Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Strategy against poverty requires a clear social policy

The Communist Party of Malta is of the opinion that the government’s strategy against poverty which will be implemented in the coming months is discordant when related to the regressive and anti-social measure, introduced recently in the fiscal budget that of lowering the higher-tier income tax rate. The Communist Party is not prepared to support such policies.
“A strategy against poverty requires a sustainable financial income and a just distribution of common wealth. The lack of financial sustainability was highlighted in the recent statements made by his Honour Edward Scicluna, Minister of Finances”, stated the Party.  

The Party is in full support for the appeal made by Economist Profs Karm Farrugia to the government to introduce a mini-budget to repeal the budget measure of the reduction of income tax for the high earners. 
“The Government should immediately introduce social measures to minimise the negative impact on families brought about by high energy and gas prices, increase the minimum wage, strengthen COLA and adequately raise the basic pension and the social assistance to persons with disabilities. Also implement a clear strategy against precariousness”.       
 "Only through such measures could poverty in Malta be eradicated".

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