Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta commemorates Freedom Day.

The Communist Party of Malta commemorates the 31st Anniversary of Freedom Day when the Labour Party administration under the leadership of Dominic Mintoff succeeding in ridding Malta of Nato Military Bases on the 31st of March 1979. This led Malta on the path of becoming a Neutral State which was later enshrined in Malta’s Republican Constitution.

Various attempts were made to nullify Malta’s Neutrality under the excuse that the two super power system, today no longer exist. Recently we have seen attempts by the US Embassy in Malta to influence Malta’s legislative Assembly to remove the Neutrality clause in Malta’s Constitution.

“Malta joining NATO’s Partnership for peace is a ploy to nullify Malta’s Neutrality.”

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Labour Party Members of Parliament to continue to defend Malta’s Neutrality and not to succumb to pressure from Right wing schemes to turn the clock back to the days when Malta was affiliated politically with imperialism.

The Communist Party of Malta acknowledges that the Cyprus problem was the direct result of Nato loosing military bases in Malta. To ensure military bases in the Mediterranean Region imperialism caused a right wing coup which led to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, thus divided the island into two parts, but also led to the fall of the fascist military dictatorship in Greece.

The situation in Cyprus today has made great improvements and a solution to this problem seem to be near. All this is due to the present AKEL Communist Administration and to the fact that the present Islamic Administration in Turkey wants to be accepted as EU member.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta condemns European Parliament Resolution on Cuba

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the resolution passed recently in the European Parliament condemning the Government of Cuba over the unfortunate incident where a normal prisoner died after a prolonged hunger strike.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the stance taken by the United Left Group opposing the approval of the anti-Cuban resolution where several of its members, amongst them the Portuguese Ilda Figueiredo, described the position adopted by the European Parliament as hypocritical, since it questioned Cuba and did not do the same with regards to the military coup d’etat in Honduras and the starvation of people in Haiti under a right wing oligarchs supported by US Administrations.

The United Left Block reminded also that EU Parliament had been perhaps the only parliament in the world that did not condemn the coup, its assassinations and tortures. They also challenged the European Union to put an end to the “Common Position” while calling for an end to the blockade, and condemned the unjust imprisonment of five Cuban anti-terrorists in the United States.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the Cuban revolution where during these last 50 years Cuba was the victim of terrorist acts such as the downing of a Cuban airliner in Caracas in 1976 with Cuban people on board where the perpetuator is still receiving shelter by US Government

Monday, March 15, 2010

Communist Party of Malta Press Release 14th March 2010

Communist Party of Malta reaction to the situation in Greece.

The Communist Party fully supports the struggles of the working people of Greece against the onslaught launched by the Social Democratic Administration of PASOK, which is being supported by the other capitalist parties the Liberal ND and the extreme right LAOS to install severe anti social measures instigated by the big capitalist countries in EU and International Monetary Fund.

“The measures announced by PASOK are a frontal attack at workers livelihood which serves only the interests of the ruling class that greedily looks only at profits, and would trample on worker’s rights to ensure it.”

“The Working Class in Greece has reacted courageously and is fighting back under the guidance of PAME and KKE who are in the frontline defending the worker’s rights and standard of living of the workers and their families”.

The Communist Party of Malta fully understands this struggle because similar situation has arisen in Malta under the present Centre Right Government whereby the workers are facing anti social policies and the dismantling of the worker’s rights.

The Nationalist Government increased the basic energy utilities to an exorbitant level with the excuse of higher international prices of oil and gas, while at the same time prices of energy in other EU countries has gone down, such as Cyprus and Italy. The Maltese workers as the Greek and other workers elsewhere are being made to pay for the failure of neo liberal policies. Poverty in Malta is rearing its head again and around 2000 families had their electricity and water supply cut down as they could not afford to pay the bills, while 17% of the population is in risks of falling below poverty line.

The Communist Party of Malta fully supports Trade Unions of all countries and the working class in their struggle to fight against neo liberal policies, privatization of public services and the attack on the working conditions and the right for the collective bargaining.