Thursday, November 10, 2011


“Budget 2012 should give importance to working conditions, the standard of living and strengthening of social services", said the Communist Party.

“The government should stop supporting economic policy based on precarious work. The State is there to protect the right for a decent work. The Party urges the government to include this aspect in the budget”.

“With regards the standard of living, the Communist Party believes that the greatest negative impact on households are the result of the increase in energy prices, including that of electricity, water and gas, three resources that are essential in every day life. The Government should seek to safeguard the basic consumption, while penalising wasteful practices”.

“In the financial area, the Government must work for a sustainable financial situation, but not at the expense of public services and social benefits. Without social services and benefits people at risk of poverty could reach 144,000, according to official statistics”, said the Communist Party.

The Communist Party therefore demands that the government should target areas that are generating big profits, such as the financial sector, on line gaming, and banks to increase its revenue while renouncing any policy of privatization in the health, education and pensions sectors.

“Social housing: Government should reform the system by investing in social accommodation to be offered to the public for renting at reasonable rates. This must also include a progressive policy regarding empty property, which must be utilised for the benefit of the country and the people”.

The Party insists on an increase in the national minimum wage and pension so that workers and those who retired after life long work enjoy a decent life.

“Immigrants should be safeguarded from exploitation and slave labour conditions”, concluded the Communist Party.

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