Friday, February 24, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta supports European Left Block proposals against austerity.

The Communist Party of Malta is concerned with the ongoing bad situation of the workers in Europe. "The policy of the European Union is designed to protect only the interests of the owners of capital", said the Party, and "the few progressive measures being put forward for discussion are being discarded, including the tax on financial transactions".

"Once again, we urge the Government to review its position on this matter and vote for this just tax. The same should do the MEPs in the European Parliament," said the Communist Party.

"The financial situation in Malta shows that sustainability is no longer guaranteed, and therefore progressive fiscal proposals that tax the wealthy for the benefit of the masses should be accepted and approved".

The Communist Party of Malta endorses and supports proposals by the United Left Group in the European Parliament to generate growth and jobs. These include the creation of a European minimum wage, decent work, defense of the welfare state, tax on capital not less than the tax on labour, ‘true’ tax on financial transactions, major programs on infrastructure, the end of the social and fiscal dumping and spending more in research and education for the benefit of the people.

“These are possible with the creation of a European social and ecological fund, instead of the stability pact. The Party believes that in the present situation and the current economic system reigning in Europe, these proposals are vital changes that must be urgently implemented, so that the worker, the pensioner, the student and the poor cease to be crushed by the austerity measures intended to safeguard the bankers and owners of capital. The Communist Party feels that it's time for a radical change in the economic, political and social systems.

The Party also expresses solidarity with workers in Europe who are in the streets protesting against the austerity measures and condemns the brutal methods being used by the police in Spain and Greece to try to halt the protests of the working class.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta shows solidarity with the people of Syria and Bahrain

The Communist Party of Malta is highly concerned with the killing of civilians in Syria and Bahrain. The ‘bloody’ conflict in Syria between the Army and the rebel factions will lead to another human disaster, like what has happened in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, where thousands of innocent people were slaughtered.

"The wars in Libya and Iraq led only to imperialism gaining control of oil and other natural resources. Peoples’ life today no longer is given importance by those same countries that urged for a military intervention in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan". While these events are unfolding, the people are also being massacred in Bahrain.

The Party believes that the UN Security Council is a tool in the hands of powerful countries. “We agree with the progressive and peace movements that are in favour for the dismantlement of the Security Council, and for the strengthening of the General Assembly, with one vote for each country, and doing away with Veto".

The Communist Party of Malta supports the position taken by the United Left Bloc in the European Parliament, where the bloc operates in close proximity with progressive and leftist forces in Syria to jointly work towards finding a peaceful solution to this conflict. United Left is also against any foreign or imperialist military intervention, as this will not solve anything, except sowing more hatred and bloodshed.

The Party recognizes the fact that today U.S. imperialism is using Islamic fundamentalist forces to resist the progressive wave that is finding fertile grounds in the Arabic countries. The imperialist forces are concerned that what happened in Latin America with the emergence in power of progressive forces, will also happen in the Arabic world.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Communist Party praises Palestinian’s stand on Ban Ki Moon visit.

The Communist Party of Malta praises the opposition shown by hundreds of Palestinians against the visit by the UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon to Gaza.

“The Palestinians can no longer afford to listen to empty promises while they suffer hunger, torture and death. Around 5,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons without being charged and convicted of any crime”.

“The Communist Party maintains that it is not fair that the Palestinian people are not being given the same rights and recognition by the United Nations, while the Israeli state who is denying the rights of the Palestinian people and illegally occupying land, is accorded full member status in the UN".

"It's ironic how UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon advocates a peaceful settlement for the Palestinian question, when a Palestinian state has not been recognized by the Security Council of the United Nations", the Party stated.

“The Party applauds the initiative that is being taken by various progressive groups and leftist movements, which also include Communist parties, in their solidarity work in Gaza, by delivering medicines, food and other types of things needed by the Palestinian population”.

The Party notes with great satisfaction the agreement between the two major forces of the Palestinian people, Fatah and Hamas, to hold common democratic general elections.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Communist Party insists that Government withdraws from ACTA

“The Maltese Government has again showed its true colours as a
champion of the rich and the capitalist system to the detriment of the
rest of the population”, said the Communist Party of Malta in a
statement commenting on the ACTA treaty.

The Communist Party said that, “the government decided to take a
position in favour of the ACTA which punishes the weak to the benefit
of the rich and mighty”.

“On the other hand, the Maltese Government took a position against a
just tax, the Financial Transaction Tax, proposed by the European
Commission and accepted by many European governments. This position
re-affirms government’s right wing ideology”.

The Party said that “the ACTA treaty will increase the chasm between
the haves and the have-nots on a global scale. Amongst the most hit
will be the poorer countries that will be denied access to generic
medicines, and will have to use expansive branded medicines. The same
situation will result in the media, information and entertainment

“One must point out, that the multinationals who are the driving
force behind this Treaty, produce their goods in sweat shops in poor
countries, fix their label and sell the resulting product at a high
price, and consequently earning extreme high profits”.

“We are also concerned that the ACTA treaty will empower governments
to extradite citizens to face legal proceedings in other countries.
The Party insists that, “the Maltese Government reviews its position
and withdraws from this Treaty”.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Maltese Government should take a clear position on the situation in Libya.

The Communist Party of Malta states, “that it is shameful that those countries that incited a civil war in Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi regime, are today indifferent with regards the protection of human life in Libya.
“Many people of African nationalities and Libyans are being imprisoned and tortured, according to the international Organisation, ‘Doctors without borders’, working on humanitarian grounds”.
The Party reiterates that “it is ironic how those countries that claim to be the ‘saviours of democracy’ are today signing oil and trade contracts with the Libyan Transitional Council, while these crimes against humanity are being committed. The Party fears that what is happening in Iraq, will happen in Libya with the imperialist policy of ‘divide and rule’.
The Communist Party therefore calls upon the Maltese Government take a clear position on the situation in Libya.