Friday, December 5, 2014

Communists appeal Government to embrace the Neutrality Clause.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Government’s policy for allowing British warships to enter Malta’s Grand Harbour.
“This shows that the present administration is embracing a right wing policy that safeguard imperialist’s interests. The Maltese Government should safeguard the Neutrality clause that demands that Malta should be free from military vessels in its territorial waters”.
The Communist Party of Malta urges the Government to give an explanation, that while we are not involved in any war, Malta is giving hospitality to visiting military vessels. The Party appeals to all progressive forces in Malta to show their disapproval.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Europe abstained in Condemning any Attempts to glorify Nazism Ideology"

The Communist Party of Malta Condemns the position taken by the EU member states in abstaining in a UN resolution Against Nazism. Which This resolution was brought forward by the Russian Federation was only rejected by the US, Ukraine and Canada. Israel a US ally  supported the resolution. 

"Malta like the rest of Europe was a victim of Nazi war crimes During the Second World War, so there were no two ways about it, it should have supported the resolution against Fascist and NAZI ideology and so should Have the rest of the EU countries  without any condition. Instead They all chose to appease the US in its confrontation against Russia,  over the Ukraine issue ". 

"It is of grave Concern That a resolution calling for the universal adoption of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination was not supported by Malta and the rest of the EU countries. On the other hand it is gratifying to note that this resolution was supported by an overwhelming majority of the UN member states which included all the progressive countries in Latin America. " 

"No Increase in Minimum wage" - Communist Party of Malta.


The Communist Party of Malta deems the Budget as one that, Although there are positive measures: such as a one-off grant of € 1,000 per child for minimum wage earners, incentives for People with Disabilities, tax cut for first time property buyers, better paid maternity leave, grant to elderly people, and Measures to eradicate precarious jobs, still the minimum wage income  was not Increased .
" The Party also feels That the Measures To further reduce the income tax rate to 25% for the well-off as anti-social. The Government Should Have distributed reduction amongst the workers who earn less than € 20,000-through the raising-up the level of the income tax ceiling ".

The Communist Party concluded by saying "that although the 35 Euro bonus was a step in the right direction, feels that this was not enough. The majority of the working class will still carry the burden for the well-off.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The 2015 Budget should include an increase in the national minimum wage income.

The Communist Party of Malta stated that the national minimum wage income in Malta is not sufficient to ensure a decent standard of living. The party insists that the proposed compensation of €0.58 for the cost-of-living adjustment is too little for low income families.
“Workers on a minimum wage income should be treated with dignity.  The role of the state is to guarantee that. Therefore the party urges the government to raise the national minimum wage income.

 We also appeal to the Parliamentary opposition to support this proposal. The government should also strengthen the welfare state system in Malta by a more progressive taxation.

Communists condemn exploitation of foreign workers.

The Communist Party of Malta shows solidarity with all foreign workers in Malta who are being exploited by the capitalist class with the aim to accumulate more profits.

"The news that a Chinese factory is employing Chinese workers in exploitative conditions is condemnable. Social dumping and exploitation are practices that do not occur unintentionally. They are being deliberately promoted by European and National politicians as a normal free market business model”.

The Communist Party therefore urges the Maltese Government to introduce new legislation to ensure that foreign workers are not employed under inferior conditions of work and that the principle of equal rights, equal pay and equal treatment for all workers is being enforced.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Communists condemn approved bill on third pillar pension

The Communist Party of Malta criticizes the policy with regards to pensions schemes approved by Parliament recently. This policy will increase social inequality, and will introduce privatisation within the pension system. The Third Pillar private pension scheme will favour those well-off and will open the door for private campanies to take control of social security. 

The Party continues to state that the National minimum pension is not adequate for a person to live decently. Infact research show that the basic pension income is 15% less than the equivalent of 60% of the median wage. National statistics reveal that 22% of the pensioners are at risk of poverty. 

