Friday, October 21, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its concern on the newly appointed U. S, Ambassador.

“The visit to Malta, by the US Secretary Hilary Clinton en route to Libya and the appointment of Gina Abercombie Winstanley as the new US Ambassador in Malta is of great concern, if the visit was really one of courtesy”, stated the Communist Party.

“The fact that Ms Gina Abercombie Winstanley, served as Deputy Coordinator for foreign policy and programs against terrorism, is of alarm. Indeed one wonders, what role Malta is playing in this regard and why there was the need to erect a new Embassy at Ta 'Qali?”.

“The approval to Malta by U.S. Government , the sum of $ 4.675million to built a capacity partnership between the two nations, with the premise that it serves to counter terrorism, is a direct violation of Malta’s Neutrality”.

The Communist Party of Malta argues that the American concept of ‘anti-terrorism’ is actually not one that confronts terrorism, but is just an excuse to achieve it’s imperialistic goals. Throughout history and even presently, U.S. policy has always embraced and helped to strengthen regimes, paramilitary governments, and as well terrorist groups, so to safeguard its interests, at the expense of all those innocent people killed.

The Communist Party of Malta therefore calls on the leftist and progressive groups to take a position against this imperialist strategy in Malta.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta criticises the ‘neo liberal’ proposals for pension reform.

The Communist Party of Malta notes the proposals put forward during a recent ‘Business breakfast’ organised by the Malta Institute of Management, where it was suggested that the age of obligatory retirement would end, and that part of the pension system should be privatised. These proposals are of grave concern.

“Subtile maneuvers are being made to increase support for the introduction of the second pillar scheme, where the ultimate aim is that the pension system will gradually be privatised.”

The Communist Party of Malta understands that there is also a threat at European level, to link retirement to longetivity. This is a form of ‘modern slavery’ where the person is forced to continue working till his health conditions deteriorates. Medical research shows that although most people live longer, does not mean that the person will remain healthy and capable. The Communist Party stands firm against any increase in the retirement age.

The Party therefore calls on the ‘pensions working group’ to adopt policies that enhance the basic state pension, so that any social contributions go directly into a special fund dedicated only for pensions, as was also suggested by the pension working group, with the difference that it should be administered by the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD), which includes unions and employers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta expresses solidarity with Matthew Bonanno.

The Communist Party condemns the "Allied Newspaper Ltd" for the termination of employment of Matthew Bonanno, a journalist employed with The Times. The Party urges Mr. Bonanno to seek redress before the industrial tribunal.

"According to what Mr Bonanno stated in the local media, where he explained about his Facebook comments with regards the Minister’s Austin Gatt university visit, the Party sees this as an unjust dismissal. We were surprised how a paper that preaches freedom of expression, takes such a disciplinary action.”

The Communist Party of Malta sees no justification for this journalist dismissal. The Party expresses solidarity with this worker.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the massacres of civilians in Sirte.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns NATO merciless bombing of civilians in Sirte. The Maltese Government should take a clear position on this issue. We can’t ignore reality and not condemn NATO for what is taking place in Sirte. Malta ’s position up to now has been supporting NATO. This position is undermining Malta ’s Neutral Status and is putting Malta in an ambiguous position.

“Reports coming from the war zone are stating that the allied forces are bombarding schools, hospitals and private houses, with the tragic consequence of great loss of life, which includes women and children. People in Sirte are also suffering from severe shortages of food, water and medicine supplies”.

“While we support the efforts made by the Maltese Government to give medical and humanitarian aid to Libyans, we cannot remain silent at these atrocities. NATO actions in Sirte, goes directly contrary to the UN resolution of a No fly Zone”.