Thursday, June 23, 2011

Government should not heed Barroso’s proposals.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude taken by the European Commission on calling upon the Maltese Government to implement reforms on the cost of living adjustments and the state pension system.

“These proposals for reform are nothing more than the dismantlement of the welfare state system in Malta . These same neo liberal proposals and others are being imposed on Governments across Europe in an attempt to solve the capitalist crisis”.

“The European Strategy 2020 and the “Euro Plus Pact” are intended solely to dismantle the present conditions of the workers, with the pretext of more competitiveness and stability of the Euro.”

The Communist Party of Malta supports the stand taken by various Unions and left political parties in the European Union against these unjust austerity measures directed at the workers, when these economic crisis was not of their own making.

“The Government should introduce reforms to improve COLA to be more realistic, increase the minimum wage and sustain the state pension system and not privatise it”.

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