Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Maltese people for it’s victory.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the position taken by the majority of the Maltese people who expressed themselves in favour of Divorce.

“The Catholic Oligarchy, which for centuries had a hegemony over the Maltese people, have today suffered a defeat. The people have confirmed that they want to secular the country and separate the State from the Church.”

The Communist Party of Malta notes that the Nationalist Party had also suffered a defeat because of it’s conservative policies, which are not in the interest of the Maltese family.

“The reality shows that the anti-social policies, of the Gonzi Administration are the real causes for the breaking up of marriages and not the attainment of the right to divorce”.

The Communist Party believes that it was the duty of the political class to legislate in favour of this right and not hide behind a referendum. On the other hand the Maltese people showed themselves to be mature, by not falling into the trap that the Maltese political class had laid down for them, and voted in favour.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta on the right to divorce.

The Communist Party of Malta reiterates its position that the right to divorce should be introduced by the State, whatever the outcome of the referendum will be. This will do away, once and for all, with the discriminatory situation that exists in Malta, where those who can afford to, can obtain a divorce from another country.

The Party deplores the undemocratic maneuvers and the moral threats that the Ecclesiastical Authorities are using against the electorate. The campaign against divorce is resuscitating the bad memories of the 1960s, where those faithful that wanted the state to introduce civil marriage, were humiliated by the Church Authorities, threatened with ‘hellfire’, and denied from receiving the sacraments.

"The religious political struggle is once again with us, in an open attempt to stop a civil right from being introduced. The right to divorce exists in every other European Union country”.

“The Nationalist Party is at fault here as the party is not recognising that there should be a complete separation between the Church and the State. This clearly shows that the Nationalist Party needs to modernise itself”.

The Communist Party of Malta re asserts its sympathy with those who have a broken marriage and are seeking a solution to form another family.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Communist Party of Malta participates in the 20th Communist Seminar

The Communist Party of Malta participated in the 20th Internatioinal Communist Seminar held in Brussels between the 12th and 15th May Victor Degiovanni delivered this speech.

Comrade Chairperson, Comrades,

Firstly, I must thank the National Council of the Workers Party of Belgium, for organizing this Twentieth International Communist Seminar and giving all parties participating here a platform to express our opinion on the subject being discussed this year

Communist Parties, forged by the revolutionary experience of the working class, under the banner of Marxism Leninism, strengthened by the science of dialectical materialism; understand the need for the unity of the Communist movement, and of all other progressive forces in society to defeat once and for all the capitalist system.

Capitalism which up to now had the ability to survive one crisis after another has now entered, into a long tunnel which has no end. This present economic crises is deep and has left the Capitalist system moribund, The measures that are being taken to save capitalism from it’s eventual demise, offer no solution at all, as the whole structure of capitalist economy is based on a free market where the selling and buying of commodities are the main requisites, for the system to survive.
Austerity measures are being taken in a futile attempt to save the system. These Measures are hitting the working class from every possible angle, redundancies, cuts in wages; jobs on short term contracts, with no basic benefits such as leave or sick leave
Cuts in social spending such d as health care and education are making life more difficult for the working class, making them poorer, thus, in this scenario the workers are consuming less.
Karl Marx had predicted this in his “Communist Manifesto”

Quoting directly from Marx:
“The development of Modern Industry, therefore, cuts from under its feet the very foundation on which the bourgeoisie produces and appropriates products What the bourgeoisie, therefore, produces above all, its own grave diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable”

Imperialism which as Lenin had stated, is capitalism at its’ highest stage, has overstretched itself, over the neo-liberal project of globalization. The triumphalism over the fall of the Soviet Union and the socialist community in Eastern Europe manifested itself in these ambitious projects, which led to diverse aggressive wars against Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan and now Libya, while capitalists and bankers were busily constructing the structure of this present economic crisis. The failure of Capitalism, to consolidate upon the victory over socialism in 1989, paved the way for its own downfall

Now let us examine what our role as Communist parties should be, in this precise moment in time, when all that we have strived for, seems to be within our reach.
What is mostly necessary here is the need for unity within our movement. This goal must be our prime target.
If we take a good look at the Communist movement, in all the countries, especially those in Europe, we find two, or three separate Communist parties, in each respective country. Progress towards unity is being attained, as parties unite into one block during parliamentary election, but more still needs to be done. Let us remain separate but let us combine our struggles, this way we will be more effective.

