Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta condemns European Parliament Resolution on Cuba

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the resolution passed recently in the European Parliament condemning the Government of Cuba over the unfortunate incident where a normal prisoner died after a prolonged hunger strike.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the stance taken by the United Left Group opposing the approval of the anti-Cuban resolution where several of its members, amongst them the Portuguese Ilda Figueiredo, described the position adopted by the European Parliament as hypocritical, since it questioned Cuba and did not do the same with regards to the military coup d’etat in Honduras and the starvation of people in Haiti under a right wing oligarchs supported by US Administrations.

The United Left Block reminded also that EU Parliament had been perhaps the only parliament in the world that did not condemn the coup, its assassinations and tortures. They also challenged the European Union to put an end to the “Common Position” while calling for an end to the blockade, and condemned the unjust imprisonment of five Cuban anti-terrorists in the United States.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the Cuban revolution where during these last 50 years Cuba was the victim of terrorist acts such as the downing of a Cuban airliner in Caracas in 1976 with Cuban people on board where the perpetuator is still receiving shelter by US Government

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