Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta commemorated 150 Anniversary from the birth of Manwel Dimech

The Communist Party of Malta commemorated on the 25 of December the 150 Anniversary from the birth of Manwel Dimech. A delegation led by the Party’s Secretary Victor Degiovanni placed a floral wreath on Manuel Dimech’s Monument in Castille Square Valletta.

The Communist Party of Malta deems Dimech to be the founder of the Progressive Movement in Malta. He was active and founded the movement of ‘Xirka ta’ l-Imdawlin’(League of the Enlightened) in 1911. This movement was active in areas such as labour rights, education, the fight against poverty and struggle for Independence from the British Colonial Domination and even published the newspaper called ‘Bandiera tal-Maltin’.("The Maltese People's Flag") People from every sphere of society were inspired by his teachings and many followed in his footsteps, including British soldiers.

Dimech politically was a mixture of Utopian Socialism and Nationalism invoked the wrath of the Catholic Oligarchy, the Maltese ruling class, and the British Colonial authorities. On the outbreak of the first World War he was arrested by the British authorities and on the pretext of being a Turkish spy he was interned in Sidi Basr Concentration Camp in Alexandria Egypt. After the end of the War both the Catholic church and the Maltese ruling class opposed his return to Malta. Dimech died as an exile in Egypt in 1921 and was buried in an unmarked grave. Today he is considered to be a Martyr for the cause of the Maltese working class..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta on the salary increase to Ministers and MPs.

The Communist Party of Malta strongly believes that the increase in salaries announced to Ministers and Members of Parliament is offensive to all working people. Many families are experiencing a reduction in their standard of living and poor working conditions.

"The fact that several categories of workers are being forced to bear the burden of the economic crisis and unjust energy tariffs is massively out of tune with the increase announced, of 600 euros per month to all Ministers and members of Parliament’s. When in the last fiscal budget, the cost of living increase for all workers and pensioners was only of 1.16euro per week."

The Communist Party of Malta reminds the Government to be sensitive about all those employees working on minimum wage, part-time and short term contracts who are experiencing inferior working conditions, low wage and sometimes even redundancy.

"The increase announced by the government is an insult for the working class and their families. Recent European statistics show that 59,000 people (14.6%) in Maltaare at risk of poverty."

The Communist Party of Malta believes that it is not ethical that the people’s representative should accept such an increase, when the rest of the workers are being made to carry the burden of the crises..

We appeal to all Trade Unions, political parties, civil society, students and workers to make their voices heard against this ‘shameless’ measure.

Statement of the Communist Party of Malta

On the occasion of 19th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Ils assumption of the Supreme Commandership of the Korean Peoples Army

the Communist Party of Malta extends its warm greetings of congratulations to him

Leader Kim Jong Il, who assumed a heavy responsibility of the KPA supreme commandership at such a time as the imperialists were stepping up the anti-socialist offensive against the DPRK, frustrated the aggressive schemes of the imperialists and ensured the security of socialist Korea by strengthening the army into invincible powerful forces.

As he, with the conviction of sure victory and iron will, stood in the van of the army and the people, socialism of Korea could be saved from crisis and its invincibility demonstrated throughout the world.

Under his wise Songun leadership, the DPRK has now turned into a powerful political, ideological and military power.

The Communist Party of Malta is convinced that the DPRKs cause for building a great, prosperous and powerful nation would be finally accomplished under Supreme Commander of KPA Kim Jong Ils wise leadership.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Communist Party comments on the situation at Air Malta


The Communist Party of Malta agrees with the proposal being put forward to set up a steering committee, where all trade unions representing Air Malta employees will be included. In other circumstances the Maltese Government acted on its own initiative, without any consultation, such as, in the case of Sea Malta, the Postal Service and the Gas Service, were privatization was the sole consideration.

“For once, the Centre Right Government is admitting that the national airline is of a major strategic importance to Malta, both for the economy and for the social wellbeing of the Maltese people.”

“The introduction of new laws to deregulate the aviation market in the European Union in the early 1990s has altered the service for more cost cuttings, inferior working conditions and the dismantling of national airlines across Europe. The shift towards 'budget' airlines has brought significant changes. Airlines such as Easy Jet and Ryanair have grown at the expense of the traditional national airlines. This growth was brought about as a direct cause of the neo liberal policies of the European Union.”

