Friday, July 25, 2014

Communists condemn the Governments’ double standards.

Gaza: Malta is Neutral
Malta takes sides

The Communist Party of Malta deems the comments made by the Prime Minister, Dr Joseph Muscat on CNN with regards to more sanctions against Russia as premature, as the United Nations investigations are not yet complete.
The Party is amazed how the Government did not react against the Israeli aggression in Gaza, where Palestinian Civilians are the victims of continuous bombing by Israeli military forces, which breaches all International laws.
“The position taken by the Government is not in line with traditional socialist principles and ideas. On the contrary the government is playing in the hands of US Imperialism”.
“With respect to Palestine, the Communist Party of Malta expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza, the activists in France which are being denied the right to express solidarity with Palestine by a supposedly socialist Prime Minister, and with activists from the Palestinian solidarity network (Malta) who were stopped from exposing in public, a streamer in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, eventually taken to court and fined”.

Communists condemn privatisation of energy production

"The approval in Parliament of the Energy Bill, to give the Government the legal right to privatise energy production and distribution is of major concern. Strategically, the Government is giving away all of Malta's sovereignty in energy production", stated the Communist Party of Malta.
"Similar policies were applied by the previous administration. These policies resulted in the state losing control of essential public services; increase in prices; new employment contracts on precarious conditions, and running of these services in private monopolies. Public services should remain under state control". 
"Contrary to all this, the Party supports Government's initiative to sign an agreement with China to produce in Malta renewable energy mechanism and sources".
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the General Workers Union to be careful not to allow the new management taking ownership of Malta's energy production and distribution to engage new workers on precarious job conditions, as it had happened in the postal service, telecommunication, security and the environmental sector".

Sunday, July 13, 2014

“Government should support the Palestinian Cause” – Communist Party of Malta.

“The declaration made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr George Vella, to keep secret Malta’s position with regards the vote to allow Israel to hold a seat in UN Security Council, as one, that betrays the Palestinian cause.

“The Government present policy contrasts largely with the traditional labourite principles, one of which was, solidarity with the people of Palestine”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“Traditionally, past Labour administrations from the Dom Mintoff era till now, always supported the Palestinian people’s cause. This policy was also upheld by the Nationalist administrations from 1987 onward through the initiative of Dr Guido Demarco.”

“The Government should officially declare it’s position with regards to Palestinian issue and clearly state how its representative is going to vote on the Israeli vote. The Communist Party of Malta reiterates that the Zionist State of Israel should not occupy a seat in the UN Security Council, as Israel had never observed UN resolutions against it. The Maltese Government should not condone such behavior.

“We also appeal to the government to condemn the criminal punitive measures being taken by Israel against the Palestinian population in Gaza”, ended the Communist Party of Malta.

Appeal for a diplomatic and peaceful solution in Ukraine.

Dr George Vella Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Communist Party of Malta and the Ngo Garden of Knowledge had initiated an online petition to appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Hon. Dr George Vella, and the Ukrainian Consul in Malta, Mr John Debono to work for a diplomatic and peaceful solution in Ukraine.

“The war declaration against the people of east Ukraine by the new president, Petro Poroshenko should be condemned, as it constitutes a direct breach of International Law. The people in the Ukraine should not suffer the consequences of foreign political interference and neither the senseless bombing by the Kiev government”.

The two organizations said that “there should be no discrimination what so ever on Russian speaking Ukrainians. The Ukraine Government should ensure strict respect for democratic rights and freedoms, the protection of minorities, and the freedom of assembly. We express our deepest solidarity with the people of Ukraine”.

The two organisations appealed to the public to join this petition to call for a diplomatic and peaceful solution.

“The European Commission proposal opens the way for GMOs” – Communist Party Malta

“The agreement reached in the European Union on genetically modified (GM) crops is nothing less than a cheap compromise that will give more power to multinational companies. It’s a shame that UE environment ministers did not take a common position to totally ban GMOs from Europe”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“Through this compromise, the present EU structural system to halt the cultivation of GMOs in Europe will be weakened. The present system to a certain extent offers more protection against opening up to GMO cultivation and production”.

“With GMO production, more agricultural land will be taken for GMOs cultivation which in turn will benefit a few transnational corporations, such as Monsanto and the Swiss based Syngenta. The small farmers will have their livelihood threatened due to cross contamination of food and agricultural land”.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the position taken by the Maltese Government to vote against this European Commission proposal. The Party also supports the local wide grassroot activism against Monsanto and other similar companies.