Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PfP Dilemma

The Communist Party of Malta is closely following the on-going parliamentary motion put forward by the Labour Party regarding Wikileaks reports involving Richard Cachia Caruana, Malta’s Permanent Representative in the EU. The reports alleged that Malta ’s decision to join the Partnership for Peace (PfP) was taken behind closed doors.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the political class so that the onus of this motion will be to withdraw Malta from PfP.

The Party deplores the way the present Administration re-activated Malta ’s PfP membership, when this was not even tabled in Parliament. “The Labour Party is right when stating that this was done behind everybody's back,” stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“The Party considers Malta’s membership in PfP as a flagrant violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Malta . As a neutral country, Malta must keep away from military blocs. The PfP forms part of a NATO programme which works independently from the U.N Peace keeping operations. NATO uses PfP to safeguard its imperialistic strategy,” concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paul Agius has passed away

Comrade Paul Agius a militant and  founder of the Communist Party of Malta has passed away he was 72 years old.

In 1969 after returning from Australia Paul Agius  founded the Communist Party of Malta. At a time when a Communist Party was still considered a threat to British Imperialist policies as Malta although supposedly independent  was still a British military fortress. After the 1971 elections when the reactionary Borg Olvier's  administration was defeated, the Party came into the open and its' membership started to grow.

Comrade Paul Agius was a member Central Committee and served as International Secretary between 1970 to 1985. After an internal row Paul Agius left the party , but he remained loyal by remaining politically inactive. The Party salutes and pays tribute to Paul Agius for his work and contribution in the early days of the party 

Paul Agius facing the Camera in a meeting with a member of the Soviet delegation at the International Democratic Lawyers Meeting held in Malta  in 1981

Friday, May 18, 2012

“Why SOFA?”, Communist Party of Malta

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the two major political parties not to give in to the pressure that the US Government might put through its Embassy here in Malta with regards to SOFA (A Status of Forces Agreement).

“SOFA will give U.S. courts jurisdiction over crimes committed by US serviceman in Malta . These crimes could be against other US serviceman or local civilians".

“In other countries where a SOFA agreement is in force, local juridical authorities found themselves helpless as they could not proceed against US serviceman, even in cases of rape and murder. As SOFA gives jurisdiction to the US military authorities”.

“ US serviceman are mostly acquitted when they appear before military court martial charged with a crime that was committed in a foreign land. In Japan out of 7,046 crimes committed by US serviceman during the period 1985-2004, in which 19 people died, only one suspect appeared in front of a military court, and only 318 cases were disciplinary actions were taken, according to a statement by the Communist Party of Japan”.

The Communist Party of Malta questions the need for Malta to sign this SOFA agreement? Is the US intending to have a military presence in Malta ? Does this mean that US want Malta to become a military ally?

The Party calls upon other progressive forces in Malta to voice their protest against SOFA.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the anti-austerity victory

KKE Pre Election Rally

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the anti-austerity victory made by Left wing forces in the recent elections in Greece and France. This is a direct statement made by the people in both countries against neoliberalism. 

“In France, with the victory of President Francois Hollande with the support of the left wing forces we have witnessed the demise of the unholy anti people alliance between Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy, and this may well be, the end of EU’s austerity measuresacross Europe”.

“In Greece, the United left “Syriza”, the Communist Party “KKE” and the left socialists have made massive gains upwards, with Syriza becoming the second largest political force with 16.78% of the votes. KKE increased also its support by 0.9% to 8.48% from last general elections”

“These results obtained by the progressive left forces will initiate a militant trend towards a more social Europe, that will finally result in a Socialist future”.