Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta’s message for International Worker’s Day.

The Communist Party of Malta joins up with other Communists and Workers Parties with a particular message at a time when the working class is experiencing a reduction in their conditions of work brought about by the neoliberal capitalists crises in an effort to save the capitalist system from its eventual collapse.

The Party believes that working class unity can reverse the present situation by struggling against exploitation and threats to their working conditions and livelihood. The Party insists that the working class will not disappear in a capitalist system, on the contrary this class will get stronger as the bourgeosie will continue to expropriate the common goods up till its lasts.
The Party understands that the capitalists in their attempt to save the system will resort to more precarious jobs and deregulation of the labour market. This practice can be seen today being applied in Europe. The Party states that flexibility in the labour market is only an excuse to hide the failure of the system.

“Capitalism will resort to wars of aggression for more control of natural resources, monopolies of the markets and massive exploitation of human resources”, said the Party.
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the workers to be more militant and follow the example of their forefathers who bettered their working conditions through class struggles, during the 50s and 60s of last century. “The workers should also  recognise who are their real enemies”, concluded the Party.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Positive results obtained by the Left in France.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the results obtained by the ‘Front de Gauche’ in last weekend presidential elections in France. The ‘Front de Gauche’ has double its vote to 11% from 2006 elections. This is another success following the winning of two seats in the Senate. 
The ‘Font de Gauche’ is composed of communists, socialist and left forces.

 “The results obtained show that the communist front is gaining support in Europe and has become a direct challenger to the so called mainstream parties that embrace a centrist policies with a tinge of neoliberalism”, continued the Party.

“The communists in Europe embrace a more realistic policy towards a socialist Europe, that strengthens public entities and services, re-nationalisation of banks, postal and other
essential services, such as the energy sector”, said the Party.

“With regards to jobs, the communist  movement believes that the worker should not accept to remain slave of the capitalist system. The transformation of the working class in the labour market should change for one with a secure job and decent pay. The emphasis should also be towards the creation of more co-operatives”, concluded the Party.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Question of Turkey joining the EU.

Demonstrators hold portrait of jailed Kurdish leader

Regarding the entry of Turkey in the EU and the recent visit to Malta of the Turkish minister and chief negotiator for EU Affairs, Egemen Bagis, the Communist Party of Malta stressed that Turkey is a country with imperialist history and a key ally of U.S.

“In fact the Turkish administration allowed its territory to be used in the war against Iraq . Also, the present administration, like the ones before supports the ongoing occupation of Kurdish sovereign territories, imprisonment and massacres of Kurdish people. Turkey also occupies the northern part of Cyprus ”, said the Party.

The Party continued that “It’s ironic how the European Union views Turkey , when on the other hand considers as terrorists the Kurdish legitimate representative PKK liberation movement, which is a struggling for a free Kurdish state.”

The Party believes that the United States is also behind this imperialist plot, and is putting pressure on various European countries to allow Turkey to join the European Union.

“The argument put forward that Turkey would change its foreign policy if it joins the European Union is a bit far fetched, when the same European Union does not hold a clear and just position on various matters. The issue of free Palestine is also a clear example of this," said the Communist Party.

The Communist Party of Malta said the issue here is not whether or not Turkey should join EU, but the contradictions that exist in EU foreign policy. “It’s easy for the EU to target certain states and their policies and then hold back or remain silent on others”. 
The Communist Party of Malta supports the stand taken by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) against US Imperialism and for sovereignty of Kurdish territory, and of their culture and their political aspirations.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Price of gas should be subsidised.

With regards the ongoing increase in the price of gas, the Communist Party of Malta believes that the liberalisation of this commodity was a grave mistake by the Government. The Party insists that the production of gas should be re- nationalised.

“The price for this essential commodity is exorbitant when one considers that families with middle and low income make use of gas to cook their daily food. In fact, as stated by NSO, 87% of Maltese households make use of gas”, said the Communist Party.

“Pensioners are also a category which had been badly hit by this price hike. Last winter the number of old people who had to recover in hospital was more when compared with the previous years”, said the Party.

“At present the Government should establish a minimum basic price for domestic use, and subsidise this, whenever the price goes up more than the minimum established. We also suggest that gas cylinders should be given a colour code. One colour should be for domestic use and another colour for industrial use”, said the Communist Party. “This will make it easier to introduce such a scheme”.

The Party notes that globally, prices of essential materials, such as grain, wheat, cereals, water, and energy are going up. The Party believes that the Government should be prepared to introduce measures to minimise these affects on the families. Other wise poverty, and crime will be on the rise”, concluded the Party.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pope's Visit to Cuba

On the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI visits to Cuba , the Communist Party of Malta would like to suggest to the Maltese public to take note of what the progressive and leading figure of the Theology of liberation, Frei Betto has expressed about the said visit.

Frei Betto expressed his satisfaction about the Pope’s visit to Cuba , and stated, that this visit was a gift from god. He continued to say, that this visit, would make “the enemies” of the Cuban Government feel very uncomfortable.

Frei Betto also commented on the social aspects in Cuba “No matter what its enemies may say, in Cuba there are no children on the streets abandoned to their fate, and no families living under bridges.”

“The words expressed by Frei Betto are a clear example of the way social justice and equality is solidified in Cuba ”.

The Communist Party expresses its solidarity with all the people in the Latin American region who are still struggling against neo liberalism, multinational greed and destruction of the environment, and hope that the progressive wave emerging in this continent continues to grow.