Thursday, September 17, 2009

Message of condolances

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Malta sends its sympathies and its solidarity in this moment of grief to the Government, the Communist party, and the people of Cuba, at the loss of Comrade Juan Almeida Bosque, a revolutionary commander and veteran of the Cuban Revolutionary war.

Comrade Almeida a heroic figure in the fight against the US sponsored Dictator Fulgencio Battista had fought alongside Comrade Fidel Castro in the assault of the Moncada Barracks and was amongst those who participated in the Granma expedition and subsequently fought in the Sierra Maestra for the liberation of the Cuban people from the US imposed dictator and domination of Cuba.

Comrade Almeida had served the people of Cuba in various capacities.
Lastly being that of Vice President. Comrade Almeida served for a long time as a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Please convey the condolences of the Communist Party of Malta to the Government and the people of Cuba, and also to his near relatives.
The Communist party of Malta expresses its solidarity to the Communist Party of Cuba in this hour grief.