Thursday, December 20, 2012

The National Energy Policy lacks Social Justice.

The Communist Party of Malta views the Government’s national energy policy as one that lacks social justice. Once again the government has failed to address the increasing problem of ‘fuel poverty’.

“The rise in energy tariffs, especially on  the basic consumption of gas and electricity is putting families in a precarious financial situation where in order to pay the energy bills their standard of living is being lowered. Last year a record number of old persons had to be hospitalised as they could not afford to heat their residence.”

The Communist Party once again appeals for a social policy with regards to domestic energy. “Government should conduct a study, on the lines of the Caritas report to quantify the necessary basic amount of energy consumption needed by families.   The Party insists that the basic consumption of energy should be safeguarded with a fixed reasonable rate, while waste of energy should be heavily penalised.” 

“The policy projected by the Government where energy production remains under state control is positive, as this ensures more stability and security in energy tariffs.”

“On the other hand we disagree with the Government’s policy with regards ‘Solar energy Farms’, as it is a vague policy that lacks social justice. The Party believes that the state should invest in renewable energy from public funds, so that all families could benefit from this type of investment. To date the national policy on energy has discriminated against the have-nots.”

“The €50 million government’s proposed reduction in the income tax for the well off could have made good for a capital investment in renewable energy that benefits all the social strata.”

Friday, November 30, 2012

Budget for the well off.

The Communist Party of Malta notes that the measures announced in the Budget 2013 are mainly aimed at facilitating the well to do sectors of society. This neoliberal concept will widen the social gap between those who have and those who have not. 
"The tax and financial benefits announced from 35% to 25% favour only the well off in society to the detriment of all the other categories, such as pensioners, workers on low and middle income, single mothers and disabled persons," stated the Party.
"Again the government failed to introduce sufficient measures to tackle the rise in poverty in Malta. On the other hand the Party praises the government’s decision to continue to subsidise energy to prevent any increases in tariffs", continued the Party.

"The working class will be carrying the burden for the financial sustainability of this budget," concluded the Party.  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

HMS Illustrious visit to Malta exposes Government’s Hypocrisy.

The HMS Illustrious visit to Malta exposes the imperialist agenda in the Middle East. This strategy involves the financial, military and diplomatic support to Israel by Western countries.

“Between 2008 and 2012 the British government licensed arms exports to Israel amounting to £130 million. By selling arms to Israel, the British government is giving direct material support for Israel's aggression against the people of Palestine and is sending a clear message of approval for its actions”.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the hypocrisy of the Maltese Government to allow British Naval Forces to make use of our port, when Palestinian people are being killed in Gaza. Government should hold a clear position with regards to Palestine.

We call other organisations to appeal to the government to stop supporting imperialist countries and to show more respect to the Palestinian people. The attack on Gaza is an aggression on all Palestinians.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Communist Party condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the military attacks on Gaza. More than 250 strikes have been launched against the Palestinians, killing and injuring civilians, which include women and children.
“Israel committed similar aggression against Gaza in December 2008 which resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Palestinian. In this aggression, the Israeli military made use of ‘white phosphorus’ cluster bombs, a chemical banned by the International Community. Schools and hospitals were the main targets”.  
“The criminal siege by Israel on Gaza continues to affect the supply of basic necessities such as food and medicine. Reports available indicate that hospitals are running out of medicine. Power and water supplies have been cut to the 1.7 million Gaza residents”.
We call upon the Maltese government to close down the Maltese Embassy in Tel Aviv, in solidarity with the people of Gaza, until these Israeli aggressions come to a halt.
The Communist Party of Malta joins up with other communist and workers party in supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation. For an independent, viable, sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

“The 2013 Budget should address social inequality”

The Communist Party of Malta said that, “the 2013 government expenditure budget should address social inequality which is raising its head. The austerity measures that were introduced along the years have brought about a reduction in the standard of living to families with low and middle income. European Statistic show that 15% of the Maltese population are at risk of poverty, of whom 20% are children.