We believe that the Government should stop ‘outsourcing’ work to private entities, as part of the reform, as this work could be performed by Air Malta Employees, as was done in the past. This managerial behaviour is resulting in losses to the company. We suggest that measures are taken to minimize direct competition by low cost airline, to avoid having a duplication of destinations from the two airlines operating from Malta airport. The policy taken to privatise Malta International Airport has negatively affected our Airlines.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Maltese Government to protect our National Airline and ensure that no worker is made redundant throughout the reform.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece.

Dear Comrades,

Please allow me to convey the congratulations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Malta to the Central Committee and all the cadres of the Communist Party of Greece for the substantial electoral gains made by KKE in the recent regional elections. These gains reflect the tireless effort made by your party to increase the support of all the workers in Greece is bearing results. The Communist Party of Malta wishes more success in forthcoming struggles that the Communist Party of Greece undertakes in the interest of all those who toil for their livelihood in Greece.

Fraternal Salutations

Victor Degiovanni
for the
Central Committee
Communist Party of Malta.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta supports the minimum income standard

The Communist Party of Malta supports the call by the United Left Bloc in the European Parliament for a decent minimum income standard to combat rising poverty across Europe. In Malta the introduction of a minimum income by law was introduced way back in the 1970s by a Labour Administration. This labour legislation introduced for the first time social justice at the workplace.

“It is offensive that the Government has, in Budget 2011, tied an increase in minimum wage with job training, when training is supposed to be a worker’s right. This is nothing but discrimination to workers with low income and this will increase social exclusion and class inequalities”.

“The proposed Framework Directive for a minimum income standard is mathematically formulated based on at least 60% of the median income in each European country. This measure will be of a benefit to workers on a minimum wage to enjoy a decent life. This will also be an effective tool to fight social exclusion, poverty and unemployment”.

The concept of a minimum income standard is on the same basis of that of the living wage but differs in methodology as the living wage is based on the whims of the employers and the type of Government, while the minimum income standard is directly linked with the minimum wage income and is mandatory by law.

"Euro statistic figures show that even after social reforms, some 85 million people will remain at risk of poverty in the EU. Neo liberal policies, such as cuts in social expenditure and jobs, austerity measures, and low wages are putting families at risk of poverty”.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the call from the streets by the workers across Europe, mainly in Greece, Spain and France who are demanding a change in policy to tackle poverty and social exclusion.

We urge the Maltese Members of European Parliament to support this European framework directive for the introduction of a minimum income standard based on a 60% on the median income.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anti-Social Budget

The Communist Party of Malta states that the Budget 2011 is an anti-social budget, where the Government is denying the working class the right for a decent wage to those workers with a minimum wage. It is offensive that the Government has tied an increase in minimum wage with job training, when training is supposed to be a worker’s right. While high-wage earners are giving job training without any conditions. This is nothing but discrimination to workers with low income and this will increase social exclusion and class inequalities.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the fact that the Government has not used the same measures with regards middle and upper class families who choose to send their children to private schools.

"The campaign against exploitation at work must be restrained by new work legislations for secure jobs and decent wages. The measure announced by the Government seems to be attractive, although we fear that this will not be effective, if the Government will continue to apply the same method used in granted contracts on the least minimum bid. The government should ensure that workers are employed on 40 hours week and not on precarious jobs.

The working class is still carrying the burden of the austerity measures announced in previous budgets and of today, where the cost of living has not been subdued. The prices of energy tariffs and gas which are classified as basic commodities are still high in prices to the detriment of the working class.

The Communist Party of Malta deems this Budget as ‘contempt’ towards the working class where each day they are experiencing a decline in their quality of life. We note that this Government has no interest for the working class.

Monday, October 11, 2010

PR Budget 1911

The Communist Party of Malta urges the Government that the Budget 2011 should address the problem of poverty and social inequality facing every day the Maltese families. The Gonzi Administration is responsible for introducing slowly heavy austerity measures on the Maltese population during these last few years.

“We believe that the problem of the ‘national deficit’ should no longer be carried by the working and middle class, but a fiscal policy should be applied to the upper classes, tax evaders and the financial sector.”

