Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta commemorated 150 Anniversary from the birth of Manwel Dimech

The Communist Party of Malta commemorated on the 25 of December the 150 Anniversary from the birth of Manwel Dimech. A delegation led by the Party’s Secretary Victor Degiovanni placed a floral wreath on Manuel Dimech’s Monument in Castille Square Valletta.

The Communist Party of Malta deems Dimech to be the founder of the Progressive Movement in Malta. He was active and founded the movement of ‘Xirka ta’ l-Imdawlin’(League of the Enlightened) in 1911. This movement was active in areas such as labour rights, education, the fight against poverty and struggle for Independence from the British Colonial Domination and even published the newspaper called ‘Bandiera tal-Maltin’.("The Maltese People's Flag") People from every sphere of society were inspired by his teachings and many followed in his footsteps, including British soldiers.

Dimech politically was a mixture of Utopian Socialism and Nationalism invoked the wrath of the Catholic Oligarchy, the Maltese ruling class, and the British Colonial authorities. On the outbreak of the first World War he was arrested by the British authorities and on the pretext of being a Turkish spy he was interned in Sidi Basr Concentration Camp in Alexandria Egypt. After the end of the War both the Catholic church and the Maltese ruling class opposed his return to Malta. Dimech died as an exile in Egypt in 1921 and was buried in an unmarked grave. Today he is considered to be a Martyr for the cause of the Maltese working class..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta on the salary increase to Ministers and MPs.

The Communist Party of Malta strongly believes that the increase in salaries announced to Ministers and Members of Parliament is offensive to all working people. Many families are experiencing a reduction in their standard of living and poor working conditions.

"The fact that several categories of workers are being forced to bear the burden of the economic crisis and unjust energy tariffs is massively out of tune with the increase announced, of 600 euros per month to all Ministers and members of Parliament’s. When in the last fiscal budget, the cost of living increase for all workers and pensioners was only of 1.16euro per week."

The Communist Party of Malta reminds the Government to be sensitive about all those employees working on minimum wage, part-time and short term contracts who are experiencing inferior working conditions, low wage and sometimes even redundancy.

"The increase announced by the government is an insult for the working class and their families. Recent European statistics show that 59,000 people (14.6%) in Maltaare at risk of poverty."

The Communist Party of Malta believes that it is not ethical that the people’s representative should accept such an increase, when the rest of the workers are being made to carry the burden of the crises..

We appeal to all Trade Unions, political parties, civil society, students and workers to make their voices heard against this ‘shameless’ measure.

Statement of the Communist Party of Malta

On the occasion of 19th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Ils assumption of the Supreme Commandership of the Korean Peoples Army

the Communist Party of Malta extends its warm greetings of congratulations to him

Leader Kim Jong Il, who assumed a heavy responsibility of the KPA supreme commandership at such a time as the imperialists were stepping up the anti-socialist offensive against the DPRK, frustrated the aggressive schemes of the imperialists and ensured the security of socialist Korea by strengthening the army into invincible powerful forces.

As he, with the conviction of sure victory and iron will, stood in the van of the army and the people, socialism of Korea could be saved from crisis and its invincibility demonstrated throughout the world.

Under his wise Songun leadership, the DPRK has now turned into a powerful political, ideological and military power.

The Communist Party of Malta is convinced that the DPRKs cause for building a great, prosperous and powerful nation would be finally accomplished under Supreme Commander of KPA Kim Jong Ils wise leadership.