Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta deplores Government's policy towards the Selmun Palace workers.

The Communist Party of Malta gives its full support to Selmun Palace Hotel workers and their families, who again have protested to protect their jobs.

“The Party states, that while these workers in two days time, will end up registering for work, the present Nationalist Administration had voted in favour of an increase of €500 per week in the ministers honorarium over and above their salary”.

“The Government continues to burden the families with more austerity measures, by laying off workers, increasing the energy tariffs, and more privatisation of public services. These are the same neo liberal policies adopted by the European Union

“The Government’s policy is not in the interests of the working class, but one that safeguards the privileges of the few. It is scandalous that the new CEO of Air Malta, appointed by the Government is given a payment half a million euro, to introduce tough measures and reforms that will affect negatively Air Malta and Selmun Palace employees, with some of these workers also facing redundancy”.

We appeal Government to employ workers in the public sector or in other public entities.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Emigration: The Communist Party calls Italy ’s agreement with Libyan Rebel Council “shameful”.

The Communist Party of Malta described the agreement reached ​​by the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, with the Rebel Council in Libya to curtail the flow of emigrants to Europe as ‘shameful’.

“This is a similar agreement that was reached by the Italian Government with Muammar Gaddafi, where most of the immigrants were denied of their right to seek asylum”.

"This agreement is ‘shame’, as reports are claiming that people of different African nationalities are being persecuted, killed and abused by some of these armed rebel groups in Libya who are participating in the civil war against the forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.”

The Communist Party of Malta appeals the Maltese Government to take a clear position against this agreement. We condemn the Italian Government in failing to respect the right of asylum.

“We also condemn the policy that was adopted by the Maltese Government and other European countries by excluding African nationalities from the whole process of evacuation of foreign people and workers from war torn Libya. We consider this as an act of hypocrisy”.

“Selmun Palace Workers should not be used as scapegoats’”.

The Communist Party of Malta suspects there are ulterior motives behind the case of the Semun Palace Hotel workers.
We are convinced that the Selmun Palace workers are being used as scapegoats to put psychological pressure on Air Malta employees, so that they will be forced to accept any kind of reform”.

“If so, these tactics does not augur well for an Industrial Democracy. Selmun Palace workers should be given outrightly an alternative employment and treated the same as the other Air Malta employees.”

“The Communist Party of Malta reiterates that the blame for the failure of Air Malta and its subsidiary companies should not be placed on the workers, but should be carried by all those who, because of their decisions, landed Air Malta in this crises.”

“The purchase of RJ 70s, the disastrous investment in Greece, the privatization of MIA and the introduction of low cost airlines were all decisions that ultimately led to Air Malta’s failure.”

“The issue of low cost airlines should be addressed by the Government with haste. The fact that, these airlines are competing directly with our national airline, are subsidized, and employ workers with inferior conditions of work, put the national airline in an unfair disadvantage. The International Transport Workers' Federation condemns this as social dumping"

Government should not heed Barroso’s proposals.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude taken by the European Commission on calling upon the Maltese Government to implement reforms on the cost of living adjustments and the state pension system.

“These proposals for reform are nothing more than the dismantlement of the welfare state system in Malta . These same neo liberal proposals and others are being imposed on Governments across Europe in an attempt to solve the capitalist crisis”.

“The European Strategy 2020 and the “Euro Plus Pact” are intended solely to dismantle the present conditions of the workers, with the pretext of more competitiveness and stability of the Euro.”

The Communist Party of Malta supports the stand taken by various Unions and left political parties in the European Union against these unjust austerity measures directed at the workers, when these economic crisis was not of their own making.

“The Government should introduce reforms to improve COLA to be more realistic, increase the minimum wage and sustain the state pension system and not privatise it”.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns Nationalist MPs behaviour.

The Communist Party of Malta deems the vote in Parliament against the motion tabled by the Labour Party, as a selfish vote that safeguards only the interest of the few.

"It is unfair that the people are asked to make sacrifices, while politicians take an increase in their salaries. There is no justification for this whatsoever. "

"To have politicians in society who look at politics as a sense of financial power and status is not the way politics should be. The Communist party of Malta aim, is to safeguard the interest of the working people and their families.

At the same time the Communist Party of Malta unites in solidarity with the 58 workers who were redundant from Selmun Palace Hotel, a subsidiary of Airmalta. We call on the Government to comply with labour rights and give alternative employment to these workers, in the public sector. "

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the killing of Palestinian Activists.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the killing of 11 Palestinian Peace Activists by the Israeli Army on the Golan Heights near the Syrian border, Sunday 5th June during a peaceful demonstration.

“The fact that, everyday the Palestinian people are being persecuted and assailed by Israeli military forces, is nothing more than State terrorism.”

“It is shameful how the European Union and other organizations, such as United Nations remain silent on this, while the Palestinian people are being denied their rights.
The silence of the United States and the European Union when crimes are committed by the Israeli regime against innocent civilians speaks louder then words or action”.

The Communist Party of Malta joins forces with other Communists and
worker’s parties from the United Left Group of the European Parliament who support the setting up of a Palestinian sovereign State.

"We appeal to the Maltese Government to have a clear policy towards the Palestinian cause. Government should condemn without hesitation these cold blooded killings of these Palestinian activists.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta deplores Members of Parliaments’ attitude towards the Referendum result.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude of some of the members of parliament who are stating that their decision is either to vote no or abstain in the forthcoming legislation on divorce.

"The Party considers this decision as going directly against the will of the majority, which was expressed in the recently held referendum. The divorce legislation should be passed in Parliament without a division now that the electorate had expressed itself on this matter. Parliamentarians should not obstruct this”.

The Communist Party does not understand the argument brought forward by these same parliamentarians that the ‘vote yes’ in parliament goes against their conscience. Malta, today is a modern country and member of the European Union, therefore a complete separation should exist between the church and the state.

"The Members of Parliament duty is to serve these exigencies and not moralise about this legislation. Parliament is not a confessional place but an institute were laws are legislated".

One should mention here that in the case of the African migrants, none of these Parliamentarians, who are talking about conscience today, brought forward this argument when these migrants suffered the injustice of being left in war torn Libya, when other nationalities were being evacuated to Malta. The Communist party asks “Were not these civilians as well?”

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to all the MPs to respect the electorate decision and not to abdicate from their duty.