Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Statement of the Secretariat of the Initiative against the NATO Summit in Brussels

On the 11th and 12th of July a Summit of NATO Heads of State and Governments will be held in Brussels, Belgium, with a dangerous agenda at the expense of the peoples.

Previous summits of this type have been used to introduce new reactionary policies and invite new members in NATO. In the recent years, NATO has put forward decisions for the creation of multi-tentacled military formations around Russia, new rapid imperialist intervention corps, a deeper cooperation with the EU apart from the intensifying rivalries between the USA and the EU, for the allocation of 2% of the GDP of the state-members for military expenditures. Last year’s meeting coincided with the controversial integration of Montenegro into the alliance against the popular will of the Montenegrins, while in the margins of its intention to expand euroatlantic control of the Western Balkans and of the Black Sea is now paving the integration of FYROM, as well as of Ukraine and of Georgia. The Agreement of Greek and FYROM’s government is used as a passport for the purpose of the integration of FYROM, which promotes the EU-NATO dangerous plans in the Balkans.
Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, NATO has steadily expanded in Europe and beyond, which contrary to its claims of enforcing stability has aggravated inter-imperialist contradictions further and emboldened its associated frontier states, whether full members or not, to facilitate and escalate anti-popular measures. NATO-aligned governments have been able to pursue policies fueling ethnic collides such as in Balkans, Baltic States, Georgia or Ukraine, to serve the monopolies’ interests in their aim for the control of the energy resources, of their routes of transportation, of the markets.

NATO countries recently pledged to dispense 20% of their defense expenditures on major equipment spending, providing a substantial source of income for its monopolies. With the recent announcement of Colombia as NATO΄s «global partner», it implies not only a strengthening of a US spearhead on the South American continent, but also ample new economic opportunities for monopolies in the South and Central American markets.

Currently, serious competitions within the imperialist alliance are noted, which are seen in practice through the dawning of a trade war primarily between the United States and other members of the organization. In this context, the intensifying of the militarization of the EU with its Common Security and Defense Policy and the “International Strategy” of the EU that foresee dangerous plans such as the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), the European Intervention Initiative and the so-called Military Mobility, in the framework of cooperating with NATO but will separately assist EU imperialists in enforcing their interests abroad independently, with the African continent and the Middle East as particular targets of the military involvement of the EU and its member states.

In view of these developments it is clear that the imperialist alliances are becoming increasingly volatile, that they cannot be permanent, and that the capitalist system at their base is becoming more reactionary and dangerous. The much repeated bourgeois myth of the EU as a peace project has in reality turned out to be exact opposite.

Let΄s strengthen the struggle against imperialist war, the EU, the NATO and all imperialist alliances!
End the system of exploitation that breeds wars, crises, refugees, exploitation!

Long live socialism!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Statement of the Secretariat of the European Communist initiative

For the 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx
‘’ The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it”.  
200 years ago, οn May 5th1818, in the city of Trier of Prussia, the great revolutionary Karl Marx was born. Marx had a decisive contribution to the foundation of the revolutionary worldview of the working class as well to the economic, political and philosophical thought of humanity. He was connected with Friedrich Engels and with their decisive contribution they played a key role in the first revolutionary groups of Paris. He consistently fought against various petty-bourgeois theories on socialism that were dominant in that period. Following his deportation to Brussels in 1845, he joined the “Communist League” along with Engels and participated in its 2nd Congress where they played a vital role in the adoption of revolutionary positions. Commissioned by the Congress they wrote the famous and unparalleled work “The Communist Manifesto”, which was published in February 1848.
In this work the consistent materialism that concerns every aspect of social life is ingeniously explained, as the most complete and deep teaching of evolution, driven by the theory of class struggle. This was the first time that the vanguard revolutionary role of the working class as the founder of the new communist society was determined and presented based on the conclusion that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” that “necessarily lead to the dictatorship of the proletariat” which “is only the passage to the abolition of all classes and a non-class society”.
Marx developed his materialist theory in a series of historical strategic positions of the world communist movement, focusing mainly on the study of Political Economy. Marx revolutionized this science in his works “Critique of Political Economy” (1859) as of course in “Capital” (its first volume was published in 1867) which analyses the capitalist exploitative system, its economic function and constitutes a unique work for the world proletariat as well as an important contribution to the scientific documentation of the exploitation of man by man, amongst other things, with the analysis of the concept of surplus value.
Following the revolutionary events in 1848, he was deported to Germany, France, and finally settled in London. There, he played a leading role in the “International Working Mens’ Association” writing its programme and a series of resolutions uniting in practice the workers’ movement of various countries in an period characterised by the revolutionary upsurge of the proletariat and the foundation of mass socialist workers’ parties, a period which was marked by the famous Paris Commune in 1871.
The unparalleled works of Marx as well as those of Engels and Lenin constitute the Marxist-Leninist worldview. They have inspired and guided the working class in order to fulfil its revolutionary mission, to overthrow capitalism and construct the socialist communist society. Marx’s work, although it has been on the receiving end of uncountable opportunist and bourgeois distortions and every kind of deformation in the name of Marxism until today, remains intact and continues to play an irreplaceable role in the development of class struggle.
The Parties of the European Communist Initiative honour Karl Marx and his invaluable contribution by continuing the struggle in their countries in order for Marxism-Leninism to win the workers’ and people’s consciousness. We continue the ideological political confrontation with bourgeois and opportunist theories, we substantiate with our Marxist-Leninist worldview and our activity the need for  the working class to emancipate itself and in alliance with the other poor popular strata to overthrow bourgeois power, capitalist barbarity and construct the new world, socialism-communism. With faith and commitment, with revolutionary optimism we struggle everyday responding to the timely internationalist calling: PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES UNITE!


