Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta’s message for International Worker’s Day.

The Communist Party of Malta joins up with other Communists and Workers Parties with a particular message at a time when the working class is experiencing a reduction in their conditions of work brought about by the neoliberal capitalists crises in an effort to save the capitalist system from its eventual collapse.

The Party believes that working class unity can reverse the present situation by struggling against exploitation and threats to their working conditions and livelihood. The Party insists that the working class will not disappear in a capitalist system, on the contrary this class will get stronger as the bourgeosie will continue to expropriate the common goods up till its lasts.
The Party understands that the capitalists in their attempt to save the system will resort to more precarious jobs and deregulation of the labour market. This practice can be seen today being applied in Europe. The Party states that flexibility in the labour market is only an excuse to hide the failure of the system.

“Capitalism will resort to wars of aggression for more control of natural resources, monopolies of the markets and massive exploitation of human resources”, said the Party.
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the workers to be more militant and follow the example of their forefathers who bettered their working conditions through class struggles, during the 50s and 60s of last century. “The workers should also  recognise who are their real enemies”, concluded the Party.

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