“The privatisation of gas and other essential commodities results in higher prices for the consumer. The same has happened to the basic consumption of the use of energy". The Party continued that "the Government should revise his privatisation policies on services that are essential to the consumer, and should also introduce progressive measures in the consumption of energy to safeguard basic consumption, while penalising waste”.

“With regards to measures in relation to work, the Party stresses for an increase in the national minimum wage; investment for the creation of free child care centres; amendments in work regulations so that new employment is based on a decent and regular work conditions, and better law enforcement on the private sector to introduce more family-friendly measures”.

“Regarding the pension reform, the Government should address the chaotic situation where pensioners are being separated into two categories, where the present pensioners are being excluded from the reform. The Government’s policy should be one that strengthens the state basic pension, so any dependence on the second pillar is excluded”.

The Communist Party understands that the consolidation of the social structure requires a sustainable taxation system. For this reason the Party objects to the proposal for a reduction in the national income tax-maximum rate, from 35% to 25%. Furthermore the Party envisages for progressive taxation on speculations and windfall profits. The mechanism against tax evasion should also be strengthened. A just society requires a just taxation system.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Communist Party condemns Valletta Local Council’s position.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the position taken by the Valletta Local Council for approving the privatisation of a Public Convenience. This public convenience was renovated with public funds.
The Party deems the position taken by the Local Council as anti-social. It is a fact, that this kind of decisions result in obstructing the free access to the public, especially if the person does not have the money to pay. The Local Council failed to provide an alternative solution to these people. 
"We sense that the Local Council has lost its social conscience in the operation of public facilities. It’s good to know if this decision has the public support, when it is clear that no public consultation was ever made in this regard", stated the Communist Party.
The Party calls on the general public to join the petition on line, so to put more pressure on the Council to review its position and give full access to public toilets.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Communist Party against the renting of St Philip's Hospital

“The government’s decision, not to put the St Philip's Hospital renting question for a parliamentary vote,  is to be condemned, as the general elections date is near and, it is clear that the government does not enjoy a majority in parliament”.

The Party states that “in questions of national interest, were public funds are concerned, a parliamentary debate and vote is obligatory. The arguments brought about by the Minister of Health not to put this matter to a parliamentary vote are not justifiable”.

The Party stresses, “that government’s decision to rent St Philip's Hospital and at the same time invest public funds for its improvement, is a bad decision”.This case is another instance where the private sector who laments  states' involvement in the economy and wants all the services privatised,  pretends that the state forkes out the tax payer's money to save the private investment when this faces a financial crisis.

The Communist Party is of the opinion that if a decision is taken about the transferring of St Philip's Hospital, this should be purchased so any investment in it will remain public. 

“St Luke's Hospital should also be included in future government’s plans towards public health investments”, concluded the Communist Party. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Venezuela’s Left victory.

The Communist Party of Malta described the Presidential election results in Venezuela as a victory for all the working people in Latin America and the further strengthening of Socialism and Democracy.
“The reaffirmation of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela distances the country from the re-emergence of its right wing dictatorial past”.
“The continued popularity of the government has been attributed in part to the implementation of social reforms which provides free health, education and subsidised food to the population, as well initiatives aimed at deepening citizens’ political participation”.
“The opposition candidate, Henriques Capriles comes from a party which had a history of paramilitary fascist squads, where countless of left wing activists, indigenous people and trade unionist were assassinated. Henriques Capriles also supported the 2002 military coup against the democratically elected Hugo Chavez”.
“Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and is a prize that the multinationals and their puppet governments would like to get their hands on. Capriles was their tool, dedicated to the restoration of neo-liberal economic policies, privitisations and the return to elitist rule by the minority Venezuelans of European origin”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Euro-Med 5+5 should support the formation of a Palestinian State.

On the occasion of the Euro-Mediterranean 5+5 meeting, The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the respective delegates, participating in this meeting to support the formation of a Palestinian State.