TheSecretariat of the European Communist initiative

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Condemnation of the bombing of Syria by the USA, United Kingdom and France

The signatory Parties:

- express their vehement condemnation of the imperialist military aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic carried out by the USA, United Kingdom, and France;

- consider that this unacceptable act of aggression, which is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter and of International Law, is an integral part of the escalation of confrontation and wars of aggression by imperialism, with unpredictable and dangerous consequences for Syria, the Middle East, and the world;

- call for solidarity with the Syrian people who have, for seven years, been confronting the aggression by US imperialism and its allies – whether directly or by the proxy action of terrorist groups –, resisting and fighting to defend the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of their country, and their right to decide about their destiny, free from any interference.

The signatory Parties (the joint statement is open for further subscriptions):

Communist Party of Argentina
Democratic Progressive Tribune (Bahrain)
Communist Party of Bangladesh
Workers’ Party of Belgium
Communist Party Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium)
Communist Party of Brazil
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party of Chile
Colombian Communist Party
Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
AKEL (Cyprus)
Communist Party in Denmark
Communist Party of Finland
Pole of Communist Revival in France
German Communist Party
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Communist Party of India
Tudeh Party of Iran
Communist Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Israel
Communist Refoundation Party (Italy)
Italian Communist Party
Jordanian Communist Party
Communist Party of Luxembourg
Communist Party of Malta
New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Communist Party of Norway
Democratic Front For Liberation of Palestine
Palestinian People's Party
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Philippines Communist Party (PKP - 1930)
Portuguese Communist Party
Communist Party of Russian Federation
South African Communist Party
Communist Party of Spain
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communists of Catalonia
Sudanese Communist Party
Communist Party (Switzerland)
Syrian Communist Party
Communist Party of Ukraine
Communist Party of Uruguay
Communist Party USA
Communist Party of Venezuela
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Statement of the Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative on Syria

The European Communist Initiative condemns and denounces the new missile strikes by the USA, France and Britain against Syria, with the support of the EU and NATO. These developments in Syria bring even closer the risk of a generalized imperialist war. The pretexts of chemical weapons use have been used previously with the imperialist interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria and neither convince nor can deceive the peoples who have acquired experience at this point. 

The position of the EU which is acting jointly with the USA is once again a dangerous one.  The statements made by President Tusk of the European Council that the EU supports the attack, labelling it as ‘justice’, are inflammatory and intolerable.  The EU once again is bombing, is participating actively in changes of borders, partitioning of states, the uprooting of refugees for whom it sheds hypocritical crocodile tears. The bourgeois governments of Europe are participants and co-responsible, providing bases, facilities while backing up the hypocritical pretexts of the USA – NATO – EU. 

The people must rise up against this new imperialist crime and strengthen their struggle against imperialist war, against the USA, NATO, the EU and their allies, to stop every facilitation of imperialist interventions, to strengthen solidarity and the joint struggle of the peoples against their real enemy, capitalism and the monopolies.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Democracy in Malta according to the Bourgeoisie

The remains of Galizia's car after the explosion.

