing its share of votes and will now elect 21 parliamentarians.
“This result will probably mark the end of an eight-year era of tax cuts for the rich and neo liberal policies instigated by a right wing coalition government. In fact, tax cuts threatened the country’s famed welfare system that Scandinavian countries are well known for.”
“This result also defeated the threat of the extreme right forces as all parties in the Social Democrat-led Red-Green coalition favour a more liberal asylum policy. This can only be achieved if the progressive forces form a coalition.”
“On the other hand, the Communist Party of Malta offers solidarity to the small left-wing feminist party that failed to reach the 4 percent threshold, finishing with 3.1 percent”.