We must also unite with the all progressive forces in order to defeat the capitalist system and its imperialistic mechanisations.
Capitalism was, and is still effective, because of the hegemony; it has on the population of the advanced western countries. In order to bring its fall once and for all we must combat to break this control. However this is not an easy task. As we all know that the ruling class have absolute control over the media, and whenever their control is threatened they use harsh methods to regain control. The manner, in which the bourgeoisie use the media today, is no more different then how Goebbels used it in NAZI Germany. Our task is to expose this. We must also show their duplicity, their lies, and their half-truths. We must find a very subtle manner, to accomplish our task.

This is where we have to be more clever then them, and use their tools against them, we must fight back using their own media structure. We have to do this because most of the time our media reaches only the progressives and that is just like preaching to the converted. We want to reach out to the whole of the working people in each and every country, especially those workers, who are misguided and believe the myth of western democracy. We must prove to them the fact that it is only the dictatorship of the capital and nothing else.

Today when austerity measures are being imposed and higher energy prices are being lambasted on the workers, our task has become easier.
In Greece the Communist Party (KKE) is mobilising the Greek workers against the austerity measures being imposed on them by a Social Democratic Administration.
A Similar situation has also arisen in Spain, while in Italy, and in Britain, the same is occurring under right wing administrations.

Workers are being made to bear the brunt of the capitalist crises, which was not of their own doing. Communist Parties everywhere must follow the example of KKE, with the help of progressive Trade Unions fight capitalism globally.
It is of Paramount importance today, that we must be effective.
In the 1930’s a similar situation gave rise to fascism which had to be subdued by a World War with great sacrifices, and great loss of lives.

Long Live Marxism Leninism

Communist Party of Malta participates in a Palestinian Conference in Cyprus

The Communist Party of Malta participated in an international conference organised by AKEL in Nicosia during last February. This address was delivered by Victor Degiovanni

Comrade Chairperson, Comrades

Firstly, please allow me, to thank the Progressive Party of the Working people of Cyprus (AKEL) for inviting the Communist Party of Malta to this fora dealing with “The Palestinian problem and the Solidarity of the Left to the Struggle of the Heroic People of Palestine”

Like all other people deprived of their homeland the Palestinian people had to endure endless hardships, sorrows and pain of seeing loved ones butchered in front of their eyes, the agony of being victims of Zionist aggressions all with the direct aid of US imperialism while the EU looks on silently approves.

UN resolutions when breached, it is a normal practice either for the UN to intervene militarily, or sanctions are used against that respective country that had not adhered to UN resolutions. However the Zionist state of Israel has been breaching all the resolutions put forward by the UN with regards to the Palestinian question. No actions were ever taken by the UN against Israel. This was always with the aid of a U.S. veto.

Israel is allowed to construct the wall of shame when even the International Court of Justice in The Hague advisory committee had declared this to be in breach of international law.
Palestinian Israeli talks are kept intentionally in a deadlock by Zionist policies and agendas that of refusing to give up occupied territories and using this as delay tactic against the setting up of the Palestinian state. Also the continued building of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, which is again contrary to UN resolution, has the explicit intention to deny the setting up of a Palestinian State.

The military aggressions by Israelis against Palestinians like the recent one’s in Gaza has brought about destruction in the region and deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent victims, amongst them women and children in different regions ranging from Lebanon to Gaza. This is genocide, yet we have not seen anybody answering for this crime in the Hague. The Mossad has carried out a policy of assassinations of Palestinian political leaders all over the world one such killing took place in Malta in the early 1990’s. Its not possible to mention all the war crimes perpetrated by the state of Israel, in such a limited space of time.

The present blockade against Gaza by Israel is criminal and goes against all the rules of human rights, yet Israeli commandos attack with impunity, in International waters, the Turkish “Mavi Marmara” which was carrying humanitarian aid to the population in Gaza, killing peace activists, and yet an Israeli court says that these actions were legal under the rules of war

We must unite in our condemnation of the Zionist state of Israel and pressure on our respective governments to act in defending the rights of the Palestinian people.
We must now show more then ever, more than solidarity towards the Palestinian cause

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the international migration policy.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the strategy of the Government of Malta, the European Union, and NATO, as they are playing a political game in the current situation of migration, and are abdicating from their responsibility to save lives of those migrants who are in distress at sea.

The Party believes that we should be more realistic and accept the phenomenon of migration. We should give migrants all assistance and support. The solution is not to evade from responsibility, but to accept that migration is now part of our lives and that the population should accept this fact. We also note that the role of NATO in Libya is of an imperialistic nature and does not give value to human lives.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the European Union countries that are fleeing from their responsibility towards human life, by failing to give assistance to migrants fleeing from Libya. Foreign people who were not African were given all assistance to evacuate from Libya, whilst African nationalities were not given such assistance.

”It is ironic how these EU countries point their fingers at other countries for disrespecting human lives, when such blatant violation is the order of the day by these same countries, in the face of migration. It appears that EU wants to remain passive on this issue, while migrants continue to loose their lives at sea”.