“The Government should immediately apply a policy that safeguards social justice in the  pension system. The government should also introduce a pension fund and increase the minimum pension income. Private pension schemes should not form part of government’s social security system”. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Budget 2015 should Address Social inequality and Precariousness.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Government to address inequality and precariousness in the forthcoming Budget 2015. National statistics of 2013 show, that social inequality is on the increase.
“To address inequality, the Government should introduce new measures that strengthen the Cost-of-living Adjustment so as to be more realistic. Increase the national minimum income, based on the Caritas report, and also increase the minimum pensionable income. Government should also aim to strengthen the Malta welfare state system, and moves away from the right wing concept of a welfare society.”
“The Government should introduce legislation against precarious jobs. A law that clearly defines the term precarious employment, based on the fact that jobs on a temporary contract, agency workers, and ‘self-employment’ should all be classified as precarious jobs, as these kind of employment does not offer a regular employment; impedes access to home loan services; offer low wages and inferior conditions of work and obstruct unionization and collective bargaining. The ILO definition of precarious jobs is also clear in this regard”.            
“With regards to the prices of essential commodities and services, the Government should aim to offer more social protection to the consumer. Public services should not be privatized and government’s subsidies should be strengthened to safeguard affordability”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

Maltese Communists disdained over the EU vote on Ukraine

The Communist Party of Malta feels disdained, and deems that the support given by the EU Parliament, for the ratification of the “EU Treaty of Association” with Ukraine as improper and undemocratic, especially when the country is locked in a civil war over this issue and the people of Ukraine were not consulted.
The Party said that “the EU, together with others is guilty for instigating the coup against the democratically elected Government of Viktor Yakunovich, by Neo Nazi’s and other extreme right wing forces”.
“The vote in favour, expressed by the majority in EU Parliament betrays Ukraine people’s sovereignty, as it is not known today how the people of Ukraine feel over this issue. We condemn 5 of Malta’s MEPs who voted in favour, and David Casa, who had the audacity to criticize Alfred Sant who had correctly abstained”.
The Communist Party of Malta condemns the European Union for its imperialistic stances that are being taken against the people of Ukraine, and also the reactionary positions that are being taken by the present Malta’s Social Democratic Government which puts to shame its very progressive past.                                               


 An address written by Victor Degiovanni and delivered by David Pisani at the Gnien tal-Gherf Commemoration of the coup of the 11th of September 1973 against the Unidad Popular Government in  Chile.

On the 11th of September 1973 the Nixon administration through covert activities of its special branches and the open manoeuvring of Henry Kissinger succeeded to stage a military coup against the democratically elected Government of Chile. This coup was not only instrumental in the toppling President Salvador Allende a moderate Socialist. This also led the way for Milton Friedman and his disciples of the Chicago School to start the neo-liberal experiments which led to the capitalist crises that we are facing today.

The Chilean Army did not have a history and tradition, of military coups as the Armed forces in other Latin American countries. General Augusto Pinochet, with the assistance of U.S. financial aid, and with the help of U.S. covert forces, embarked on an all-out attack on the Moncada Palace which served as the official residence of the Chilean President. This was to be the start of one of the bloodiest coups.

The fascist forces also attacked and managed to capture the media, made their presence felt in the streets, imposing a curfew and arresting all those suspected with Unidad Popular affiliations, murdering thousands and thousands progressively minded Chilean citizens. Amongst those who died in the first days of the coup were the Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda a world renowned poet, and Victor Jara a popular folk singer. The football Stadium in Chile became in a manner of speaking a Chilean “killing field”
The radical changes that were on the agenda of this newly elected government were not to the liking of the Chilean middle class and their master U.S. imperialism. The methods used to bring the progressive socialist government were creating artificial scarcities of essential requisites using the strike as a weapon by truck owners and other small time businesses, ensuring that food and other necessities from reaching the city, and holding protests in the streets, in an effort to create discontent. These actions had the reverse effect as Unidad Popular gained more popular support. These methods are today being used in Venezuela.

The Nixon administration, with  Henry Kissinger being the prime instigator sought the support of the Chilean Military forces, through the aid the military received, and the indoctrination  training at the  “School of the Americas” located in  Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia the die was cast. On September the 11 of 1973 a democratically elected government was brought down by a military coup. This day will always remain a day of shame, for the Chilean military forces.

