Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Communists support Dr Alfred Sant's position on solidarity with the people of Greece.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the appeal made by Dr Alfred Sant in the European Parliament calling on the Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S & D) to support the proposal put forward by the Greek Government to the European Commission for a debt relief.

“The stand taken by Dr Alfred Sant contrasts with the comments made recently by the Government who is insisting that the Greek Government should respect the obligations, and treaties signed by previous Administrations. These obligations mean a continuation of EU austerity measures on the people of Greece". 

The Communist Party of Malta stated that “it was not the working class that had brought about the collapse of the Greek economy, but the capitalist speculative system. We support the positions that are being taken by the Leftist Government in  Greece, in defense of the working class.

Communists appeal Government to address ‘energy poverty’.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Government for affordable prices in the use of domestic gas. Energy Poverty is defined as the lack of adequate modern energy for the basic needs of cooking, warmth, and lighting.

The Party said that “many families and pensioners are finding it difficult to regularly make use of this commodity due to low incomes. National statistics show that 99,000 persons are at risk poverty”.

“The prevalent conditions where many cannot afford to heat up their houses during the winter months can be noted by the high amount of new cases related to respiratory ailments at Mater Dei”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“To address the situation, the Communist Party of Malta urges the Government to either subsidize this commodity or else re-nationalize this service. Essential commodities, such as gas, electricity and water should remain under state control”.