Friday, September 30, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the left wing victory in France's Senate.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the results in the French Senate Elections where for the first time in the 53-year history of the Fifth Republic, the left political forces won by a majority of seats.
“The Communist Party of France obtained good results along with the anti-capitalist party and other left wing factions, which gained at least 26 seats. The Communists alone gained a new seat from the previous elections, and now has a total of 15 seats. The French Socialist party won 141 seats and the Greens obtained 10 seats”.
“This results shows that communist parties in Europe are gaining more support. Communists in Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Latvia, Germany, Denmark and Czech Republic are all represented in their National Parliaments and also in the European Parliament”.
The Communist Party of Malta augurs for more positive results for the Communists and other progressive forces for an alternative Europe based on environmental sustainability and more social justice.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the United States attitude with regards the setting up of a Palestinian State

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the United States attitude against the setting up of a Palestinian State, while finding no difficulty in helping Libyan Rebels and recognizing their Transitional Council. US is doing everything to prevent the recognition of the Palestinian state in the UN General Assembly even by vetoing against the resolution. This action, once again, brings into the open, the double standards and imperialistic interests in the Palestinian Question.

“We condemn the French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is playing a 'dirty game', which serves only the interest of US imperialism, by preventing the vote on the Palestinian resolution from being taken”.

“Unless this resolution is not resolved, and if the State of Palestine will not be recognized, other issues dealing with the question of security, water, lack of food, medicine, and the Palestinian refugees issue will not be resolved”.

The Communist Party also condemns the state of Israel, for the hundreds of Palestinians that are held in Israeli prisons, amongst them many adolescents. The Israeli Government has up to now, illegally occupied, Palestinian territories.

“Malta started supporting the Palestinian Cause under the premiership of Dom Mintoff, back in the early 1970’s. This support was continued by Dr Guido Demarco both when he held the presidency of the UN General Assembly and later on when he held the post of Foreign Minister in Malta. We demand that the present administration follows in these steps.

The Communist Party calls on the Maltese Government and Dr Tonio Borg, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to vote for the recognition of a Palestinian State in the UN General Assembly. The Communist Party also salutes Moviment Graffiti for their activism and their consistency in favour of the Palestinian Cause.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Communist Party on Moody's report.

Moody's agency whose only aim is to protect the interests of the capital market is again putting pressure on the Government to reduce State expenditure. One of the solutions proposed is to reduce public spending on social benefits and to freeze wages. The agency is nothing more than a corporation to protect the capitalist’s interest.

The Communist Party of Malta states that Moody's warning is one that conceals the reality that the capitalist economic system has failed to meet the needs and social expectations of the people. Some Maltese Economists who are of the same opinion as Moody's are suggesting to the Government to review Malta’s social services expenditure and to increase the retirement age.

The Communist Party sees these warnings as a step towards the introduction of further austerity measures on the people, who are not to blame for the failure of the economic system. The fact that Malta's national debt is not a sustainable anymore means that the wealth generated is not equally distributed.

The Party calls for a fairer tax system where income taxation should be increased on those who earn more than the average income. The same applies for the financial and banking sectors, online gaming and those agencies that sell property to foreigners.

”Empty properties for speculation purposes should be also be taxed. The Government should also take further measures to combat tax evasion, where GRTU claims that this tax evasion by speculators amounted to 300 million Euros”.

The Party believes that in light of the present situation as announced by agency Moody’s, the Government should withdraw the increase in the Cabinet’s Honorary. The Government should also review and reduce salaries of Consultants, CEOs and Chairmen of Corporations. We are stating this in solidarity with those workers who are on a minimum wage, whose income is relatively poor.

"The working class should not accept further cuts in social benefits and increase in the retirement age”.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“Malta’s National Energy Plan should be socially just”, Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta states that the figures issued by NSO on energy consumption in Malta, is a signal to the Government to implement a national energy plan which is socially just.

“The National policy should safeguard the basic consumption of ‘household’ energy. The Party calls on the Government to encourage the private sector to invest more in renewable energy, so the industry will be more sustainable in the future without any state subsidies. By these measures the Government can assist more families in their basic energy needs. The families should not carry the burden of energy subsidies to the private sector.”

“Thirty-five percent of Malta’s energy consumption is being used in households. This gives a clear picture that this energy is still an essential commodity in the families’ daily life. This also shows that many families are already making great sacrifices to reduce energy consumption and this, in affect is reducing their quality of life. 98% of Maltese households are already making use of energy saving lamps, while 78% of Maltese households are switching off their water heaters when not needed.”

“With regards the use of gas, the Communist Party notes that 72% of Maltese households are making use of this basic commodity, which is essential in their daily life, therefore, we call upon the Government to re-introduce subsidies on gas cylinders for domestic use. Cylinders for domestic use should be distinguished from ones used commercially. This could be done by the use of different colours”.

The Communist Party of Malta criticises the government’s incentive scheme for the installation of photovoltaic panels. This system benefits only the well to do, while excluding many others without means. The Party believes that the Government should solely invest in renewable energy, by making use of government buildings and school roofs, for the benefit of all.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Communists appeal Government to stop supporting Imperialist Policies.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Maltese Government for turning Malta ’s foreign policy, from one of neutrality into one that supports imperialist countries desire for power and war. These ties were exposed by Wikileaks in the international media.

“This foreign policy, surely does not promote peace and social justice. This also goes against the neutrality clause enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Malta ”, said the Communist Party.

“Documents that have been discovered recently in Libya by humanitarian groups revealed the intrigues that has been going on between the so-called democratic countries of the west, with the Gaddafi regime, where a large number of persons were victims of US renditions,were interrogated and tortured in Libyan Prisons, In return as compensation for this service, the CIA and MI6 were passing information to Qaddafi about the Libyan opposition.

The Communist Party of Malta urges the Government to stop being a stooge of US imperialism. The Government should not allow any foreign military and naval ships to make use of Malta ’s facilities. Our foreign policy should aim for international solidarity, humanitarian aid, sovereignty, and peace. The Communist Party of Malta will continue to work for the preservation of Malta ’s neutrality.