Friday, July 26, 2013

The Communist Party of Malta criticises UE position on Hezbollah

“The European policy to qualify the military wing of the Lebanese group Hezbollah as a terrorist group is another sign of hypocrisy. Imperialism, which is the mastermind behind this policy, is the one that is committing illegal murders of innocent people with the use of drones”, stated the Party. 
“It is significant that the European Union did not add several of the extreme Jihadist groups fighting in Syria against the Assad regime to the terrorist list. These groups declared aim is to create Islamic fundamentalist states with every possible means, including terrorism”.
The Party said “that the European Union is also considering sending military aid to these groups. The present situation seems to mirror the creation of the terrorist group Al Qaeda in Afghanistan during the imperialist anti-communist crusade”.
The Party appeals to the Maltese government not to bind itself to such foreign policy, which in the near future can have negative consequences on the Mediterranean region. The Communist Party points out that Hezbollah is a legitimate party with a big popular support in its’ country.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Energy production should not be privatised.

The Communist Party of Malta said “that government’s policy to part-privatise energy production goes against public interest. The government should halt this march towards neo liberalism. The party believes that the production of energy should remain public, due to its strategic, social, and economic importance”.  
“Strategically, to shift energy production from heavy fuel oil to gas is a welcome decision, but this should not be done under a privatisation system”, added the Party.
“The privatisation of gas for domestic use by the previous administration resulted in higher prices, with a heavy impact on the families. Energy is an essential commodity and thus it should not be left in the hands of the open market forces”. 
“Research show that privatisation of energy production resulted in higher prices, more social inequalities and an increase in energy poverty. Renewable energy is still expensive to produce, unless government massively subsidise prices to keep it affordable”.   
“Any solution to the energy problem should steer away from privatisation, protects energy sovereignty, and affordability of basic consumption. Also solutions should not involve redundancy of Enemalta employees. Investment in renewable energy should be more on a national basis”, concluded the Party.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Communist Party of Malta deplores any policy that denies the right of asylum.

The party continues by stating that "it would make more sense if the government applies his right of veto with the aim to bring the European Union closer to a Union of solidarity and social justice towards emigration. Up to now the only policy adopted by the EU was that of creating a ‘Fortress Europe".
“In the recent civil war in Libya, the only persons who were not evacuated were African immigrants, which were being massacred by the Libyan rebels. European governments made sure that their nationals were safely evacuated while ignoring the plight of African immigrants who happened to be in Libya. No International, European or Maltese institution appealed or worked for the evacuation of these immigrants".
"The Party points out that the treaty between the European Union and the Libyan Transitional Government on the closure of Libyan borders is another system of push back. This treaty resulted in more violations of international laws with regards to asylum seekers. This same system is also used by the U.S. against Mexican immigrants ".

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Communist Party supports progressive forces in Brazil .

The Communist Party of Malta expressed its solidarity with the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) whose militancy in the street is infuriating the fascists and the ultra nationalists sectors of the Brazilian right wing opposition. Right wing violence is being used against leftist groupings.
“The justified and peaceful demonstrations for more investment in public health and education and against the rice in the price of bus fares were hijacked by the right wing opposition parties and movements who have the backing of the US, with the aim to destabilise the democratically elected government of Dilma Rousseuf, with the intention to return political power to the oligarchy”.
“ Brazil has a history of fascist military dictatorships that oppressed the working classes and subjected the common people to the hardships of poverty and brutality. It is a well known fact that under the present leftist coalition government many people were elevated from poverty through various social programmes, although there are still problems that have to be addressed”.

Strategy against poverty requires a clear social policy

The Communist Party of Malta is of the opinion that the government’s strategy against poverty which will be implemented in the coming months is discordant when related to the regressive and anti-social measure, introduced recently in the fiscal budget that of lowering the higher-tier income tax rate. The Communist Party is not prepared to support such policies.
“A strategy against poverty requires a sustainable financial income and a just distribution of common wealth. The lack of financial sustainability was highlighted in the recent statements made by his Honour Edward Scicluna, Minister of Finances”, stated the Party.  

The Party is in full support for the appeal made by Economist Profs Karm Farrugia to the government to introduce a mini-budget to repeal the budget measure of the reduction of income tax for the high earners. 
“The Government should immediately introduce social measures to minimise the negative impact on families brought about by high energy and gas prices, increase the minimum wage, strengthen COLA and adequately raise the basic pension and the social assistance to persons with disabilities. Also implement a clear strategy against precariousness”.       
 "Only through such measures could poverty in Malta be eradicated".