At present in Malta the Bourgeoisie Class and its allies some of the better paid top echelons managerial workers, and pseudo-leftists, are attempting to bring down a democratically elected government using all means at that are disposable, fair or foul, and going as far as dirtying Malta’s name in Europe to achieve their aims. In the European Union, some parties like the greens and other right-wing parties are describing Malta as a country where there is no rule of law, and that democracy has failed. This, however, is very far from the truth as the situation is normal except for the protest by a minority which is not affecting anything as it does not enjoy popular support.  The Nationalist Party, the party that represents the interests of the upper classes, have twice in a row, been defeated at the poll, by a landslide. Also, a contradiction has arisen within the PN; the inner circle is involved in an internal struggle to remove their new leader who was elected by the party’s grassroots against the wishes of the PN’s inner circle. Their rhetoric leaves much to be desired and arrogantly declare that government is theirs by right. For instance recently a speaker in one their protest meetings that they are holding right now, declared that the Castille (PM’s office) is theirs by right and that the present administration is there because it had rented the place, disregarding the fact that the electorate has twice rejected them, and yet these persons try to convince us, that they the only defenders of the liberal democracy that is practised in Malta.
The recent murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, a journalist and a blogger, by a car bomb, is being used as a thin veil excuse for this purpose. Persons that hated and feared her when she was alive are now making her a martyr for justice and truth. To start with Caruana Galizia was neither a crusader against corruption as the BBC has described her after her death, nor the saint as the Maltese middle class wants the world to believe. Her importance is being blown up out of all proportions.  Her murder which was condemned by all quarters of Maltese society is being used to give the false impression that Malta reeks with corruption and that crooks are everywhere. This is being done out of spite as although today’s Labour Party has moved to the centre and has continued a neo-liberal policy as the previous PN administration, they still consider this party, as the party of the working class.
Daphne Caruana Galizia was a Nationalist Party propagandist. She embarked on this career during her student days as an activist against the Dom Mintoff administration back in the 1970’s. Later on she embarked on a journalistic profession and later on she had her personal blog which she used to crucify anyone who acted or said something she did not like. She went as far as attacking the personal life of her victim, his wife or children were not spared. One person came out saying he lost his job and his family had suffered because of a remark he had published on Facebook. His employers scared that she would ruin their business sacked him.  During the 25 year Tenure of PN successive administrations never once she wrote or condemned corruption. Needless to say, there was plenty of it. One big scandal was when the PM Secretary was knifed in the back, his would-be murderer was used as the prosecutor’s witness, to bring to justice those involved, his evidence was not accepted in court, he was exposed as the person who did the stabbing and nothing came out in fact all persons he had accused were all found innocent. It is still a mystery who was behind all this and why the prosecution trusted this unsavoury character.
In 2013 something happened in Malta the Bourgeoisie suffered a landslide defeat. This was unthinkable as like kings of old the PN believes that it has the divine right to govern. At times the Catholic Hierarchy came to their aid to maintain this dictum. Daphne Caruana Galizia who had attacked the Labour Party and its MP’s in opposition now became the main critic of the newly elected Labour Administration with her spies within the public service employees she uncovered all that was going around. Of course, there would be corruption; no administration in Malta was ever free of this as Malta is a capitalist country.  She brought to the attention that a Minister and the PM chief of staff had secret Panama accounts. An action was taken against the Minister involved he was removed from his post. In the case of the PM chief of staff, who is not a civil service employee, but employed on contract,  no action was taken,  as according to the Maltese law it is not illegal to have secret accounts plus the fact that he was giving a good service which would have been lost if he was sacked. In fact, members of the PN acted as agents to help individuals procure secret accounts. One of them today is an MEP.
The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat also came under attack in Caruana Galizia blog she alleged that his wife owned a secret company to which she brought no tangible proof. In fact a person owned up and still it was insisted that this company belonged to the PM’s wife.  The PM reacted by ordering an independent inquiry into these allegations, so far the judge appointed has not concluded his investigations which is overdue as he had ample time to do so. On the first of May the Prime Minister called for early elections. The PN’s battle cry was corruption, and as in 2013 they suffered another landslide defeat, this time even greater.
Something happened within the PN their former leader was made to resign and amongst the contestants, for leadership, there was the nomination for Dr Adrian Delia the President of a local football club. The PN inner circle fought hard to keep him out. However, the paid members of the party thought otherwise by electing him. As soon as he became leader Daphne’s guns were turned on him. She exposed him as a bankrupt businessman who also was involved in shady deals like prostitution in Soho to all these allegations, he denied and answered with 5 libel cases, he even went as far as to call her a whore. Now he has withdrawn all the libels and has become her defender. He was spurned by her family as they did not accept an apology made by him. His co-option in parliament, so he could fill the post as Leader of Opposition, proved to be a difficult task and it took weeks before an elected member was convinced to cede his parliamentary seat. After his co-option and his actions in parliament, some of the PN’s elected MPs took exception to this, as prior to his election he promised a new way of doing things, but he is acting very much like his predecessor.  Now they are working for his dismissal by a vote of no confidence. As things look now it is very possible that he will end up as party leader but not a leader of the opposition. 
In Parliament Delia’s answer to the 2017-2018 Estimates speech was not a critique against the budget put forward by the government, but a tirade against the government asking for the resignations of the Prime Minister, the Attorney General, and the Police Commissioner over the alleged by him the breakdown of the rule of law which again according to him brought about the Galizia Caruana murder. The reasons for this supposedly break down of law which is alleging are that the Police Commissioner and the Attorney General took no action and made no arrests in the Panama Paper scandal and Egrant allegations. As stated above the Maltese law does not consider it illegal to have secret accounts. If today this seems archaic it’s this law that has to go and not the Police commissioner and the Attorney General. Also in Malta, the police must have proof that a crime was committed. They cannot arrest anyone on suspicion. This comes from Malta’s past colonial rule whereby Maltese Laws are similar to those in Britain.
Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder must be condemned as the criminal act that it actually is, but one must also condemn those who are trying to sanctify her for their political ambitions. Action against corruption must be made always regardless of what party governs.  Citizens that only condemn the other side and completely close their eyes to the mistakes made when the party that they support, is in government are hypocrites. Needless to say, this applies to all.    
Victor Degiovanni
Secretary C.C.

