Friday, March 30, 2012

Communist Party of Malta salutes ‘Freedom Day’

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the servile attitude that the current Administration shows towards the achievement of Freedom Day. The visits by foreign naval warships and the support for imperialistic policies are making a mockery of this day.

The Party cannot forget the struggle of the working class, to liberate Malta from British and NATO military bases. In fact, the 31st of March, should be the day that enlightens the political class to pursue a policy of peace and anti-imperialism”.

“The support shown by Dr Fenech Adami’s Administration towards U.S. war in Iraq , opens wide the contradictions that exists in Malta ’s foreign policy and the clause of Neutrality in the Maltese constitution”.

The Communist Party stresses that “the problem lies in the government’s policy and not in Malta ’s constitution neutrality clause. Neutrality should be the basis for a clear policy that keeps Malta from being used by foreign military forces against other countries”.

“Imperialist interests to acquire possession of the natural resources of other countries, is a continuing threat and Malta should not support this type of policy. The U.S. support for the coup in Honduras and recently in Mali , the war in Iraq and Libya are a clear example of this type of policy”.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Revision of the national minimum wage should be a priority.

The Communist Party of Malta agrees with Caritas report on Poverty, which revealed that in reality families on a minimum wage income are living beneath the poverty line. These families are finding it difficult to pay for the basic necessities”.

“The Government has the responsibility to ensure that families on a minimum wage income enjoy a decent standard of living and should accept and implement the Caritas proposal for an increase in the national minimum wage”.

“In a capitalist system the workers are the ones that generate profit and surplus value, and so workers should be treated with dignity. Any opposition against an increase in the minimum wage will result in more flagrant exploitation, as workers will have to work more hours to make ends meet”.

“The Malta Employers Association should not obstruct Caritas proposal. Workers on a minimum wage income are the mostly employed in precarious jobs, and so a revision in the national minimum wage should be a priority”, concluded the Party.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Communist Party blames the Government for inefficient Health Service at Mater Dei

“It’s a fact that the number of people making use of the Emergency
department in Mater Dei Hospital is on the increase and that this is
causing problems” said the Communist Party but, “the way the
Government is addressing this issue is of concern”.

“The reality is that services in the community are deteriorating and
the dentistry service is one of them. This service, now is only
available at Mater Dei Hospital, with a long waiting list attached to
it”, said the Communist Party. “People are not being offered any
choice but to seek care in the private sector and this should be
addressed by the Government if he believes in Universal Health care.”

“The opening hours of Health Centres around Malta has diminished
during this last decade, except to the ones in Floriana, Mosta and
Paola, although after 5pm these branches offer only treatment in
emergency cases.”

“If this for the Government means a good quality service, than the
general public is right in their belief of not trusting anymore this
Government. The Government should explain to the public why access to
the health clinics is being restricted by limiting opening hours. This
present policy is ensuring that more people are seeking the emergency
service of Mater Dei”.

“Government’s new policy regarding Mater Dei will now mean that some
people will find it difficult to seek public health care. Their only
option will be to go private if they can afford it”, concluded the
Communist Party.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The International Women's Day should raise more awareness.

The Communist Party of Malta acknowledges the fact that women are an essential human resource in society. Therefore it is essential that women be treated and employed with dignity. The Party notes that the capitalist system and the high cost of living are putting pressure on women to search for employment.

“To this date, many women are entering the labour market on a part-time basis so that their family needs are still met, such as the upbringing of their children and the caring of their elderly parents. This situation is burdening women with social responsibilities for which they receive no remuneration, and is also making it difficult for them to embark on a career.” stated the party.

The Party believes that on a national level, we must strive to eliminate gender discrimination in the labour market, with regards to pay, conditions of work, job training and career opportunities, so that women upholds same rights, as her male colleagues. The fact that our society is still patriarchal these rights are still missing in society.

“To achieve these rights, Trade Unions should be the catalyst to combat all form of discrimination. Unions should also demand an increase in the minimum national wage, as this will be of a benefit for all low income workers, where women form a big proportion of this category”.

“The Government should also do his part with regards working conditions of women employed with private companies on Government contracts. These women are being employed under precarious conditions”, stressed the Party.

With regards domestic violence, the communist Party notes that women still do not find enough support from the authorities, as the law is only applied only after an aggressive act is perpetuated.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Government’s duty is to protect the working people.

"The Government must confront the abuse to which workers who work with
private agencies under government contracts are exposed to," said the
Communist Party of Malta.

"The conditions under which many of these workers are employed are
shameful. The major problems facing these workers range from long
working hours with less pay than the national minimum wage, no right
to sick leave, leave and bonuses, as well as the vast majority are
employed under work contracts that make it easier for employers to
terminate their employment", continued the party.

"The fact that an employee who works under a contract of employment,
or temporary agency work or on a part-time basis finds it difficult to
borrow from banks is a clear indication of what precariousness means.
Banks lend against securities, an so the worker must have secure and
regular employment," said the Party.

"The flexibility within the labour market is only a tool for
exploitation, and every neo-liberal dogma which states that employment
security is a thing of the “past” must be confronted. That “past” is
only the slavery that existed long ago", stressed the Party.

The Communist Party urges workers who are employed under precarious
conditions to join a trade union and to merge with the Socialist
family, together in solidarity, to stop this capitalist neo-liberal
assault against the worker’s rights and which is leading to a lowering
in the standard of living of the working class.