Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Spanish United Left Block electoral success.

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the United Left Block , which include the Communists, The 'Indigniatos’ Movement and the Left Socialists for the success in electoral results obtained in Spain.

“The United Left Block has increased its rapresentation from 2 to 11 deputies in Parliament, and has gained more support, where from 3.77% (970,000 votes), has now obtained 6.95% (1,600,000 votes)”.

The Communist Party notes that whenever social democratic parties adopt right wing social and economic policies, they lose the popular support. The Party believes that the future for the Spanish people will be tougher. The right wing People's Party which now has an absolute majority will push forward a more neoliberal agenda, and will take measures in favour of banks and against the people.

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its solidarity with the Spanish working class and the progressive movements that are offering strong resistance to protect the the interests of the working people.

“The Party hopes that in this scenario, there will be no anti-democratic actions as those taken recently by the EU and the Financial Institutions in Greece and Italy”, stated the Communist Party.

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