Friday, July 26, 2013

The Communist Party of Malta criticises UE position on Hezbollah

“The European policy to qualify the military wing of the Lebanese group Hezbollah as a terrorist group is another sign of hypocrisy. Imperialism, which is the mastermind behind this policy, is the one that is committing illegal murders of innocent people with the use of drones”, stated the Party. 
“It is significant that the European Union did not add several of the extreme Jihadist groups fighting in Syria against the Assad regime to the terrorist list. These groups declared aim is to create Islamic fundamentalist states with every possible means, including terrorism”.
The Party said “that the European Union is also considering sending military aid to these groups. The present situation seems to mirror the creation of the terrorist group Al Qaeda in Afghanistan during the imperialist anti-communist crusade”.
The Party appeals to the Maltese government not to bind itself to such foreign policy, which in the near future can have negative consequences on the Mediterranean region. The Communist Party points out that Hezbollah is a legitimate party with a big popular support in its’ country.

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