Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anti-Social Budget

The Communist Party of Malta states that the Budget 2011 is an anti-social budget, where the Government is denying the working class the right for a decent wage to those workers with a minimum wage. It is offensive that the Government has tied an increase in minimum wage with job training, when training is supposed to be a worker’s right. While high-wage earners are giving job training without any conditions. This is nothing but discrimination to workers with low income and this will increase social exclusion and class inequalities.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the fact that the Government has not used the same measures with regards middle and upper class families who choose to send their children to private schools.

"The campaign against exploitation at work must be restrained by new work legislations for secure jobs and decent wages. The measure announced by the Government seems to be attractive, although we fear that this will not be effective, if the Government will continue to apply the same method used in granted contracts on the least minimum bid. The government should ensure that workers are employed on 40 hours week and not on precarious jobs.

The working class is still carrying the burden of the austerity measures announced in previous budgets and of today, where the cost of living has not been subdued. The prices of energy tariffs and gas which are classified as basic commodities are still high in prices to the detriment of the working class.

The Communist Party of Malta deems this Budget as ‘contempt’ towards the working class where each day they are experiencing a decline in their quality of life. We note that this Government has no interest for the working class.

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