Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Price of gas should be subsidised.

With regards the ongoing increase in the price of gas, the Communist Party of Malta believes that the liberalisation of this commodity was a grave mistake by the Government. The Party insists that the production of gas should be re- nationalised.

“The price for this essential commodity is exorbitant when one considers that families with middle and low income make use of gas to cook their daily food. In fact, as stated by NSO, 87% of Maltese households make use of gas”, said the Communist Party.

“Pensioners are also a category which had been badly hit by this price hike. Last winter the number of old people who had to recover in hospital was more when compared with the previous years”, said the Party.

“At present the Government should establish a minimum basic price for domestic use, and subsidise this, whenever the price goes up more than the minimum established. We also suggest that gas cylinders should be given a colour code. One colour should be for domestic use and another colour for industrial use”, said the Communist Party. “This will make it easier to introduce such a scheme”.

The Party notes that globally, prices of essential materials, such as grain, wheat, cereals, water, and energy are going up. The Party believes that the Government should be prepared to introduce measures to minimise these affects on the families. Other wise poverty, and crime will be on the rise”, concluded the Party.

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