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the real factors for the increase in social inequality are related mainly to the problem of high cost price and loan rates on property prices bought by young couples, the reduction in social benefits and state subsidies, as well as the reduction in value of wages and pensions. Government needs to address these aspects by implementing adequate social policies and measures to improve the standard of living.

The Government should also address the problem of precarious employment as soon as possible, as this problem is undermining the standard of living which the working people had made sacrifices and struggled for during the past years. We appeal that the income tax should not be reduced as others quarters are demanding, but on the contrary we believe that the rate of 35% should rise to 40% in order to have sustainability of the 'welfare state’, which until now was the main factor leading to the improved standard of living.

The Communist Party of Malta calls on the Government to change its anti-social direction and together with the Trade Unions implement a package of social measures to give a new breath to the Maltese families. Electricity and water rates should not be used to offset this Government’s erroneous neo liberal policies.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta, on the ‘Working Time Directive’

The Communist Party of Malta criticises the ‘Working Time Directive’ as being vague and very open to various interpretations.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the way the directive was formulated, is a direct threat to increase the 40 hour week to a 48 hour week work, as this directive refers only to working hours per week and not to overtime. The name given to this directive confirms our concern. Communist and other Workers Parties represented in the European Union Left Group are of the same opinion. Trade Unions of a Communist leaning are also objecting to this directive.

“The fact that part-time employment as an extra job is not included in this directive and the fact that the worker can be obliged to work more than a 48 hour week, as long as the average overtime is not more than 8 hour per week, over a period of three months, uncovers the hidden agenda that exists to change the 40 hour week, work legislation”.

The Communist Party of Malta in favour of decreasing the 40 hour week to a 35 hour week without a decrease in pay. This will translates into more family time for the workers, improves in health and safety and an increase in new jobs.

Victor Degiovanni


Friday, September 10, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta’s position regards Gaddafi and the Immigration

The Communist Party of Malta notes that the immigration issue is not only a humanitarian problem but also an economic one. The problem is also connected directly to global climate change migration.

The fact that Libyan Leader Gaddafi highlighted the issue during his visit to Italy shows that the problem is not limited to Europe but also to several other countries, mainly in North Africa . Any solution proposed to this problem must not be used for ‘cheap’ political aims and should respect human rights. This appeal is directed towards the European Union, where the present actions by the French Government against the Rom people are to be condemned.

The Communist Party of Malta recognises that the North African countries are facing the same problems, among them Libya , Tunisia , Egypt andMorocco

The fact the European Union is resorting to “money” to solve part of the problem shows that there are no real solutions and no political will to show solidarity with the immigrants and the peoples of North Africa . The idea of a “Fortress Europe” seems to be the only agenda of the EU.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that emigration is a global phenomenon which cannot be ignored. UE countries must understand that the opening of frontiers is essential to solve part of the problem.

Such an opening will mean the creation of a multi-cultural society where tolerance and respect will reign supreme, particularly in the field of religion, traditions and even food consumption.

Libyan leader Gaddafi comments in Italy should be considered in the context of free speech, so dear to the Western ideas.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta proposals on Pension reform


The Communist Party of Malta appeals the general public to study and analyse closely what is being proposed with regards to the pension reform.

“The fact that the report on pension reform was prepared by a private entity does not augur well that pensions will remain guaranteed by the State. If this was not so, private consultants would not have been engaged to prepare the report”.

“Neo liberal Governments are trying to make us believe that the pension crisis is blamed on longer life spans, but this is only a myth. The real problem to the lack of funds for an adequate pension scheme is due to the bankruptcy of the neo liberal economic fiscal policies, which brought about precarious employment.

The Communist Party of Malta notes that the European Governments, amongst them the Maltese Government are not willing to sustain policies on social justice.

The fact the Nationalist Government is going to bring in the private sector to administer the second compulsory pillar scheme is a clear indication that the State wants to abdicate from the Social responsibility. This is the same method used by Margaret Thatcher Administration in UK back in the 1970’s, which proved to be a failure.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the real reforms should lead to actual solutions, whereby the State pension fund is increased by a specific generated income.

