Thursday, September 27, 2012

An increase in the minimum wage is a worker’s right.

The Communist Party of Malta considers the debate going on with regards the proposal for an increase in the minimum wage. In reality families on a minimum wage income are living in relative poverty. These families are finding it difficult to even pay for the basic necessities, such as energy, gas and other essential items.
“The Government has the responsibility to assure that families on a minimum wage income enjoy a decent standard of living. Many people who are criticising this proposal are all in a better class position, and so they have no right to obstruct this proposal”. 
“In a capitalist system the workers are the ones that generate profit and surplus value, and so workers should be treated with dignity. Any opposition against an increase in the minimum wage will result in more flagrant exploitation, as workers will have to work more hours to make ends meet”.  
“Workers on a minimum wage income are the mostly employed in precarious jobs, and so a revision in the national minimum wage should be a priority”, concluded the Party.

Friday, September 21, 2012

NATO Warships in Malta breach the Maltese Constitution.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores Government's decision to allow NATO warships to use Malta ’s facilities. This action breaches the Neutrality clause in the Maltese Constitution.    
“The harbouring in Malta of the three NATO warships is putting the Maltese population in a dangerous situation, especially when the situation in the North African countries is very unstable” said the Party.
“ Malta should not align with a military block. This visit exposes the fact, that Malta ’s membership in the PfP is contrary to Malta ’s Neutrality”, continues the Communist Party.
The Communist Party of Malta believes that Malta should hold on to a policy of peace and neutrality. This should be enforced by Malta ’s re-activating its membership in the non-aligned movement.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Communist Party supports the call for Separation of Banks

The Communist Party of Malta criticizes the European Commission proposals regarding the reforming of Banks in Europe, as these proposal are not taking into account that speculation by banks was the cause  behind the financial and economic crisis. The European Banking reform is just another neo liberal concept.     

The Party states that “the European Union should have separated banks into two categories, one for financial investment and the other for public investment. Speculation should be left to financial institutions and should not benefit from state protection with the taxpayers money. This proposal has also the backing of the European Left Block in the European Parliament”. 

“The argument put forward by the European Commission to give the European Central Bank more power to keep banks in check, is a short term vision. A more viable strategy is to separate banks from financial institutions. The Maltese Government should also adhere to this principle”, said the Communist Party.

The Communist Party of Malta supports also the introduction in Europe of the financial transaction tax; public control of the banking sector; and the closure of tax havens. We also are in favour of the eventual nationalisation of banks. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Communist Party Supports the Assad Government in Syria

The Communist Party of Malta recognize the fact that Syria is being destabilized by Islamic terrorists Which are backed  by Saudi Arabia behind which US covert organisations are hiding there bloody hands. This method was also used in Libya.
The Communist Party of Malta condemns the undemocratic methods that the Empire use to bring about regime changes, The US has a bloody record in organizing coups against governments that do not submit to its diktat some examples are the Arbenz Government in Gautamala and the Unidad Popular Government Led by Salvador Allende in Chile

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Call from the Syrians to end tthe aggression against their country

The Communists and other Progressives in Syria are giving full support to the BATH government led by Bashir Assad in face to stave of the invasion of fanatical Islamist terrorists led by Al Qaeda ISIL and other reactionary groups, These thugs who showing no mercy and killing all who stand in their way are not Syrians yet the US claim they are the opposition to the legal government of Syria that enjoys the support of the Syrian Army and has popular country
Syria has a secular constitution unlike other countries in the Middle East minorities enjoy full liberty to practice their religion. The aim of the terrorists is to do away with the present government and install a backward Islamic State. They are supported by Saudi Arabia and financed by the CIA.
The Communist Party of Malta expresses Solidarity with Syrian people in this grave moment.