Communist Party of Malta  

Friday, October 27, 2017

On the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution

On the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution
The Initiative Communist Parties greet the working class, all working people of Europe on the occasion of the centennial of the greatest event of the XX century – the October Revolution!
October 1917 proved in practice the correctness of the Leninist theory stating that the victory of socialism is possible in one single country or a group of countries, as a result of the uneven development of capitalism. The working class of Russia, driven by a revolutionary theory developed by the vanguard of the class - the Communist Party, accomplished the revolution and embodied the dreams of millions of working people for a better life, for a just social-economic system, whose criterion is not capitalist profit but the satisfaction of the ever-expanding needs of the people.
The world capitalist system moved by its contradictions lead humankind into the First World War which took the lives of many millions of people. The revolutionary uprisings that flared up against this background in Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and other countries were cruelly suppressed. The imperialist powers actively intervened in the Civil War in Russia, but were defeated. The revolution won! Its victory confirmed the need for international solidarity of the working class against the capitalists, the possibility of building a socialist society only through the dictatorship of the proletariat, the need to end the bourgeois state, nonparticipation in the bourgeois government and the absence of transitional types of power between capitalism and socialism.
For over seven decades after October 1917, the workers in the Soviet Union experienced unprecedented gains. The world’s first socialist state madetremendous leaps in the economy in the interests of the people, in science,in technology and in the fields of society and culture. The working people of the USSR received the right to work, unemployment and discrimination against women were eliminated. The state of workers and peasants introduced free education at all levels and free medical care for the entire people. Soviet power protected the rest of the working people, provided universal access to culture and sports. The Soviets, as the organisational form of the dictatorship of the proletariat, involved the working people in managing the affairs of society, raising the political level of the masses to unprecedented heights.
Capital in the capitalist countries under the pressure of socialism and tenacious workers’-people’s struggles was forced to make concessions: an eight-hour working day and universal suffrage rights were introduced, the people acquired the right to pensions, benefits, vacation for the first time. The USSR made an enormous contribution to and played the leading role in the smashing of fascism and the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples. Moreover, the USSR made exceptional contributions through the multifaceted internationalist solidarity that it provided to the peoples in their struggle to overthrow the colonial system.
The defeat of the world’s first socialist state cancelled out the social gains of the working people, both in the socialist countries and in the capitalist countries. It is a temporary setback that does not negate the fact that the era in which we are living in is the era of the transition from capitalism to socialism. We call on the people, the youth to more deeply study the causes, the reality and truth about the dissolution of socialism and to reject the propaganda of the bourgeoisie, the EU, the capitalist governments and their apparatuses, to denounce the falsification of history, and the unacceptable identification of communism with fascism.
Reality proves to us that capitalism is out-dated and can only offer the same thing as 100 years ago — poverty, degradation, wars, cyclical economic crises- and that the only real alternative to this is the invaluable experience of the Great October Socialist Revolution!
We have unshakeable faith and certainty that the working class, the peoples, taking their lead from the ice that was broken and the road that was opened, will carry out more mature, more experienced, more effective and capable socialist revolutions, which this time will be irreversible. In any case, we are living in the era of socialist revolutions which was inaugurated by Great October. The course of history cannot be reversed.