“The solutions recommended should not be of a burden on the workers. We suggest a minimal increase in social contributions, both by the workers and the employers. Increase in taxation on the financial and banking sector of 5% on the profits accumulated. More control on tax evasion should also be enforced. Companies with at least 20% of their payroll on part-time work should be subject to a ten percent increase in their employer’s social contribution, so to increase governments’ revenue through social contributions and to address the present abusive system of part-time work. Jobs created should be on a full-time basis, with job security and decent pay. While Family-friendly measures should be encouraged so to address the problem of low women participation rate.”

The solutions that are being proposed by the European Union Commission are regressive as these include the increase in retirement age up to 70 years, more austerity measures, privatization of public services and more cuts in social services.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Left wing Parties and Movements in Malta to continue to militate in favour of a State guaranteed pension mechanism where the 40years contribution be reduced to 35 years. ‘Second compulsory pillar scheme’ or partly privatization of the system is not the solution, but a more just fiscal mechanism that ensures an adequate generated income for the State to sustain pensions and social services.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clarification on Orizzont Interview

Ittra: “Il-Qawmien mill-ġdid tal-Komunisti”

L-ewwel ħaġa rrid nirringrazzja lis-Sur Gaetano Micallef ta’ l-intervista li għoġbu jagħmilli u li xxandret fil-pubblikazzjoni ta’ l-Orizzont ta’ nhar it-Tnejn, 12 ta’ Lulju taħt it-titlu “Il-Qawmien mill-ġdid tal-Komunisti”. Nixtieq nagħti prosit lis-Sur Gaetano Micallef għall-mod professjonali ta’ kif wassal din l-intervista .

Ħafna minn dak li ntqal matul din l-intervista jagħti l-impressjoni żbaljata dwar kif iħares lejn ix-xenarju politiku l-Partit Komunista Malti llum. Dan ma huwa tort ta ħadd, forsi għaliex il-mistoqsijiet kienu aktar ta’ natura storika, fejn jien kelli nirrispondi għall-mistoqsijiet relatati mal-passat ta’ żmien il-gwerra bierda, u anki qabel.

Il-Partit Komunista Malti jixtieq jiċċara xi punti mal-qarrejja ta’ dan il-ġurnal. L-ewwel nett, il-Partit Komunista Malti mhuwiex partit Stalinista, u qatt ma kien. Il-Partit Komunista Malti twaqqaf fl-1969 meta l-era Stalinista kienet ila ferm li spiċċat.

Il-Partit Komunista Malti jemmen li għandu jimmilita f’ambitu ta’ soċjeta plurali. Xhieda ta’ dan hi li l-Partit kien ikkontesta l-elezzjoni Ġenerali ta’ l-1987.

Preżentament il-Partit Komunista Malti qed jaħdem fi sfera nternazzjonali ma’ Partiti Komunisti u Xellugin favur Ewropa Soċjali. Dan qed jagħmlu billi jipparteċipa f’diversi fora u b’kuntatti diretti ma’ diversi Partiti Komunisti u Xellugin rappreżentati fil-Parlament Ewropej. Fosthom Die Linke (The Left) fil-Ġermanja, the Portugal Left Block, l-AKEL li huwa l-partit fil-Gvern ġewwa Ċipru, ma’ KKE it-tielet l-ikbar Partit fil-Greċja u oħrajn.

Lokalment qed naħdmu ma organizzazzjonijiet oħra xellugin. Xhieda ta’ dan hi l-Gazetta Żminijietna li fil-passat kienet l-organu tal-Partit Komunista. Din illum hija amministrata minn kumitat indipendenti ta’ nies b’idejal xellugi li ġejjin minn kull sfera tas-soċjeta, kif ukoll mill-Partit Laburista, l-Alternattiva Demokratika, Trejdjujins. Sintendi l-PKM huwa wkoll rapprezentant f’dan il-kumitat .

Il-Partit Komunista Malti iħares ukoll b’mod miftuħ lejn l-avvenimenti progressivi u soċjali li qegħdin jseħħu fl-Amerika Latina, fejn diversi pajjiżi fosthom il-Veneżwela, l-Urugwaj, il-Bolivja, l-Ekwador u oħrajn inspirati mir-Rivoluzzjoni Kubana qegħdin jeleġġu gvernijiet xellugin fejn anki l-Partiti Komunisti qed ikunu nvoluti f’dan il-proċess u qegħdin isiru rebhiet kbar kontra l-oligarkiji li fil-passat kienu jaħkmu b’dittatorjati Faxxisti appoġġjati mill-Istati Uniti.

