Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates AKEL of Cyprus

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Workers’ Progressive Party of Cyprus, AKEL for managing to obtain good results in the local elections held on December 18th, in spite of many difficulties.

In coalition with other progressive parties, AKEL had 18 mayors elected, 8 of which are AKEL party members.
AKEL’s Secretary General Andros Kyprianou said in a statement that, “it was a rewarding result in the face of the war being waged by the opposition parties to isolate AKEL and despite the problems that Cyprus is facing”.

The Party not only kept its position but also increased the percentage of votes over that achieved in the last General Elections. Compared to the last local elections held in 2006, AKEL increased its seats by five.

The Communist Party of Malta sent a fraternal message congratulating AKEL for the positive results achieved.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta comments on Russia and Korea.

The Communist Party congratulates the Russian Communist Party on the result obtained in the last parliamentary elections, where the Party managed to obtain 20% of the popular vote, which translated into 92 seats (12.5 million votes). Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of Russia has again managed to increase its support and has become the second largest party in the country, while the other Left party, The Just Russia Party, has achieved 8.6%, which translates into 64 seats.

“Both parties are collaborating together in the cause of the working people, and to combat the poverty problem in Russia. Poverty has increased due to neo-liberal policies that were adopted by the United Russia Party led by Vladimir Putin.

The Communist Party also expressed its solidarity with the Korean People on the loss of Kim Jong Il, the Korean leader. The Party calls upon the U.S. Administration to change its policy of embargo against the Korean people. This embargo has caused major difficulties which resulted in food shortage and lack of medicines.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the US should treat DPRK as it treats Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Etophia, Turkey, Honduras, Haiti and Qatar. Sovreignity of the Korean peninsula should be safeguarded, so that the two people move towards the re-unification of Korea.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta appeals workers at Air Malta to contest the next coming general elections.

The Communist Party of Malta has once again expressed solidarity with Air Malta employees who are facing an uncertain future with regards their employment with the company. Bad planning and the easy access for low-cost airlines brought about difficulties for Air Malta to compete with low cost airlines. Low cost airlines are massively subsidised and the sector is not unionised.

“The Party appeals the workers at Air Malta, to organise themselves politically, and proceed to nominate a candidate/s, to contest independently the next coming general elections with the specific aim is to push forward their interest and to safeguard their jobs. The Communist Party will surely support this candidate”.

“The political parties in Malta do not really represent the interest of the working people. The restructuring process is nothing more but a neo liberal concept to privatise all national airlines across Europe in the coming future”.

We believe that all transport workers should ‘unite’ in solidarity amongst each other on industrial level and, also organise themselves on a political level”.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Communists condemn Parliament’s position in favour of Partnership for Peace.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the position taken by the Maltese Parliament vis a vis Partnership for Peace (PfP), where today there seems to be a consensus between the Government and the Opposition to allow Malta to continue to partecipate in the PfP. Initially, this decision was taken by the Nationalist Administration behind the people’s back.

“The Party sees this as a flagrant violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Malta. As a neutral country, Malta must keep away from military blocs. The PfP forms part of a NATO programme and it works independently from the U.N Peace keeping operations. NATO uses PfP to safeguard its imperialistic strategy”.

“The government of Cyprus, which has a military base imposed on it, refuses to join Partnership for Peace. We believe that this should be an example for Malta which boost that it embraces a policy of neutrality”.