Thursday, January 23, 2014

Communists support 'sick leave' proposal


The Communist Party of Malta urges the government to introduce legislation that will give the right to parents to use their sick leave if their children are sick. The Party supports the stand taken by the "Forum Unions Maltin" in condemning the argument brought forward by the Malta Employer’s Association against this proposal.
“Such proposals will strengthen equality between couples and will make it easier for single parents to participate in the labour market. The Malta Employer’s Association should give more priority towards the elimination of precarious jobs in the labour market, rather than objecting to such progressive policies.  
The Government should also aim for an increase in the minimum. This will improve the standard of living of minimum wage earners who are living in risks of poverty and social exclusion. Measures that will be of benefit to low income families should also be part of the government’s strategy in its fight against poverty.” 

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