Friday, October 25, 2013

The government should not introduce indirect taxes on families

"In Budget 2014, the government should not introduce indirect taxes that could hit low and middle income families. Indirect taxes should be on luxury goods or financial transactions of over a certain limit", stressed the Communist Party of Malta .

The Party insists that “the government should re-introduce the 35 % income tax rate between the bracket of € 20,000 and € 60,000. This is a progressive tax as it varies according to how much you earn. Workers on minimum wage should continue to be exempt from income tax. Government should start considering the introduction of a tax on empty buildings."
"Government should also explore other possibilities of more direct revenue from areas that are making windfall profits, such as the banking, financial and on-line gaming sector. Loss in the public finances is a result of a unjust system, where those who earn more, are contributing the least."

Friday, October 18, 2013

Communists appeal for full LGBT Rights.

The Communist Party of Malta who in the past campaigned for full LGBT rights states that “the proposed bill that is being presented in Parliament on civil union is still discriminatory as it does not legally classify same-sex marriages on the same par with heterosexual marriages”.
“Although the party recognise that it is a step forward, this bill still classifies LGBT people as second class citizens”.
The Party insists that “ Malta should follow other EU member states like the Netherlands , Portugal , Spain and Sweden who have all introduced same-sex marriage. Also, Catholic countries in Latin America, such as Argentina and Uruguay have recently approved laws that recognise gay marriage”. 
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the members of Parliament to promote equality and introduce amendments to this proposed bill, to make it conform with other progressive countries who have legislated for full LGBT rights.

Friday, October 11, 2013

“Privatisation Unit should be dismantled”

A Privitisation victim

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the government to do away with the Privatisation Unit created under the previous right-wing administrations. The Privatisation Unit is a Neo-liberal tool, with the aim to privatise all public entities and services.

“The Government should introduce a policy towards the re-acquiring of public entities and services that are of social and national importance. Privatisation resulted in higher prices for the consumer, social inequality, and loss of revenue to the government”.

“The increase of poverty in Malta is also a result of such privatisation. International studies show that whenever public entities were privatised the consumer had to pay more for the same service, while making good for the revenue lost. Jobs were lost and worker’s conditions deteriorated”, concluded the Party.