The Communist Party of Chile at that time was led by Louis Corvolan backed Salvador Allende candidacy for President. Pablo Neruda who was the Communist Party nominee withdrew his candidature from the race, so to give more chance to his friend Senator Salvador Allende to win. The Communist Party formed part of the Unidad Popular government that was elected in 1970. This coalition was made up of a number of left wing parties and other smaller progressive parties. This coalition managed to wrest the government from the hands of the Christian Democrats, and for two years embarked on the road for improving the lot of the working class liberating the copper mines from foreign hands, thus the profits from this natural resource were once again in Chilean hands.

The coup changed things drastically. The Communist Party was banned, and a large number of activists were murdered by the military, some that were lucky managed to escape and lived in exile, while the rest of the party went underground and formed a guerrilla organisation, the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front Which offered resistance to the Pinochet Fascist dictatorship up to the restoration of democracy in 1990 when the Communist Party was once again legalized. Today the Communist Party of Chile works independently of other Parties and once again is represented in Parliament.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Positive results for the Left in Sweden

The Communist Party of Malta welcome the positive election results in Sweden. These elections gave a sufficient victory for the progressive forces of 43.7%, with the left party increasing its share of votes and will now elect 21 parliamentarians.
“This result will probably mark the end of an eight-year era of tax cuts for the rich and neo liberal policies instigated by a right wing coalition government. In fact, tax cuts threatened the country’s famed welfare system that Scandinavian countries are well known for.”
“This result also defeated the threat of the extreme right forces as all parties in the Social Democrat-led Red-Green coalition favour a more liberal asylum policy. This can only be achieved if the progressive forces form a coalition.”
“On the other hand, the Communist Party of Malta offers solidarity to the small left-wing feminist party that failed to reach the 4 percent threshold, finishing with 3.1 percent”.

Monday, August 25, 2014

“Local Councils should ensure Universal Use of Public Conveniences”

What results from this discriminatory policy

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to Marsascala Local Council not to apply the same discriminatory policy adopted by the Valletta Local Council to privatize public convenience.  Valletta Local Council is in fact discriminating between those who have the means and those who have not.
“Public conveniences should be accessible to all, regardless of a person’s income.  Universal use should be guaranteed, as this is a fundamental human right, such as the right to clean water”.
“The Minister in charge of Local Councils should condemn such policies and take action so public conveniences are once again be accessible to all”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.   

Friday, August 15, 2014

MEA’s employment proposals are a threat to workers.

“The proposals put forward by the Malta Employers Association, to change and amend the “Employment and Industrial Regulations Act”, are unacceptable. The association arguments with regards sick leave, threatens the worker’s right to sick leave. The Party gives all its support to the Unions who have come out against these proposals.

“MEA, in the first place should initiate a campaign amongst its members to avoid a situation where workers have to toil under extreme conditions exposed to sunrays. Various studies show that long exposures in summer to the ultraviolet rays of the sun will lead to various health hazards, which include skin cancer and sunstroke”.       

“Same applies to sports, the Communist Party of Malta sees this as a regressive measure, against the individual right to participate in sporting events. The Minister under whose responsibility sports falls should outrightly condemn this proposal”.

“With regards to COLA, the party insists for a progressive reform, so that the increase for the cost of living is more realistic. We appeal also for an increase in the national minimum wage, so that families on low income can live a decent life”.   

