Friday, July 25, 2014

Communists condemn the Governments’ double standards.

Gaza: Malta is Neutral
Malta takes sides

The Communist Party of Malta deems the comments made by the Prime Minister, Dr Joseph Muscat on CNN with regards to more sanctions against Russia as premature, as the United Nations investigations are not yet complete.
The Party is amazed how the Government did not react against the Israeli aggression in Gaza, where Palestinian Civilians are the victims of continuous bombing by Israeli military forces, which breaches all International laws.
“The position taken by the Government is not in line with traditional socialist principles and ideas. On the contrary the government is playing in the hands of US Imperialism”.
“With respect to Palestine, the Communist Party of Malta expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza, the activists in France which are being denied the right to express solidarity with Palestine by a supposedly socialist Prime Minister, and with activists from the Palestinian solidarity network (Malta) who were stopped from exposing in public, a streamer in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, eventually taken to court and fined”.

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