Il-Partit Komunista Malti ser jkompli jaħdem fi sfera Ewropeja fl-interess tal-klassi tal-ħaddiema, il-konsumatur, il-pensjonanti u nies oħra emarġinati. Li hu zgur, il-Partit Komunista Malti mhux ser jappoġġja l-politika neo liberali mħaddma mill-Partiti tal-lemin u ser jkompli jaħdem favur sistema ekonomika soċjali u ġusta.

Nirringrazzjak ta’ l-ispazju li għoġbok tagħtini sabiex nagħmel din il-kjarifikazzjoni.

Interview in Maltese daily L-ORIZZONT

Il-qawmien mill-ġdid tal-Komunisti
minn Victor Degiovanni, Segretarju tal-Partit Komunista Malti

Fl-aħħar jiem il-Partit Komunista Malti ħareġ diversi stqarrijiet li ssorprendew lil bosta proprju għax ħafna ħasbu li dan il-partit ma kienx għadu jeżisti. GAETANO MICALLEF iltaqa’ ma’ VICTOR DEGIOVANNI, is-Segretarju tal-Partit, beix jara għaliex wara diversi snin reġgħu tfaċċaw fix-xena politika lokali.

Għaliex erġajtu waqqaftu l-Partit Komunista Malti?

Biex inkun preċiż mhux erġajna waqqafnih. Konna diġà neżistu imma konna daqxejn kwieti. Li ġara kien li wara l-avvenimenti tal-1989 u d-disfatta tal-elezzjoni ġenerali tal-1987, ħafna mill-membri telquna għalkemm irnexxielna nżommu l-kwartieri ġenerali u l-arkivji.

Issa ħassejna li rridu nagħmlu ħoss… li għadna neżistu u ma spiċċajniex. Meta riċentament ħriġna l-ewwel stqarrija fil-mezzi tax-xandir, speċjalment dawk tan-naħa tal-Lemin, ipprovaw jinterpretawha qisu li mietna u erġajna qomna. Fil-fatt bqajna attivi għax kellna r-rivista “Żminijietna” li konna noħorġuha u issa, permezz ta’ nies b’tendenzi xellugin, qegħdin nużawha biex nipprovaw nagħtu leħen lix-Xellug.

Fil-pajjiż it-tielet partit qatt ma qabad. Intom beħsiebkom tkunu partit li għada pitgħada taspiraw li tikkontestaw l-elezzjoni ġenerali jew grupp li jwassal l-ideat komunisti?

Is-sistema elettorali li titħaddem f’Malta mhix waħda demokratika għax ma tagħtix lok għat-tielet partit. Trid iġġib 17% tal-voti fuq livell nazzjonali biex iġġib 2% f’distrett wieħed.

Is-sistema elettorali tagħna hija tajba li kieku titħaddem kif suppost. Imma f’Malta ħafna jqisuh bħala sagrileġġ li tkompli tivvota fuq il-kandidati tan-naħa l-oħra. Biex titħaddem tajjeb is-sistema trid tkun tali li jekk għandek 30 isem fuq il-lista l-individwu jivvota mill-ewwel sat-30 fl-ordni tal-preferenza tiegħu. Mentri ħafna jivvotaw fuq il-kandidati tal-partit tagħhom u jieqfu hemm. B’eċċezzjoni meta jkun hemm xi ħadd li jagħmel ‘cross voting’ għax xi ħadd ikun għamillu pjaċir.

Fl-opinjoni personali tie għi l-votazzjoni għandha ssir fuq livell nazzjonali u mhux fuq distretti u l-persentaġġi jittieħdu fuq li vell nazzjonali. Biex tkun aktar ġusta. Mela jekk partit ħareġ 30 kandidat ikunu jistgħu jivvotawlhom minn Malta u Għawdex kollu. Qabel l-elezzjoni tal-1987 konna diġà pproponejna li l-pajjiż isir distrett wieħed u l-vot isir fuq il-partit. Fis-sens li partit jippreżenta l-kandidati tiegħu f’ordni ta’ preferenza kif jixtieqhom jitilgħu u jekk jirbaħ ħames siġġijiet jitilgħu l-ewwel ħamsa u jekk jirbaħ għaxra jitilgħu l-ewwel għaxra.