It’s good to remember that the European Union concept of Frontex violated the right for a migrant to seek asylum in another country. We also note that Malta’s position against Frontex was not on humanitarian basis, but on political grounds, which classified migrants as numbers.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the agreement between Al Fatah and ─Žamas

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the agreement between Al Fatah and ─Žamas and all other Palestinian factions to end the political division between them, and to have a single voice, united in the struggle for the creation of the Palestinian State. This agreement was reached through the mediation of the Ad interim Government of Egypt.

“We would like to remind, that next September, the Palestinian people will be asking the General Assembly of the United Nations to declare officially the creation of the Palestinian State according to the borders existing in 1967. The Communist Party of Malta expects and urges the Maltese Government to vote in favour of the resolution creating a sovereign, independent Palestine.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the illegal occupation of the Palestinian lands by Israel, declared as an illegal occupation by the United Nations and violates international laws. The Communist Party condemns the violent repression and murders that are constantly committed against the Palestinian people by the Isreali forces.

The Party augurs the Palestinian people in their bid for the recognition of a Palestinian State and reminds them that the Maltese people were always close to their cause and supported them in all international fora. The Party notices and supports the declarations recently passed by the United Nations, the IMF and other international organizations, in recognising that the Palestinian people are able to govern a viable Palestinian State.

On this historic occasion we remember and salute the Palestinian martyrs who suffered and who gave their lives in the noble cause for the creation of a Palestinian state.

The Communist Party of Malta acknowledges the fact that there will be sectors who do not like to see the end of the divide between the various Palestinian factions. We call on the Palestinian people to challenge them and strengthen unity amongst the Palestinian people.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Diskors tas-Segretarju tal-PKM fl-okkazjoni ta' l-Ewwel ta' Mejju

Dan id-diskors gie moqri min Victor Degiovanni waqt soiree sabiex jimmarka l-ewwel ta' Mejju gewwa l-Kwartiri tal-Partit Komunista Malta nhar il-Hadd l-ewwel ta' Mejju


Illum iltqajna hawnhekk sabiex niccelebraw l-ewwel ta’ Mejju. Il-Jum Internazzjonali id-dedikat lill-Haddiem.

Ic-Cirkustanzi li haddiem sab ruhu fihom illum jixbhu hafna lill dawk ta’ mitt sena ilu, bid-differenza li dak inhar il-haddiem ma kellux drittijiet, u illum, id-drittijiet li klassi tal-haddiema kisbet bi gliediet kbar fil-passat, qehdin jittiehdu wiehed wara l-iehor.
Il-Klassi tal-flus, jigifieri l-klassi kapitalista, llumm sabet ruha fi krizi li ghaliex il-politika Neo-liberali falliet, u sistema kapitalista tinsab moribonda fuq is-sodda tal-mewt.

Qedhin issieru attentati sabiex johrogu min din il-krizi bil-politika falza, u zbaljata fil-kuncetti taghha, billi jiehdu mizuri ta’ awsterita, ‘mponuti fuq il-klassi tan-nies tax-xoghol, mizuri, li qed ifaqqru lill-haddiema u l-familji taghhom. Bir-rata tal-qghad dejjem jghola, bit-tnaqqis tal-livel tal-pagi, Minhabba prezzijiet dejjem jgholow, u bil waqfien tal-beneficcji socjali bhal, sahha u edukazzjoni, li l-familiji sa issa kienu jgawdu minnhom.

Dawn il-mizuri mhumiex sejrin isolvu il-krizi kapitalista, anzi, sejrin ikomplu jgharqu lis-Sistema, ghaliex il-haddiema huma l-mutur ta’ l-ekkonomija kapitalista, jekk dawn ma jinkosmawx, jigifieri ma jixtrux kollox jistagna.

F’dan ix-xenarju il-komipitu tal-Klassi tal-haddiema huwa li jqum u jinaqghad ma shabu il-haddiema tal-Grecja, tal-Portugal, ta’ Spanja, dawk Inglizi u kif ukoll ta’ l-Irlanda, johrogu fit-Toroq jipprotestaw, ghal bidla, ghal-Dinja Socjalista, mibnija fuq ix-xoghol u l-hidma, Minghajr theddid ta’ gwerrer, minghajr imperjalizmu li huwa is-sors tal-gwerrer tal-llumm, inkluz dik li qed issirr gewwa il-Libya llumm.
Nixtieq naghlaq billi nikkundana lin-NATO tal-assasinju ta’ iben il-mexxej Libyan, kif ukoll tat tlett neputijiet zghar tieghu.