“It is ironic how much importance is given for the transition of power in Syria,  while the Palestinian people are still being discriminated and deprived of a Palestinian State, despite UN resolutions”.

The Party believes that representatives from the Palestinian Authority should also have been invited as observers in this meeting. The formation of a Palestinian state is of great importance, as it helps to reduce tensions between countries in the Mediterranean region.

“Only through the formation of a Palestinian State, development such as peace and economic progress can be achieved in the North African countries”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Privatisation of Public Carparks is not the solution.

The Communist Party of Malta is against the Government's policy to privatise 34 public carparks.
"The government's decision to privatise the 'Park and Ride' in Floriana was a failure, and had adversely affected workers who work in Valletta, due to the high parking fee. There is also a contradiction in the operation of this service, as the company that operates the service, also runs the public transport".

"Parking in Mater Dei is also a failure because Maltese public are ending paying up twice. Apart from paying to park, the private operator is also being subsidised by the Government to keep price within reasonable limit".
"The solution should be more regulation in the functioning of the present parking system and not privatisation. It makes more sense if carparks are managed by the State". The Communist Party concluded

Thursday, September 27, 2012

An increase in the minimum wage is a worker’s right.

The Communist Party of Malta considers the debate going on with regards the proposal for an increase in the minimum wage. In reality families on a minimum wage income are living in relative poverty. These families are finding it difficult to even pay for the basic necessities, such as energy, gas and other essential items.
“The Government has the responsibility to assure that families on a minimum wage income enjoy a decent standard of living. Many people who are criticising this proposal are all in a better class position, and so they have no right to obstruct this proposal”. 
“In a capitalist system the workers are the ones that generate profit and surplus value, and so workers should be treated with dignity. Any opposition against an increase in the minimum wage will result in more flagrant exploitation, as workers will have to work more hours to make ends meet”.  
“Workers on a minimum wage income are the mostly employed in precarious jobs, and so a revision in the national minimum wage should be a priority”, concluded the Party.

Friday, September 21, 2012

NATO Warships in Malta breach the Maltese Constitution.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores Government's decision to allow NATO warships to use Malta ’s facilities. This action breaches the Neutrality clause in the Maltese Constitution.    
“The harbouring in Malta of the three NATO warships is putting the Maltese population in a dangerous situation, especially when the situation in the North African countries is very unstable” said the Party.
“ Malta should not align with a military block. This visit exposes the fact, that Malta ’s membership in the PfP is contrary to Malta ’s Neutrality”, continues the Communist Party.
The Communist Party of Malta believes that Malta should hold on to a policy of peace and neutrality. This should be enforced by Malta ’s re-activating its membership in the non-aligned movement.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Communist Party supports the call for Separation of Banks

The Communist Party of Malta criticizes the European Commission proposals regarding the reforming of Banks in Europe, as these proposal are not taking into account that speculation by banks was the cause  behind the financial and economic crisis. The European Banking reform is just another neo liberal concept.     

The Party states that “the European Union should have separated banks into two categories, one for financial investment and the other for public investment. Speculation should be left to financial institutions and should not benefit from state protection with the taxpayers money. This proposal has also the backing of the European Left Block in the European Parliament”. 

“The argument put forward by the European Commission to give the European Central Bank more power to keep banks in check, is a short term vision. A more viable strategy is to separate banks from financial institutions. The Maltese Government should also adhere to this principle”, said the Communist Party.

