Monday, October 11, 2010

PR Budget 1911

The Communist Party of Malta urges the Government that the Budget 2011 should address the problem of poverty and social inequality facing every day the Maltese families. The Gonzi Administration is responsible for introducing slowly heavy austerity measures on the Maltese population during these last few years.

“We believe that the problem of the ‘national deficit’ should no longer be carried by the working and middle class, but a fiscal policy should be applied to the upper classes, tax evaders and the financial sector.”

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the real factors for the increase in social inequality are related mainly to the problem of high cost price and loan rates on property prices bought by young couples, the reduction in social benefits and state subsidies, as well as the reduction in value of wages and pensions. Government needs to address these aspects by implementing adequate social policies and measures to improve the standard of living.

The Government should also address the problem of precarious employment as soon as possible, as this problem is undermining the standard of living which the working people had made sacrifices and struggled for during the past years. We appeal that the income tax should not be reduced as others quarters are demanding, but on the contrary we believe that the rate of 35% should rise to 40% in order to have sustainability of the 'welfare state’, which until now was the main factor leading to the improved standard of living.

The Communist Party of Malta calls on the Government to change its anti-social direction and together with the Trade Unions implement a package of social measures to give a new breath to the Maltese families. Electricity and water rates should not be used to offset this Government’s erroneous neo liberal policies.

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