Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Communists welcome the success obtained by the Left in Greece.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the success obtained by the left in the General elections held last Sunday in Greece. The total percentage of votes cast in favour of Syriza and KKE (Communist Party of Greece) was 41.8% 

"This result brings hope to the left, radical, and Communist Parties in Europe, and restores back the people’s confidence in these parties. There is great hope that the example of Greece will also be followed in Spain, Cyprus, and in other EU countries

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the draconian austerity measures that the European Union had imposed on the people of Greece, as these measures, brought only misery, insecurity and high unemployment'.

The Communist Party of Malta has sent congratulatory messages to Syriza for its’ great victory, and to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) which succeeded in maintaining its presence in Parliament contrary to what was predicted by the right wing. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Communists appeal for public ownership of indispensable commodities.

The Communist Party of Malta said that “fuel and gas, together with energy are all essential commodities that the government should control. Government’s policy to hedge for buying oil internationally should not be suspended”.

“The political strategy, implemented recently by the government to gradually take over the operation of Enemalta Petrolium Division was a good policy as this will make it easier for any future government to safeguard affordability and sovereignty of this commodity”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta concluded by stating “that essential commodities should all be under public control. With the privatisation in 2004 of the gas service, the government have thrown away his social responsibility. The privatisation of energy production is also a great political mistake”.

Communists appeal for caution and solidarity.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to all Air Malta employees for caution and unity. The Party urges the cabin crew workers to be reasonable in their demand.
“Industrial conflicts should not be on food allowance, but on more major issues, such as the issue of job security, financial sustainability, transparency, and the right to information”.
“With regards to transparency and restructuring, the Communist Party insists that during the restructuring process the workers should be fully informed”.
The Communist Party of Malta expressed also solidarity with MIA workers who are facing uncertainties as their work is being outsourced to private companies.

New Year Message

The Communist Party of Malta augurs a better Year 2015 to all the workers and
families in Malta. The Party also shows solidarity with all the working poor, 
and those who till today are still unemployed. 
The Communist Party appeals to the Government to address inequality in society.
Government should introduce new measures that strengthen the cost-of-living
adjustments, increase the national minimum income, and give a new impetus to
the Malta welfare state system.  Government should move away from the right wing 
concepts of a welfare society. 
The Communist Party of Malta also appeals to the Government to offer more social
protection to families in the use of domestic gas. Gas should be
subsidized, so families can heat their homes during the winter months.