Monday, August 29, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta on populism and the bending of History.

The Communist Party of Malta understands the present situation where a sentiment is growing in favour of removing all honours given to Colonel Gaddafi in the past.
We believe that historical events should not be meddled with to simply accommodate populist policies. History must be taken in the context of its era and not subject to on how we look at it today, because then we will end up changing history according to our views.

The Communist Party of Malta reiterates that it does not agree with the proposed changes. But, if there will be pressure to change past policies, where Malta honoured certain political leaders, then it must do the same towards those other politicians who embraced colonial policies such as the ex British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Then his bust should be removed from the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Winston Churchill’s record was a horrendous one were colonialism was concerned, especially in Africa and India. The former President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosvelt was critical of Winston Churchill’s colonial policies, where most of these countries suffered massacres in order to be subdued to British occupation.
The colonial policies had the aim to exploit countries in Africa, as well as in Asia, out of their natural resources and to enslave its population.

The Communist Party of Malta therefore appeals to the political class in Malta that before taking any decision to remove the honours given, they should consider historical validity and realise that the honours are now part of history and recorded in history books.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Communist Party of Malta shows Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The Communist Party of Malta is again expressing its solidarity with the Palestinian people, which up to date are still deprived of their homeland which is still illegally occupied against United Nations resolutions approved by the absolute majority of the member states in the General Assembly.

The Party also condemns the Israeli authorities for imprisoning thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails without trial. The Israeli government continues to carry out ethnic cleansing by approving the construction of settlements on the occupied lands, and is still defying the international community. In this defiance the Zionist regime is comforted by the attitude of some powerful nations who always turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Zionist regimes.

The Communist Party augurs that the UN will approve the resolution to create the State of Palestine and hope that the Maltese government will have the courage to vote in favour of this resolution.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta takes a more cautious position on the Euphoria in Libya.

The Communist Party of Malta while ideologically always takes a position in favour of the people, on this issue, we appeal for a more cautious approach, about how things will evolve in Libya after Gaddafi, since the transition was not a peaceful one.

“Until today wherever there was a military intervention by NATO, the reverse affect occurred. This can be seen in the cases of Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The only issues that were resolved were the splitting of Kosovo from Serbia, as well as the taking over of Iraq’s natural resources by imperialism”.

The Communist Party of Malta reminds that the regimes of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, of Idi Amin in Uganda, the Shah of Iran, Taliban in Afghanistan were all created by imperialism, in order to bring down progressive governments. These regimes had to be eventually forcibly removed by the same western powers that had installed them. We augur that there will be no such repetition in Libya as imperialism always looked upon its own interest, far from social justice.

The Communist Party of Malta calls upon the Libyan Interim Government to respect the dignity of all African migrants in Libya, which up to now have never been respected. We also appeal for a secular, just and equal society.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta’s position on Safi events.

The recent events that took place at Hal Safi detention centre give a clear warning to the European Union and the Maltese Government to take a clear position on human rights issues. The European Union has to lead by example, if it wants others to follow.

The Communist Party of Malta criticizes the political stand being adopted by several European Governments with regards to the detention policy, when these same countries condemn other governments and regimes on human rights issues. The Party believes that this is nothing more than ‘hypocrisy’.

“Closed detention centres are nothing more than concentration camps. The European Union has to admit that detention policy goes against human rights. This policy is withholding freedom to those persons fleeing from poverty and war.”

On the Libyan issue, the European governments spoke with a sense of solidarity towards the Libyan people, but on the other hand they chose to exclude African nationalities from the whole process of evacuation of foreign people and workers from war torn Libya.

“The European Union should take a clear position on these issues, and not continue to ignore this reality. On the other hand we would like to show solidarity with the members of the armed forces of Malta, the police and other civilian workers who work in these field and have to face the problems that arise.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Communist Party condemns EU double standards on violence in the Arab world.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the double standards being shown by the European Union with regards to violence in the Arab world and the Kurdish problem. This can be seen by the agreement reached between the European Union and the Turkish Authorities to put pressure on Damascus to end violence.
“The Turkish Authorities are responsible for numerous human rights violations against the Kurdish population in South Eastern part of Turkey. During these last 25 years more than three thousand villages were burned by the Turkish army to keep Kurdish region under their control”.
“Turkey is also finding support from other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and the U.S. The aim of this alliance is to pull back the Kurds from their region and to keep the Kurdish people divided, so to hold control over their land, culture and natural resources. The Kurds comprise 20% of the population in Turkey, 15-20% in Iraq, 8% in Syria and 7% in Iran”.
The Communist Party of Malta believes that the EU should hold a clear and just position on the Kurds’ issue. The Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) should be recognized as a legitimate political force and all the land occupied by foreign military powers should return to the Kurdish people. We also appeal for the creation of a self government for the Kurds.