The Communist Party of Malta supports also the introduction in Europe of the financial transaction tax; public control of the banking sector; and the closure of tax havens. We also are in favour of the eventual nationalisation of banks. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Communist Party Supports the Assad Government in Syria

The Communist Party of Malta recognize the fact that Syria is being destabilized by Islamic terrorists Which are backed  by Saudi Arabia behind which US covert organisations are hiding there bloody hands. This method was also used in Libya.
The Communist Party of Malta condemns the undemocratic methods that the Empire use to bring about regime changes, The US has a bloody record in organizing coups against governments that do not submit to its diktat some examples are the Arbenz Government in Gautamala and the Unidad Popular Government Led by Salvador Allende in Chile

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Call from the Syrians to end tthe aggression against their country

The Communists and other Progressives in Syria are giving full support to the BATH government led by Bashir Assad in face to stave of the invasion of fanatical Islamist terrorists led by Al Qaeda ISIL and other reactionary groups, These thugs who showing no mercy and killing all who stand in their way are not Syrians yet the US claim they are the opposition to the legal government of Syria that enjoys the support of the Syrian Army and has popular country
Syria has a secular constitution unlike other countries in the Middle East minorities enjoy full liberty to practice their religion. The aim of the terrorists is to do away with the present government and install a backward Islamic State. They are supported by Saudi Arabia and financed by the CIA.
The Communist Party of Malta expresses Solidarity with Syrian people in this grave moment.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Malta should re-join the “Non aligned Movement

The Communist Party of Malta said " the 26th Congress of the  non aligned Movement opens today, Thursday in Tehran. Malta was part of this movement under the able leadership of Mintoff, but today Malta no longer takes part ".
The Party said that "the decision in 2004 that Malta was no longer a member of this movement, ultimately led to Malta becoming a tool of the imperialist countries. Imperialist policies and actions resulted in wars and the dismemberment of many sovereign countries with the ultimate goal of taking their wealth and natural resources. Mintoff himself had described this policy as the biggest obstacle to world peace ".
The Communist Party calls all the progressives in Malta to urge the rejoining of the country to the non aligned movement. The "Non-Aligned Movement" is made up of 120 states and seventeen observers who all consider themselves not aligned with a military power ", stated the Communist Party of Malta.
"Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro has described the purpose and existence of this movement: to ensure the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries. Principles that the Communist Party of Malta embraces ".

Communist Party of Malta comments on the proposed IVF Bill.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the decision to introduce legislation with regards to IVF. The fact that the Maltese state will now be offering this service is a step forward, as this will bring more social justice.  
“On the other hand, the Party disagrees with the specifications of the proposed bill as this is not taking into consideration the actual needs of the people, plus the fact that this proposed bill is too conservative”.
The Communist Party of Malta proposes that IVF treatment should be available to all women irrespective of their social status. This will lead to more gender equality as males could also be single parents through an altruistic surrogate mother.
“With regards the regulating of the ovaries in the proposed bill, the Party supports this principle”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Communist Party of Malta Salutes Dom Mintoff

The Communist Party of Malta Salutes Dominic Mintoff who had passed away on Monday. He had served as Prime Minister of Malta in several legislatures, and also as leader of the Labour Party between 1948 and 1984.

Dominic Mintoff, will always be remembered:,

For the fight for freedom, from British colonialism. This culminated, with the closure, of NATO military bases on Malta.

For social reforms where poverty was completely eradicated, and gave the start for a welfare state system, that led to the Pensions for elderly persons, and widows. Stipends for university students, and Allowance for Children

As well, as the struggle for the freedom of conscience. This had completely changed Malta. Bringing it out of the medieval dark ages, into the twentieth century
In this difficult moment we send the Party’s condolences, to his immediate family, to all his friends, and to the Labour Party as Dominic Mintoff for a long time was its leader. We would also like to express the fact that this is also a loss of all Malta

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the privatisation of public conveniences.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the decision taken by the local authorities to privatise public conveniences. Up to now two public conveniences in Valletta have been privatised with the blessings of the present Administration. This is just an elitist policy reserving the right to public toilets to those who can afford. 
“Public toilets should remain free and accessible to all irrespective of the socio-economic background. This decision will hit badly those persons who for medical reasons need to make use of public toilets more often”, said the Communist Party. 
“Disadvantaged persons will also be affected by this regressive measure. Old age persons with low pensions, the unemployed, single mothers, immigrants, children and large families with children will suffer as they will not be in a position to pay”, stated the Communist Party.       
“This measure will also affect the environment as people who can’t afford to pay will end up relieving themselves in the streets. This will also affect the hygiene and can be the cause of disease”.
The Communist Part of Malta appeals to the authorities to come back to their senses and revise this stupid decision. We also appeal to the general public to boycott these privatised public conveniences in solidarity with those who can’t afford. The Communist Party will launch a campaign against privatisation of public conveniences. We expect other political parties, unions, social and political movements to back this campaign for a more just society.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"First Pillar Pension System should be strengthened", Communist Party of Malta"