S’intendi l-partiti l-kbar ma qablux magħha kienu … kemm il-Partit Laburista u kemm il-Partit Nazzjonalista.

Imma f’dan ix-xenarju kemm taħseb li l-Partit Komunista jista’ jtella membru parlamentari?

Li naspiraw li nkunu parti minn blokk xellugi. Bħalissa m’aħniex f’pożizzjoni li ntellgħu siġġijiet fil-Parlament. Anke għax il-maġġoranza tal-poplu, billi huwa Kattoliku, jaħseb li jekk jivvota lilna jkun qiegħed jivvota kontra l-Knisja. Li mhux minnu. Għax persuni Kattoliċi naċċettawhom fil-partit. Bħalma naċċettaw min għandu twemmin reliġjuż ieħor għax nemmnu fil-li­bertà tat-twemmin.

Imma matul is-snin il-Komuniżmu ma kienx kontra l-Knisja?

Dak ġara bħalma ġara fil-kwistjoni politiko-reliġjuża f’Malta. Meta fir-Russja saret ir-rivoluzzjoni l-Knisja Ortodossa ħarġet favur l-‘establishment’ allura spiċċat l-għadu tal-gvern il-ġdid. Fit-Tieni Gwerra Dinjija ħarġet favur l-Istat u ħeġġet lin-nies biex jiddefendu lill-pajjiż mill-invażjoni tal-Ġermaniżi. Barra mill-fatt li ħafna Komunisti huma ateji. Għax il-mod kif il-Komunist iħares lejn il-ħajja huwa wieħed xjentifiku. U meta tħares lejha b’dan il-mod qiegħed taqta barra l-ispiritwalità.

Ħafna jemmnu li l-Komuniżmu miet snin ilu. Allura ma taħsibx li qegħdin tipprovaw tqajjmu xi ħaġa li d-dinja tal-lum ma tridx?

Il-kollass kien tal-Unjoni Sovjetika mhux tal-Komuniżmu. U ġabet bidla totali fid-dinja għax riżultat ta’ dan il-kollass l-klassi tal-ħaddiema fid-dinja llum hija ferm agħar minn meta kienet fi żmien l-Unjoni Sovjetika.

Għall-fatt li issa hemm superpotenza waħda, l-Istati Uniti, li tħaddan politika ta’ kapitaliżmu u tista’ tiddetta kif trid. Qabel kienu jgħidu li hemm it-theddida Sovjetika imma t-theddida ma kinitx dik ta’ gwerra imma li l-ħaddiema jagħmlu bħalma għamlu r-Russi fl-1917 meta waqqgħu s-sistema kapitalista.

Imma matul is-snin saru atroċitajiet mill-Unjoni Sovjetika fosthom fi żmien Stalin.

Saru żbalji imma ħafna minnhom huma miżin ter pretati. Mhux qiegħed nipprova niġġustifika dan im ma jkun hemm affarijiet li trid tħares lejhom miż-żewġ naħat u mhux min-naħa waħda. Meta ngħid miż interpretati jiġifieri bil-propoganda. Ngħidu aħna l-korruzzjoni fi stat Kom unista mhux aċċettata. Jekk tinqabad tisraq lill-Istat, li fl-aħħar mill-aħħar huwa n-nies, mal-ħajt ipoġġuk kienu. Ħafna minn dawn ma tistax tqishom bħala vittmi ta’ atroċitajiet.

In-natura tal-bniedem hi egoista u s-sistema soċjalista hi bbażata fuq il-kollettiv fejn kulħadd jagħti sehmu u kulħadd jieħu kemm għandu bżonn. Mhux li taħtaf għad-dannu ta’ sieħbek. Mhiex kompetittiva bħalma hija fil-Punent.

Imma anke l-poplu Russu warrab il-Komuniżmu. Allura x’sar ħażin?

Mhux warrab eżattament. Għax partiti Komunisti għad hemm fir-Russja. U huma b’saħħithom anke jekk m’humiex il-‘leading force’. Li ġara kien li ma kellhomx tlellix fis-soċjetà tagħhom u meta bdew jaraw it-tlellix tal-Punent ħasbu li se jkunu l-istess mentri llum spiċċaw agħar.

