Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PfP Dilemma

The Communist Party of Malta is closely following the on-going parliamentary motion put forward by the Labour Party regarding Wikileaks reports involving Richard Cachia Caruana, Malta’s Permanent Representative in the EU. The reports alleged that Malta ’s decision to join the Partnership for Peace (PfP) was taken behind closed doors.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the political class so that the onus of this motion will be to withdraw Malta from PfP.

The Party deplores the way the present Administration re-activated Malta ’s PfP membership, when this was not even tabled in Parliament. “The Labour Party is right when stating that this was done behind everybody's back,” stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“The Party considers Malta’s membership in PfP as a flagrant violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Malta . As a neutral country, Malta must keep away from military blocs. The PfP forms part of a NATO programme which works independently from the U.N Peace keeping operations. NATO uses PfP to safeguard its imperialistic strategy,” concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

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