The Communist Party of Malta considers MEA proposals as if coming from a Theocratic State. The Malta Employers Association should strive for a better work-life balance, as this will strengthen industrial relations. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

“Maltese Ambassador in Tel Aviv should be recalled”

Simon Pullicino Malta's Ambassador to Israel

“The separate declaration, issued recently by the Maltese Government and the Opposition, in solidarity with the people of Gaza should be now backed by the calling back of the Maltese Ambassador in Tel Aviv”,  stated the Communist Party of Malta.
“Malta should follow Sweden and other Latin American countries who withdraw their Ambassadors from Israel in protest at Israel’s military offensive in Gaza. The governments in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and El Salvador have all called back their ambassadors”.
“Malta should also support the resolution made by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate Israel over war crimes committed in Gaza. This resolution already has the backing of 29 countries”.
“The Palestinian death toll from a devastating Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip rose to 1283, according to a Gaza Health Ministry spokesman. At least 7170 Palestinians have also been injured in the ongoing Israeli attacks since July 7”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Communists condemn the Governments’ double standards.

Gaza: Malta is Neutral
Malta takes sides

The Communist Party of Malta deems the comments made by the Prime Minister, Dr Joseph Muscat on CNN with regards to more sanctions against Russia as premature, as the United Nations investigations are not yet complete.
The Party is amazed how the Government did not react against the Israeli aggression in Gaza, where Palestinian Civilians are the victims of continuous bombing by Israeli military forces, which breaches all International laws.
“The position taken by the Government is not in line with traditional socialist principles and ideas. On the contrary the government is playing in the hands of US Imperialism”.
“With respect to Palestine, the Communist Party of Malta expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza, the activists in France which are being denied the right to express solidarity with Palestine by a supposedly socialist Prime Minister, and with activists from the Palestinian solidarity network (Malta) who were stopped from exposing in public, a streamer in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, eventually taken to court and fined”.

Communists condemn privatisation of energy production

"The approval in Parliament of the Energy Bill, to give the Government the legal right to privatise energy production and distribution is of major concern. Strategically, the Government is giving away all of Malta's sovereignty in energy production", stated the Communist Party of Malta.
"Similar policies were applied by the previous administration. These policies resulted in the state losing control of essential public services; increase in prices; new employment contracts on precarious conditions, and running of these services in private monopolies. Public services should remain under state control". 
"Contrary to all this, the Party supports Government's initiative to sign an agreement with China to produce in Malta renewable energy mechanism and sources".
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the General Workers Union to be careful not to allow the new management taking ownership of Malta's energy production and distribution to engage new workers on precarious job conditions, as it had happened in the postal service, telecommunication, security and the environmental sector".

Sunday, July 13, 2014

“Government should support the Palestinian Cause” – Communist Party of Malta.

“The declaration made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr George Vella, to keep secret Malta’s position with regards the vote to allow Israel to hold a seat in UN Security Council, as one, that betrays the Palestinian cause.

“The Government present policy contrasts largely with the traditional labourite principles, one of which was, solidarity with the people of Palestine”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“Traditionally, past Labour administrations from the Dom Mintoff era till now, always supported the Palestinian people’s cause. This policy was also upheld by the Nationalist administrations from 1987 onward through the initiative of Dr Guido Demarco.”

“The Government should officially declare it’s position with regards to Palestinian issue and clearly state how its representative is going to vote on the Israeli vote. The Communist Party of Malta reiterates that the Zionist State of Israel should not occupy a seat in the UN Security Council, as Israel had never observed UN resolutions against it. The Maltese Government should not condone such behavior.

“We also appeal to the government to condemn the criminal punitive measures being taken by Israel against the Palestinian population in Gaza”, ended the Communist Party of Malta.

Appeal for a diplomatic and peaceful solution in Ukraine.

Dr George Vella Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Communist Party of Malta and the Ngo Garden of Knowledge had initiated an online petition to appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Hon. Dr George Vella, and the Ukrainian Consul in Malta, Mr John Debono to work for a diplomatic and peaceful solution in Ukraine.

“The war declaration against the people of east Ukraine by the new president, Petro Poroshenko should be condemned, as it constitutes a direct breach of International Law. The people in the Ukraine should not suffer the consequences of foreign political interference and neither the senseless bombing by the Kiev government”.

The two organizations said that “there should be no discrimination what so ever on Russian speaking Ukrainians. The Ukraine Government should ensure strict respect for democratic rights and freedoms, the protection of minorities, and the freedom of assembly. We express our deepest solidarity with the people of Ukraine”.

