Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paul Agius has passed away

Comrade Paul Agius a militant and  founder of the Communist Party of Malta has passed away he was 72 years old.

In 1969 after returning from Australia Paul Agius  founded the Communist Party of Malta. At a time when a Communist Party was still considered a threat to British Imperialist policies as Malta although supposedly independent  was still a British military fortress. After the 1971 elections when the reactionary Borg Olvier's  administration was defeated, the Party came into the open and its' membership started to grow.

Comrade Paul Agius was a member Central Committee and served as International Secretary between 1970 to 1985. After an internal row Paul Agius left the party , but he remained loyal by remaining politically inactive. The Party salutes and pays tribute to Paul Agius for his work and contribution in the early days of the party 

Paul Agius facing the Camera in a meeting with a member of the Soviet delegation at the International Democratic Lawyers Meeting held in Malta  in 1981

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