Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Communists condemn European Union's Neoliberal Strategy


The Communist Party of Malta notes that the European Parliament’s Transport committee has rubber stamp plans to further liberalize public transport in Europe. The main aim is to privatise the whole service in Europe.
“This approval has been condemned by the left forces in the European Parliament as a step in the wrong direction for workers, passengers, and democracy. The European Union remains fixed with the neoliberal dogma of selling public utilities for the profit by private speculators.
The Communist Party said that "in Malta, privatization of public utilities has led to higher prices, more social inequality and precarious conditions of employment. Arriva and the gas privatization strengthen the parties’ fundamental belief on this issue.”
“The Maltese Government should not succumb to the failed neoliberal dogma of ‘for sale’ and instead adopt a policy that favours public control of essential utilities.” 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Communists support 'sick leave' proposal


The Communist Party of Malta urges the government to introduce legislation that will give the right to parents to use their sick leave if their children are sick. The Party supports the stand taken by the "Forum Unions Maltin" in condemning the argument brought forward by the Malta Employer’s Association against this proposal.
“Such proposals will strengthen equality between couples and will make it easier for single parents to participate in the labour market. The Malta Employer’s Association should give more priority towards the elimination of precarious jobs in the labour market, rather than objecting to such progressive policies.  
The Government should also aim for an increase in the minimum. This will improve the standard of living of minimum wage earners who are living in risks of poverty and social exclusion. Measures that will be of benefit to low income families should also be part of the government’s strategy in its fight against poverty.” 

Monday, January 20, 2014

“The Minister for social policy should investigate,” – Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Minister for Social Policy and Family Affairs to investigate if any rights are infringed by the Valletta Local Council with regards the accessibility of public conveniences due to the fact that a fee is being charged for its use.

“The policy by the local council is condemnable as it hinders access to public conveniences to vulnerable people in society. Official statistics show that 16% of the population is living in risk of poverty. While 22.9% are in the risk of social exclusion. The local council should aim to lower social exclusion rather than raise it.”

The Communist Party of Malta stands against payment for the use of public conveniences. The Party reiterates that the competent authority should guarantee accessibility to all. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


“Great victory over neoliberalism in Chile” – Communist Party of Malta

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the left coalition for its landslide victory in its presidential elections in Chile, where the Left Coalition made up of the socialists, the communists and the christian democrats swept away the previous neoliberal government.
“The left coalition led by the socialist Michelle Bachelet won over 62% of the votes, while the right wing coalition gathered 38%. This was another success in Latin America where once again the people rejected the neoliberal economic policies”.
The Communist Party of Malta sends its best wishes to the Communist Party of Chile, which had a vital part in the left electoral victory. Communists in government will ensure the implementation of social and educational reforms promised during the election campaign.

“Parliament should not deny adoption rights” – Malta Communist Party

The Malta Communist Party appeals to the government to maintain adoption rights as an integral part of the law on civil union. Members of Parliament who are pushing their moralist agenda are doing so unjustly. They are using discriminatory language against same sex couples who are already raising children of their own.

“This year, Portugal's parliament handed same-sex couples the right to adopt the children or foster children of one partner, a partial victory for equality campaigners”. 

“The Commissioner for Children is obliged to stop all discriminatory language used in Parliament with reference to statements implying that children raised by same sex couples are being raised in an unhealthy or unfit environment,” stated the Communist Party of Malta.