The two organisations appealed to the public to join this petition to call for a diplomatic and peaceful solution.

“The European Commission proposal opens the way for GMOs” – Communist Party Malta

“The agreement reached in the European Union on genetically modified (GM) crops is nothing less than a cheap compromise that will give more power to multinational companies. It’s a shame that UE environment ministers did not take a common position to totally ban GMOs from Europe”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

“Through this compromise, the present EU structural system to halt the cultivation of GMOs in Europe will be weakened. The present system to a certain extent offers more protection against opening up to GMO cultivation and production”.

“With GMO production, more agricultural land will be taken for GMOs cultivation which in turn will benefit a few transnational corporations, such as Monsanto and the Swiss based Syngenta. The small farmers will have their livelihood threatened due to cross contamination of food and agricultural land”.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the position taken by the Maltese Government to vote against this European Commission proposal. The Party also supports the local wide grassroot activism against Monsanto and other similar companies.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Positive results for the Left in Europe.

“The increase in support achieved by the communists and left wing forces in European Elections augers well in the struggle for a Social Europe, for Peace and Solidarity”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.
“The total support for these parties translated into an increase in the number of MEPs from 34 in 2009  to 51 today. The results gained by the communists and left wing forces in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland are praiseworthy, and even so in Italy. These countries were all victims of austerity measures imposed by the Troika, which caused widespread poverty and precariousness amongst the working classes”.
“On a positive note, the left bloc in Spain together with the ‘Podemos’ movement obtained more votes than the traditional parties. This movement was formed 100 days before the elections by the Indignatos. The same was accomplished by Syriza in Greece. The left project in Italy for an “Alternative Europe” also made inroads in European elections were once again communists and radicals are active in Italy’s political arena. The communist movement in Portugal and the Left Alliance in Ireland also increased their support”. 
The Communist Party of Malta is highly concerned with the results attained by extreme right wing forces in these elections. These results highlighted the precarious situation that Europe is in. Once more, it seems that the big capital is aiding and abetting extreme right wing forces in its effort to thwart the success of progressive forces in Europe. This is evident in the events that are taking place in Ukraine. 

Communists appeal Unions for common position.

The Communist Party of Malta states that “union representatives should unify their forces against MIA proposal to outsource part of its services. These include the IT and porter services, Technical and Communications Department. Outsourcing is used to hand over the control of public services to private companies.”

The Party insists that “squabbles between unions over who will represent workers, is not in the worker’s interest. First and foremost, Unions should unite and form a common position against such proposals”.

“Outsourcing represents a new threat, contributing to worker insecurity, precarious jobs, and is reflective of the general process of a global neoliberal system”. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Communists condemn the banning of Communist Party in Ukraine.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the declarations made recently by the unelected Interim Government of Ukraine, to ban the communist movement in the country. The Communist Party of Ukraine enjoys the support of 13.2% of the population.
“President Turchynov is using this unconstitutional measure to silence the progressive forces in Ukraine. This President was installed by extreme right wing and NAZI forces which were backed by the European Union and the United States”.
“In the past we saw violent physical attacks on communist members of the Ukrainian parliament, on heads of regional party committees and other leftist activists. Their headquarters were destroyed, which is a scandal in itself”.
The Communist Party of Malta said that “the European Parliament should remain consistent with its previous statements, were it called upon the former legally elected Ukrainian Government to guarantee rights and freedoms to all political forces in the country. The Communist Party of Malta expects that the European Parliament exerts the same pressure on the present Ukrainian administration”. 
The Communist Party of Malta shows solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine in this difficult moments and appeals to all political forces in Malta to show their disapproval towards these illegal actions that are being taken by the present Ukrainian Government. All Opposition forces including the Communist Party of Ukraine will not contest the General Elections in sign of protest against the unconstitutionality of these elections.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"TTIP will give more power to Multinationals”

