Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Communist Party appeals the Government to respect the right to strike.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude taken by the Maltese Government, when once again the Government has shown its anti-democratic credentials, when without any warning, and without informing anyone, the Government amended the Industrial law hindering transport workers from their right to strike. The right to strike is protected by the International Labour Organization (ILO) statute.

“This ploy was not a surprise to us, because the Nationalist Party embraces the same values ​​of the European Union, neo liberalism. Where referenda, general elections, and the right to strike, are seen as a direct threat to the hegemony of the European financial Institutions”.

“The recent event that took place in Greece and Italy, where leadership of the country was entrusted to non-elected technocrats is a case in point. While the actions being taken by the Government in Malta, particularly in the public transport sector, is a continuation of this neo liberal agenda”.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Director of Employment and Industrial Relations to take this issue with urgency and find an appropriate remedy so that the right to strike by all workers is protected. The right to information and also the right to open consultation should not be undermined. The Government should respect the democratic process, and withdraw the amendments made to the Act on Employment and Industrial Relations.

“The Party appeals to the Trade Unions to unite and work together on this important matter. The Communist Party will also do its part by taking this issue to the European Parliament with the help of our comrades in the United Left Block”.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Spanish United Left Block electoral success.

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the United Left Block , which include the Communists, The 'Indigniatos’ Movement and the Left Socialists for the success in electoral results obtained in Spain.

“The United Left Block has increased its rapresentation from 2 to 11 deputies in Parliament, and has gained more support, where from 3.77% (970,000 votes), has now obtained 6.95% (1,600,000 votes)”.

The Communist Party notes that whenever social democratic parties adopt right wing social and economic policies, they lose the popular support. The Party believes that the future for the Spanish people will be tougher. The right wing People's Party which now has an absolute majority will push forward a more neoliberal agenda, and will take measures in favour of banks and against the people.

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its solidarity with the Spanish working class and the progressive movements that are offering strong resistance to protect the the interests of the working people.

“The Party hopes that in this scenario, there will be no anti-democratic actions as those taken recently by the EU and the Financial Institutions in Greece and Italy”, stated the Communist Party.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“European Institutions threaten Democracy”, Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the anti-democratic actions that are being committed against the people of Greece and Italy. The European Union and the capitalist financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank are imposing technocrats as leaders of interim goverments, without consulting the people through elections. The Party believes that these countries should go to the polls. Indeed the Communist Party of Malta is supporting the European left block in its call for elections.

“The working class has every right to oppose austerity measures and have every right to elect parties who they believe that they will protect their interests. The current situation in Greece and Italy is dangerous. Anti-democratic tactics were also applied in the case of the European Treaty to come into force. The European Treaty is a neo liberal concept.”
“The Communist Party of Malta sees this capitalist interference in both countries as a threat to sovereignty, and could be a step towards fascism. We are concerned that fascism will be imposed if the working class succeeds in putting a stop to the austerity measures”.
The Party expresses its solidarity with the working people in Greece and Italy and is giving its full support to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Italian Communists, in their struggle to protect the working class from the capitalist onslaught and for democratic participation and representation.
The Party is also concerned that the anti-democratic tactics, will be applied in similar situations in the future. Capitalists are feeling threatened by democratic measures. The are scared of losing their hegemony. The party appeals to the Maltese MEPs to be on the alert, as there is a possibility thatEurope will find itself in the same situation, as in the 1930s, which lead to an era of fascism.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


“Budget 2012 should give importance to working conditions, the standard of living and strengthening of social services", said the Communist Party.

“The government should stop supporting economic policy based on precarious work. The State is there to protect the right for a decent work. The Party urges the government to include this aspect in the budget”.

“With regards the standard of living, the Communist Party believes that the greatest negative impact on households are the result of the increase in energy prices, including that of electricity, water and gas, three resources that are essential in every day life. The Government should seek to safeguard the basic consumption, while penalising wasteful practices”.

“In the financial area, the Government must work for a sustainable financial situation, but not at the expense of public services and social benefits. Without social services and benefits people at risk of poverty could reach 144,000, according to official statistics”, said the Communist Party.

The Communist Party therefore demands that the government should target areas that are generating big profits, such as the financial sector, on line gaming, and banks to increase its revenue while renouncing any policy of privatization in the health, education and pensions sectors.

“Social housing: Government should reform the system by investing in social accommodation to be offered to the public for renting at reasonable rates. This must also include a progressive policy regarding empty property, which must be utilised for the benefit of the country and the people”.

The Party insists on an increase in the national minimum wage and pension so that workers and those who retired after life long work enjoy a decent life.

“Immigrants should be safeguarded from exploitation and slave labour conditions”, concluded the Communist Party.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Someone should answer for the Public Transport fiasco"

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its solidarity towards all those people that had to face difficulties in order to make use of public transport, due to lack of proper public consultation, haste and arrogance. Many were late for work while others were forced to absent themselves from work. This resulted in everyone having to wake up earlier in order to arrive at work on time.

The Party sympathises with all those people that whenever they tried to express their concerns regard the service, many were ridiculed and told that they did not understand how the service works.

"The Party therefore believes that there is no credible excuse for this fiasco. We expect that someone should bear the responsibility for all this. We also expect that the money paid for the planning of the routes, should be returned back to the state, so that the Government could use that money on social services.

"The Party also expresses solidarity with those workers who were made ‘sacrificial lambs’.”

Members from the Communist Party of Malta will join tomorrow’s protest for a just and efficient public transport. We appeal the general public to join and support these courageous youths, who are organizing this protest.

Victor Degiovanni