Il-fatt li ħafna pajjiżi warrbu l-Komuniżmu ġej mill-fatt li minnu nnifsu ma jattirax lin-nies jew għax dak li għamlu l-mexxejja tal-passat biegħdu lin-nies mill-Komuniżmu?

Aktar naraha minħabba l-propaganda. Ħafna drabi l-Unjoni Sovjetika kienet tagħmel propaganda ‘heavy handed’ li ma tantx jinżel man-nies speċjalment meta tqabbilha mal-propaganda “attraenti” bħalma jaf jagħ­mel il-Punent. Żbalji jsiru. Imma jekk sar żball ma tfissirx li kien hemm tmexxija ħażina.

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Għandek ukoll l-Italja fejn ir-Rifondazione reġgħet qiegħda tissaħħaħ barra li qegħdin jerġgħu jingħaqdu gruppi Komunisti li kienu nfirdu wara d-disfatta li ħadu fl-aħħar elezzjoni ġenerali meta tela’ Berlusconi.

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Biex induru fuq l-ideoloġija Komunista. X’inhi?

Ideoloġija Komunista essaġġ ma teżistix. Huwa l-mod tiegħek kif tħares lejn il-ħajja li tagħmlek Komunista jew le. U dan il-mod inbidel wara l-Ewwel Gwerra Dinjija meta s-Soċjal Demokratiku nqasam u l-Franċiżi u l-Ġermaniżi marru favur il-gwerra meta fis-Socialist Internationals kien hemm riżoluzzjoni kontra li gvernijiet Soċjalisti jipparteċipaw fi gwerra imperjalista. Għax il-vera raġuni għall-Ewwel Gwerra Dinjija kienet għax il-Ġermanja ma kelliex kolonji daqs kemm kellhom Franza u l-Ingilterra.

F’Malta hawn min jgħidlek li hemm differenza bejn is-soċjalisti u l-komunisti. Mentri l-ideoloġija hija bejn wieħed u ieħor l-istess. Il-metodu huwa differenti għax is-Soċjal Demokratiċi ċaħdu r-rivoluzzjoni u aħna qatt ma ċħadniha. Ir-rivoluzzjoni mhux aħna nagħmluha imma l-poplu jagħmilha.

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Skont il-Komuniżmu kif għandu jitmexxa pajjiż?

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Għax meta tagħmel il-kalkoli ssib li meta ħaddiem jagħmel erba’ sigħat xogħol ikun għamel tajjeb għall-paga tiegħu u l-ispejjeż tal-produzzjoni u l-erba’ siegħat l-oħra huma qliegħ għal min iħaddmu.

Hija sfruttament tal-ħaddiema kif qal Marx bit-teorija tas-‘surplus value’.

U kif taħseb li għandha tiġi rranġata s-sitwazzjoni?

Il-flus għandhom jerġg ħu jmorru għand il-ħaddiema. Kulħadd jaħdem għal għan wieħed u l-qliegħ jinqasam. Erħilha li ħafna nies fl-Unjoni Sovjetika ma kinux jagħtu xogħlhom u din kienet waħda mir-raġuni jiet għall-kollass.

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Ħafna jħarsu lejn pajjiżi Komunisti bħala pajjiżi oppressivi anke għall-fatt li, eżempju, ikun hemm partit wieħed biss. Xi twieġeb?

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X’futur tara għall-kapitaliżmu u l-kommuniżmu?

Nemmen li dak li ġara fil-qasam ekonomiku internazzjonali ħalla impatt fuq il-kapitaliżmu u eventwalment irid jinbidel għax jekk jibqa’ sejjer kif sejjer waslet id-daqqa tiegħu. Għall-Komuniżmu nara futur għalkemm ħadd ma jista’ jbassar il-futur eżatt x’se jkun. Wara kollox biex joħorġu mill-kriżi diversi pajjiżi miżuri soċjalisti ħadu. Imma fuq kollox kif għidtlek… il-Komuniżmu qatt ma miet… kienet il-propoganda tal-kapitaliżmu li pinġietu hekk.