The Communist Party of Malta warns that the US-European Union Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will give more power to Multinational corporations.
The Party said that “sovereign states and democratically elected legislatures will be little more than empty phrases if the US-European Union Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is brought into force. This agreement will weaken national governments who will find themselves liable to legal procedures brought about by these companies under the excuse that state regulations obstruct the unfettered pursuit of maximum profits. Infact in 2012, around 2,843 multinational companies sued governments for passing measures they claimed that resulted in lost profits”. 
 “These partnerships are tools through which multinational companies will remove health and safety protection, end environmental safeguards, abolish legislation providing minimum conditions for labour, scrap food safety laws, abandon efforts to slow climate change, stop campaigns against fracking and forbid attempts to rescue the National Health Service from the predations of private companies”.
 “The concept of globalisation is to concentrates wealth into fewer private hands so the radius of their power expands. Power now extends across the globe. Karl Marx wrote “that the changes in the economic foundation lead sooner or later to the transformation of the whole immense superstructure”, (Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy)”.

 “The proposed partnership agreement is nothing more than a repetition of the economic model applied under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the US, Canada and Mexico, signed in 1992. This type of agreement was rejected by different countries in Latin America due to its disastrous impact on the people, the public services and the natural environment”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Communists condemn the massacres committed in Ukraine.

The Communist Party of Malta expresses solidarity with the families who suffered loses in the recent attacks committed by the unelected Pro-NAZI regime in Kiev. The European Union and the Obama Administration are backing this regime made up of extreme right wing forces that also includes in it NAZI elements.

The Party said that “in Mariupol, Eastern part of Ukraine over 100 people were shot dead by the pro-regime forces for celebrating the 9th of May “Victory Day over Fascism”. This massacre was committed by the newly formed Death Squad ‘Dnepr’ using 14 anti personnel cars and tanks”.

“In Odessa, the TradeUnion building was burned down by these thugs were 49 people lost there lives. The pro-regime supporters were shooting at persons who attempted to leave the building. The Communist Party Headquareters in Kiev was also attacked and completely destroyed”.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the lack of solidarity that is being shown by the Maltese political class towards the people of Ukraine, especially Russian speaking Ukrainains, that are being under constant attack by the illegitimate Government.

The Communist Party of Malta also expresses solidarity with its fraternal Communist Party of Ukraine who are being persecuted and forced to go underground.   

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

“National Employment Policy needs a more progressive vision”

“The National Employment Policy announced by the Government is again a policy based on a neoliberal strategy. The fact that Malta is still lacking in a clear legislation against precarious employment, this policy will not help generate jobs with decent conditions of work. The Government should ensure that the jobs created are not precarious”. 

“Government’s proposal to top up the minimum wage is positive in principal but will not lead to social justice. The fact that it is not included as part and parcel of the national minimum wage income, in itself does not guarantee the continuation of this measure in the future. The Communist Party insists that any increase in the national minimum wage income should be guaranteed under the Maltese law”. 

“Welfare benefits should be strengthened and not the other way round. On the other hand, the Party agrees with a national policy to curb social benefits abuses. The methods applied to curb these abuses should not be rigid and should treat each case on its own merits”. 

“The proposal to state fund an extension in the maternity leave, with an increase by the employers towards the national security contributions is viewed by the Party as progressive”.

“With regards employability, Government should not apply the same procedures practiced by the previous administration, whereby unemployed persons were given work with the local councils for a 30hour week and paid less than the minimum wage. This policy helped only in the creation of working poor. The Government should set an example by avoiding employing persons with precarious conditions”.  

The Communist Party of Malta concludes by stating that “the national employment policy should include the formation of worker’s cooperative. The Party reiterates the need for legislation against precariousness”. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Civil Union: Communists welcome the vote in Parliament.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the introduction in Malta of Civil Union. The vote taken in parliament is of historic importance as this will eliminate once and for all, state discrimination against LGBT persons, discrimination that was only fuelling the seeds for homophobic acts in society.
"The Party also commends Government's decision to include in the legislation the right of adoption. This will safeguard the interests and dignity of that child when the biological parent in the family dies".
The Communist party considers the position taken by the opposition party as a very weak one and that does not help to end discrimination against LGBT persons.