Thursday, March 8, 2012

The International Women's Day should raise more awareness.

The Communist Party of Malta acknowledges the fact that women are an essential human resource in society. Therefore it is essential that women be treated and employed with dignity. The Party notes that the capitalist system and the high cost of living are putting pressure on women to search for employment.

“To this date, many women are entering the labour market on a part-time basis so that their family needs are still met, such as the upbringing of their children and the caring of their elderly parents. This situation is burdening women with social responsibilities for which they receive no remuneration, and is also making it difficult for them to embark on a career.” stated the party.

The Party believes that on a national level, we must strive to eliminate gender discrimination in the labour market, with regards to pay, conditions of work, job training and career opportunities, so that women upholds same rights, as her male colleagues. The fact that our society is still patriarchal these rights are still missing in society.

“To achieve these rights, Trade Unions should be the catalyst to combat all form of discrimination. Unions should also demand an increase in the minimum national wage, as this will be of a benefit for all low income workers, where women form a big proportion of this category”.

“The Government should also do his part with regards working conditions of women employed with private companies on Government contracts. These women are being employed under precarious conditions”, stressed the Party.

With regards domestic violence, the communist Party notes that women still do not find enough support from the authorities, as the law is only applied only after an aggressive act is perpetuated.

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