Some will end up poor

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the pension working group to strengthen the pay-as-you-go-system, so that it guarantees a decent  living after years of work. The neoliberal concept to weaken the first pillar so as to make the second pillar palatable and convince people that a private pension is essential to their future should be dumped by the working group.
"Various organisations, such as the unions, the employers and the pension organisations are all infavour of a strategy to reinforce the first pillar pension", said the Party.
"The second pillar as envisaged meant, the workers and employers would have to pay a new contribution over and above what they pay under the PAYE system to the benefit of private insurance companies", stated the Party.
“Other concerns which we feel the working group should address are the issue of precarious employment and low wage vis-a-vis pension sustainability and adequacy. In real terms, a large number of our workforce, mostly the young, women and people socially deprived will reach the pensionable age with less than 40 years contribution. This will result in poverty amongst future pensioners”, stated the Communist Party.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the right wing repression in Moldova.

Communist party leader, gestures during a press conference in Chisinau. 

The Communist Party of Malta joins The Party of the European Left (EL) in resolutely condemning a ban imposed by the Moldovan Parliament on communist symbols and introduction of sanctions for their use.

The decision taken by the ruling majority in Moldova aims at the dismantling of the largest democratic political force in the country, the Moldovan Party of Communists (PCRM). The sickle and hammer are an integral part of the political identity of the communist movement. Depriving the Moldovan opposition of its symbols will seriously limit the framework for its political activities.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the repression applied by the neo-fascist right-wing regime which has been established in last election in the Republic of Moldova. The regime is carrying repressive policies including the closing down of opposition TV channels, prosecution of dissent and opponents of the regime, a ban on carrying out the May Day demonstration and the sanctions against participants in peace protest rallies, pursuing the policy of language and ethnic discrimination, glorification of war criminals, destruction of the communist opposition.
The European Left demands from the European Union leadership to stop the policy of silent support to the antidemocratic repressive regime in Moldova. The Communist party regard such developments as complicity in crimes against democracy, against basic human rights and freedoms. The Party notes that the UE is very quick to condemn and impose sanctions against governments who do not bow down to their diktat.

The Moldovan Communists’ symbols are symbols of many European left member parties too. The Communist Party of Malta express its solidarity with the Moldovan Party of Communists, with their voters and with all Moldovan people in their resistance to the criminal regime and in their fight for democracy.

We appeal to the international community, to all progressive political forces in Europe and worldwide to condemn the political reprisals in Moldova, and to take concrete measures for restoration of the rule of law and democracy in this country, which is in the process to join the European union. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the renewal of Maltco License.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the position taken by the present administration to renew the contract of Maltco Lotteries on the eve of a general election. The decision to extend this contract should have been left for the new administration.   

“Public lotto should have never been privatised. Today the majority of the profits are going in the hands of a foreign private company. When it was state run, the profits went directly to the government who in return used them to subsidise social services. In real terms this was a social concept”, said the Communist Party.

“The recent reform in lotto prices and the winnings show that the company is after maximum profits. The ‘good causes’ fund is only an excuse for the government to hide behind it, and is using this fund to alienate civil society. We appeal to civil society to have a social conscience and not participate in such schemes” stated the Communist Party of Malta.    

“Parliament should follow the example of Cyprus where there the Government is against the policy of privatisation of public lottery. The Cypriot government believes that a growing gambling culture is harmful to society”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.